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Racial Injustice, Inspiring Change & the Speaking Business with Orlando Bowen

“Hurt people, hurt other people.”  Orlando Bowen

“A sustained lack of humanity in its expression, makes you think deeply about your own existence.”Orlando Bowen

I wanted to provide a platform for a conversation that will spark others to start their own conversations.  It is my hope that these discussions will help lead the way to long-overdue changes of systemic racism.

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I invited my client and friend, Orlando Bowen to share his story and talk about what we can do to inspire others to create change.  Racism and how those in authority deal with minorities is at the forefront of the news and now is the time to stand up and speak out.  If we sit in silence, we are telling those who are abusing their power, that it’s okay…and it’s never okay!

Orlando is a keynote speaker and corporate trainer with his own story of dealing with police brutality and being unjustly accused.  He speaks about how his CFL career was sidelined, his journey to absolution and how he found forgiveness.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • What should have been a great day.  [1:50]
  • How and why am I sitting in a jail cell?  [10:20]
  • Why would I plead guilty?  [16:20]
  • The fight and the outcome.  [19:00]
  • Forgiveness is for me, not them.  [26:40]
  • The time for silence is over, say something, use your voice.  [36:50]
  • Crying out for humanity to intervene.  [40:20]
  • What can we do to create change?  [42:50]
  • Name the elephant in the room and address it.  [47:10]

Empowering people to overcome adversity, find their passion and to use their gifts to serve is the reason Orlando breathes. This gift has placed Orlando on hundreds of stages, boardrooms and in presentations across North and South America and has garnered him numerous awards.Orlando is also passionate about youth leadership. As a result of that passion, he founded One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization to inspire and to teach resilience, leadership and teamwork to youth.

If you are looking for a way to begin a conversation, be a voice and make a difference you simply can’t afford to miss this episode.


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