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[Podcast] Taking Your Book from Idea to Print: A Process for Getting it Done with Sam Horn

A huge part of writing a book is getting your ideas down on paper. As a speaker, communications strategist and author of 6 books, Sam Horn knows a thing or two about the authoring process. In this episode, Sam talks about the “5 C’s” of writing a book, offers some resources for aspiring writers, and dives deep into the nuts and bolts of writing a book.

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Show Notes:

[1:43] What is the very first step that someone needs to take before writing a book?

[3:27] Sam talks about the focus required to write a book. She also talks about the “5 C’s”.

[8:23] More of the “5 C’s”…

[13:29] The last C is the big litmus test.

[15:21] Here’s a couple books that are great resources for writers:
Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont
On Writing by Stephen King

[16:48] What does a strong book title look like? Sam has 3 guidelines.

[24:36] Can you coin your own word?

[27:08] Once you have your title in place, how do you get your ideas onto the page?

[37:23] Many people think that you need tons of free time to write a book.

[38:43] What is a “third place”?

[42:34] Sam fields some questions from the live audience.

[43:14] When you make notes on napkins, scraps of paper, or wherever you write on the fly, how can you organize them afterwards?

[47:54] What does Sam think about ebooks?

[50:23] Can you use oration to get your thoughts in order?

[54:07] At what point do you know a title is a good fit for you?

[56:30] Reiterating the importance of the “5 C’s”.

You can connect with Sam at Please note- the giveaway that Sam mentions is no longer in use. You can get Sam’s free ebook- Confused People Don’t Say Yes by signing up on her website.

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