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[Podcast] Punch Up Your Speech with Humor with Ron Culberson

It is possible to add humor to your speech, even if you don’t consider yourself to be all that funny. Ron Culberson is an author, humorist, and speaker, as well as former NSA president. Ron offers some tips for adding humor to speeches. From delivery to finding humor in everyday situations, this episode is all about getting more laughs on stage.

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Show Notes:

[2:31] How did Ron get his start?

[4:03] Ron learned early in his career how to infuse humor into tough situations.

[6:04] Ron discusses giving his first speech as president of NSA.

[8:26] How would Ron describe his brand of humor?

[10:13] What are some different types of humor that might work for speakers?

[12:19] What does Ron think of using cute or funny cartoons or images?

[16:00] Some words are inherently funnier than others.

[20:49] How does Ron mine everyday scenarios for humor?

[22:21] Ron offers a straightforward version and a funny version of a serious story.

[26:49] Work ethic is a HUGE part of being funny.

[27:26] Who are some funny people that have influenced Ron?

[29:55] What can speakers do to improve their comedic delivery?

[33:32] What happens if you inadvertently offend someone?

[36:17] Are you uncovering the humor are you adding?

[39:20] What is a “connected disconnect”?

[39:40] Ron fields a few questions from the live audience.

[42:07] How do you avoid “stepping on the laugh”?

[44:49] Ron talks about being quick on your feet.

[47:41] Have a plan for the unexpected!

[49:13] Top 10 lists? Can that work?

[50:50] When Ron gets a laugh on stage, does he laugh along?

[52:58] How to incorporate facial expressions into comedy.

[54:48] What is a “saver line”?

Here’s a few books that Ron recommends:

Great Comedians Talk About Comedy
Don’t Let the Funny Stuff Get Away
Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life
Learn more about Ron here.

*One quick note- Ron no longer offers punch-up services for corporations.

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