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Reinventing Your Wealthy Speaker Business with Michelle Villalobos

We don’t put bums on seats anymore, we put souls in seats.  We serve humans, it’s a different vibe.” Michelle Villalobos

I met with Michelle just as COVID was starting and the word Coronavirus was beginning to circulate.  We had no idea the impact that it would have in just a few short weeks, and that the topic would be so relevant.  On this episode of the Wealthy Speaker Show, I am happy to welcome Michelle Villalobos to talk about what it takes to reinvent and rebuild your business when things don’t go as planned.

Michelle has been an accomplished speaker for over a decade, with a variety of programs and speeches around personal branding, business alignment, personal empowerment and business growth. She and her team provide retreats, seminars, webinars and resources to help contribution-driven leaders step into brands and business models that create stability, grace, ease and flow.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Michelle’s “simple” business model.  [1:00]
  • There have been many bumps in the road.  [7:15]
  • Creating profitable events…it didn’t come easily.  [12:40]
  • Sales as Service, it doesn’t feel like selling anymore.  [15:40]
  • Breaking down leads to rebuilding.  [18:45]
  • Hiring to solve a problem.  Does it work?  [26:40]
  • Becoming the leader of your team.  [32:00]
  • Be the guide, not the magician.  [35:20]

Michelle is in her 6th year as a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is one of relatively few female members of its Million Dollar Speakers Group. She has earned her CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation and has been chosen to present to audiences of her esteemed colleagues at the Annual NSA Influence Conference, Winter Conference, several local chapters, and recently co-chaired the NSA Brand Lab.

If you could use some new and innovative suggestions that may help propel your business forward, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode.

I hope you’ll download and learn.



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