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[Podcast] Recession Proof Your Speaking with Joe Calloway

Hall of Fame Speaker, and author Joe Calloway is back! Joe’s speaking career has survived good times and bad over the years, mainly because he’s put so much effort into making his business recession proof. Joe offers some tips on making your speech great, connecting with your audience, and how he gave the best speech of his life.

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Show Notes:

[3:00] Joe tells a story about a hectic couple of days.

[9:13] Joe talks about how he’s reinvented himself over the years. *Note- Joe has redesigned his website since this was recorded. Some of what he mentions in this section have since changed.

[16:33] What are corporate buyers looking for in terms of speakers? (The answer might not be EXACTLY what you’re expecting.)

[18:19] True or false: no one wants to hire a motivational speaker.

[21:22] What changes for a speaker during a recession? What can speakers do to recession proof their business?

[24:36] How can you avoid falling into an “oh, woe-is-me” mindset?

[26:36] If Joe were starting today he would start _____.

[27:47] Does Joe wish he had found his lane earlier or does he embrace the evolution process?

[30:19] Joe talks about being primarily a one-man operation.

[31:49] Becoming a Category of One was a huge game-changer for Joe.

[35:42] Speaking is merely the delivery system for what Joe really does.

[38:28] Joe discusses the “best speech he ever gave in his life.”

[41:06] Audiences can sense whether you’re giving a speech or speaking to the audience from your heart. (There is a big difference!)

[42:37] How important is a good opening?

[44:51] We can’t forget about the importance of humor!

[46:53] Having an in-your-face, confrontational opening can be risky.

[48:15] How can you build instant rapport?

[53:32] How can you tie your own hardships into what a company has going on?

[56:02] How important is it to close strong?

[58:38] Joe talks about his storytelling style.

You can connect with Joe at

Please note that giveaway that is mentioned in the episode has already passed BUT Jane does have something for you. Head here to check out the Diary of a Killer Keynote Free Download and Teleclass.

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