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[Podcast] What’s New (and working) in Social Media with Chris Tompkins

What's New (and working) in Social Media with Chris Tompkins

Chris Tompkins, social media expert and CEO of The Go! Agency is back to tell us what’s new and working, in social media. Social media changes fast. So fast, in fact, that some of what Chris talked about only a year ago is already out of date. Chris drops by for an updated take on social media and a crash course on social media advertising. What platform should you advertise on? How much to spend? What formats work best? It’s all covered in this episode.  

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Show Notes:

[1:10] Just so we’re on the same page, what are some of the core basics of social media? What’s the “Holy Trinity”?

[2:33] True or false: LinkedIn is where it’s at for targeting a corporate audience.

[4:32] What’s the best way to get your Facebook post seen?

[6:08] Where should you spend your social media budget?

[8:19] Facebook ads versus boosting posts

[8:51] There are 12 different types of paid Facebook promotions? Yikes!

[11:16] Well you’ve GOT to be on this platform! What’s a flash in the pan and what’s here to stay?

[13:05] Visually-driven story-telling is a great asset for Chris’s clients these days.

[16:32] When it comes to Facebook ads, you need to hit the sweet spot in terms of how much text you include.

[18:38] How long should a social media video be?

[19:31] Is it ever a good idea to divert traffic away from your website?

[20:58] Canva is a great (not to mention free) tool for creating custom images.

[22:24] To automate or not…that is the question.

[23:58] What are good tools for monitoring and automation?

[25:00] Do you HAVE to write all of your social media posts? How do you work with a social media firm or consultant and still retain authenticity?


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