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[Podcast] Winning the Million Dollar Training Contract with Greg Schinkel

million dollar training contract

As a professional speaker, you are constantly vying to win the contract that gets you on the stage and speaking. And many of you also have additional products, including training, that you are constantly pitching to potential customers with the hope of winning some additional business.

On this week’s podcast, Jane is joined by Greg Schinkel, owner of Front Line Leadership – a team who specializes in training front-line supervisors, team leaders, and managers of a variety of industries. Over the many years of running his business, Greg has discovered some key strategies that have allowed him to start landing million dollar training contracts.

During this podcast, Greg touches on some of these key strategies, including:

  • The importance of having a niche and owning it
  • How to price your contracts appropriately (and that doesn’t mean being the lowest bidder!)
  • How to compete against ‘the big guys’ and win the business
  • How to equate the value/outcome of your training (or program) to its cost
  • How to build the perfect training or program package for the client
  • How to convert your expertise and build a team that you can continue to sell

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Podcast Resources:

Connect with Greg Schinkel on The Front Line Leadership website

Check out Greg’s Books and Training in his online store.

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