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Podcast: How to Write a Killer Bio with Caroline Mays

write a killer bio

The question of the day today is: How do we write a killer bio that makes our clients pick up the phone or start that email asking us about whether or not their date is free on our calendars?

To answer this, we went to someone whose killer bio, and killer video, got me picking up the phone immediately to hire her – Caroline Mays.

Caroline Mays is a writer and the creator of Switchblade Lemonade, a defiantly unorthodox bio writing salon that specializes in crafting beautiful online bios for service-oriented businesses.

As stated in her bio, Caroline insists that the average “about me” paragraph – crammed with accolades, facts, and humorous “quirks” we hope sound good on paper – is not only a boring square we’re conditioned to stuff ourselves into but a coffin-shaped box we’re expected to lie down in.

With aggressive creativity, intelligent observation, and unapologetic audacity, Caroline helps clients unleash a truer, bolder, irresistibly compelling bio that sells their work, instead of an uninspired, predictable one that notoriously sells them short.

During our time chatting, Caroline shares insight into:

  • Why your bio (about page on your website) REALLY matters
  • What’s wrong with the ‘tell your story’ mantra we’ve been hearing so long
  • How to determine which one of your stories are worth telling

Every speaker and business owner who is hoping to make a deeper connection to prospects and clients needs to listen to this podcast!

Listen to the podcast below:

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So – what did you think? Ready to rewrite your bio? Share your comments and thoughts below!!

Podcast Resources:

Want to learn more about Caroline? You can visit her website Switchblade Lemonade HERE.

Check out Caroline’s unbelievable video, Black Ink and Sneakers HERE.

Check out Shine Creative Video’s website HERE.

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