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[Podcast] Mountain Moving Mindset with Frederique Murphy

Frederique Murphy is in the business of moving mountains. Well, she’s actually in the business of having the mindset that you CAN move mountains. Frederique is a speaker, strategist, podcaster, creator of the Mountain Moving Mindset platform. Frederique offers some thought-provoking ideas on how our brains work, how we deal with beliefs, and how we can overcome adversity.

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Show Notes:

[1:54] Frederique discusses her background (as well as her unique accent).

[7:04] Mindset is a big term. How does Frederique define mindset?

[8:33] Frederique has three key techniques for boosting mindset…the “ABC of Mindset”.

[10:29] We have two minds- a conscious one and subconscious one, but it actually goes much deeper than that.

[12:37] Our beliefs can be empowering or limiting.

[15:21] Frederique tells a powerful story about a past client with a limiting belief.

[18:50] Change doesn’t take time! It can happen right away.

[22:39] When we know where “A” is, it’s much easier to get to “B”.

[26:04] How many times do we need to repeat something before our brain “gets it”?

[27:26] How do you recover from a setback? Frederique offers 7 steps.

[30:08] Adversity only wins when we let it win.

[32:19] “Being thankful doesn’t mean you approve of the situation.”

[38:47] “Your dreams deserve engagement and commitment.”

[39:12] ROAR is a positive stage of fight.

You can connect with Frederique at

Here’s a follow-up message from Frederique. She comes bearing gifts!

“YAY!  Thank YOU very much for having invited me to be one of your guests for the Wealthy Speaker show; it was my honour and such a pleasure!

According to my notes, these are the resources that we could add to the show notes; I’ve also added the TEDx one as I thought it might be of interest 😉

If you think of anything else (I might have forgotten or you want to add), let me know!

PODCAST: The M3 Mile podcast

(audio version)  

(video version)

VIDEO: The Success Formula to Drive Extraordinary Change | TEDx Talk (9min)  



(as we spoke about the importance of awareness; this podcast episode (which I know you loved 😉 helps the listener increase their awareness)

EPISODE: How to Align Your Behaviours with Your Goals

(as we spoke about the importance of our beliefs; this article does a quick belief recap, and gives the reader a step-by-step exercise regarding their money beliefs)

ARTICLE: Time To Let The Penny Drop!

(as we spoke about the importance of being crystal clear; this article gives the reader 12 questions to enhance their clarity going forward)

ARTICLE: 12 Questions That Lead To Clarity

(as we spoke about the importance of paying attention to our language)

EPISODE: Using This 1 Word Hinders Your Success: Stop It

ARTICLE: 5 Words That Block Your Success (I Stopped Using Them All, Especially #3!)

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