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Raising Your Uncertainty Tolerance with Sara Ross

In an effort to keep supplying relevant and practical content, I keep thinking about what we all need in this time of constant news intake and the uncertainty of what’s coming next.  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I invited Sara Ross to join us and discuss how to keep our emotions from running wild when we are bombarded with unceasing negative news and how to find the benefits in changing how we work when we’re all at home.

Sara is a Keynote Speaker, Researcher and the Chief Vitality Officer at BrainAMPED, a leadership strategy and coaching firm she founded which is dedicated to redefining how we succeed at work and thrive in life. Sara and her company provide brain-based tools to decrease stress and exhaustion.  Her clients have ranged from surgeons, bankers, lawyers, air traffic controllers and engineers to government agencies, nurses, nonprofits, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

“No matter what…and how strategic you are, everyone is feeling the emotional impact of this.”  Sara Ross

Listen to the podcast below:

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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  •   What happened when the chaos started.  [2:00]
  •   Uncertainty Tolerance…what it means.  [5:15]
  •   L-E-A-D [13:00]
  •   What you do is not who you are.  [19:45]
  •   Reset, get grounded and be better.  [26:15]
  •   Adjusting to virtual keynote presentations.  [31:35]

Sara’s approach is guaranteed to challenge the status quo, provide new insights and inspiration, and most importantly, leave audiences with a blueprint of actionable strategies. She has a Master of Science (MSc.) Graduate Degree and argues that she is merely a dedicated street scientist doing her professional duty to better understand why people do what they do, and why they don’t do what they know they should! 

If you could use some help to recognize your emotional intelligence and keep it working for you instead of against you…you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.

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