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Transparency: Lessons from a Soft Launch

Last week I launched my 8 Week Acceleration Course. Really, one of the best things I’ve ever put together.

I had taken a course to learn how to launch a course (go figure) but I found that many of the techniques were not in line with my own values. So I made some adjustments and I want to share my lessons with you.

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One of the things I wish I would have done differently was launch with a live webinar. I ran a recorded (evergreen) version and I didn’t get an opportunity to answer questions along the way which is one of my strengths.

I’ll remedy this by running my webinar again later this month – only this time we’ll be live. BTW, the webinar is really strong and if you want to watch the replay right away rather than wait – check it out HERE!


I had a copywriter doing some of the language for me on my course’s landing page and I had to really scale back on things that over promised. I can’t say definitively that my course is going to be the best thing that ever happened in your life. But I can say that I have clients whose lives have changed dramatically and are living their dream as a professional speaker.

Anything that tries to dupe my audience, or lure them into something, is simply not in line with the way I do business. I wasn’t supposed to reveal any details about the course (like when the group meetings were) because that would muddy the water. But it just didn’t sit with me. So we’ve added some of those FAQ’s to the landing page now.


One of my biggest challenges was having to rely on outside contractors to set up much of the technology required to launch this course. UGH!! So tricky, so many moving parts. I love to keep my business simple. To have point A lead to point B, lead to point C. And I like to understand how it works so that if I need to change something on the fly, someone on my team, or I, can do it.

Bottom line is that I’m trying to learn from the masters of courses how to run them effectively. But if it’s not in line with the values of my business – one of my biggest is transparency – then it might not work for me.

I would love for you to check out my 8 Week Acceleration Course. I am so proud of what my team and I have put together. If one of your biggest challenges is that you aren’t building your business quickly enough, it really will help accelerate! Really!

Do you have a lesson to share about launching a product? If so, please share in the comments below!

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