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Put Yourself On The To Do List

Put yourself on the to do list this holiday.

I ran into a friend and colleague on the plane from Vancouver recently. We were both returning from the CAPS convention, our annual gathering of Canadian Speakers. I looked at my friend and said, “Are you feeling OK?” She admitted to me that she was exhausted. That 2018 had been a very rough year for her business. Pretty sure my friend was on the path or had already arrived at burnout.

Put Yourself On The List

This holiday season, I have just one very short, but important message for you: Put yourself on the list.

Self-care is not overrated.

Whether you are male or female, it doesn’t matter. So many people are putting their business, their clients, their families and everyone ahead of themselves.

Focus On What Matters

I talked to one of my clients, Roger, last week and he was all about getting his numbers in and making the sale. In fact, he was completely stressed out and needed to really focus on his morning routine and getting himself rebalanced.

We cannot give from a well that is empty.

Will you put yourself at the top of your list this holiday season?

What are two or three things you can do to practice self-care?

Holiday Self-Care

Here are some suggestions:

– Meditate

– Take a walk

– Go to the gym

– Get a massage

– Read a good book

– Eat some greens

Morning Routine

During the holiday season it might be that you need to get your self-care in first thing in the morning because it’s easy to have the day spin and get away from you. Plan it, and then do it, so that you can check that box and focus on your family and all that the holidays bring.

I’m pretty well aware that if I don’t get my treadmill time in before work, that it’s not going to happen. Every morning last week in Vancouver, I was in the gym and on the treadmill at 6am. There I ran into speaking superstars who know that this is how to best start their day. Orlando Bowen, Elaine Froese, Andrea Holwegner, and Michelle Cederburg were all there with me, bright and early knowing that once the day started, this might not get done.

Give some serious consideration to how you get your day started. Do it with intention and make sure that you put yourself on the list of “to do’s” so that you can enter 2019 feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Happy Holidays Wealthy Speakers!

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