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What is the Real Cost of Fear?

real cost of fear

Have you ever gone around and around trying to get something knocked off your goals list and you just cannot get it done? You try and try, but something holds you back. These are the moments you have to look very deep and determine what it is that is stopping you from moving forward. Is it fear that is stopping you? If so, then it is time to take action or you will pay the real cost of fear in your business.

I have run into the ‘fear’ block myself. For me, it is the writing (finally) of my fourth book. A publisher is interested in working with me, and it is tapping into some of my hidden fears of going bigger. You know, those deep workings of the subconscious that want to keep you from playing as big as possible?

These are the same types of fear that keeps us from picking a lane, raising our fees, taking on a huge project, going after that major sponsorship, or writing our first book.

Sometimes asking the question, “how much is fear costing me?” is enough to finally get us off the mark.

I am working thru my fear and circling back to an old accomplishment is helping me push forward. For me, writing that first book was a huge game changer. It was not easy, but once I truly committed, I was able to follow through, and it paid off. It brought in significant income, it raised my profile and subsequently helped me raise my coaching fees. Without the first book, I do not know if I could have gotten to where I am today.

For some of you (you know who you are), fear has kept you doing a job that you should have left years ago so that you do not have to test your “speaking chops.” Or, you have not picked that lane because “what if someone wants my old topic?” Or, you circle in confusion to keep yourself safe and comfortable. Stepping into one lane could mean that your business soars beyond your wildest dreams.

Some may fear that going big means that you are going to have to work much harder. Let me reassure you, that scaling up, if done properly should allow you more freedom, not less. This is your business to design based on what is perfect for you.

So you decide… What is perfect?

Moreover, how much do you think fear is costing you? If you are in it or have broken thru it, please share by leaving a comment below.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson

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