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Selling From the Stage to Scale Your Speaking Business to 7 Figures with Mark Grainger

Selling From the Stage to Scale Your Speaking Business to 7 Figures with Jane Atkinson and Mark Grainger
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Quote: “As a speaker, you have to sell them on your message before you can sell them on your solution.” Mark Grainger 

We work hard to create a successful speaking business and know the steps involved, but what does it take to get to the 7-figure level? How do we find that perfect message that will resonate with our ideal client? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we welcome Mark Grainger to share his ideas on selling from the stage without making it feel uncomfortable for those you’re trying to reach.

Mark is a prolific, entertaining, and in-demand public speaker and has shared the stage with such luminaries as Robert Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad”), Jack Canfield, Les Brown & Gabrielle Bernstein. A provocative storyteller, women’s advocate and Fractional CMO, Mark’s keynote presentations are content-rich, truly inspiring and always well-received.


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Jane Atkinson: Well welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast Today we're talking about selling from the stage and scaling your business, and we have Mark Granger here with us. Welcome, Mark. Well, thank you for having me, Jane. I don't know if you remember this, but the very first time I met you was in two thousand and one

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Mark A. Grainger: at the National Speakers Association Conference. I was really excited because that was the first one I got to go to, and I had just qualified to become a member, and you were the standout for me at that at that. Um! At that convention you were the one I remembered your expertise, and I've always been looking forward to when we could collaborate.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay, well, good time. So i'm glad that um i'm glad that it was helpful to you, and that that we got to collaborate today. Talk about uh your business model as you have it right now. You work alongside your wife, talk a little bit about what? Who? Who you're serving, and what you're helping them with fantastic. So my wife and I are the co-founder is a big impact. Hq: we've had the luxury of had an over three thousand women uh some men attend our our live

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event. Big impact experience that's getting transitioned into women disrupt.

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Mark A. Grainger: And uh, we've had over six hundred women go through what we call our speaker path to cash program, and they've gone on to generate over seventy-two million dollars in their own businesses, using this program. And I think what it really comes down to is we really are. What we see is once you're able to. You have the gift of gab from the stage, and you know how to communicate effectively from the stage, and you're using all the tools, the power of the pause and your You know your facial expressions, your vocal variety. You're really have

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Mark A. Grainger: You've attained a a level of proficiency that few speakers do,

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Mark A. Grainger: and you're able to get an audience to buy in to your concept or what it is you want them to walk away with, and that's a very similar skill set to a business model that allows you to literally triple, maybe even ten X. Your income as a speaker where you can offer from the stage a solution to the problem that you solve.

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Mark A. Grainger: And when you look at it from that way, there's several different business models that really help uh really help you be able to speak more work less uh generate wealth with less effort. And that's what we're all about.

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Jane Atkinson: Ok. And I like that. You put in your

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Jane Atkinson: bio um that your company is based on conscious capitalism. Tell everybody what that means to you. Oh, fantastic! So I've had the lecture of going through the certification with conscious capitalism org. This was created by John Macky of Whole Foods, and several other Ceos that really had a vision of a different way of doing business, and fundamentally, business has been all about. We're talking corporate business, and then it circles down to the small business mindset

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Mark A. Grainger: that everything that matters is the bottom line. So decisions are being made uh that sometimes harm the planet, arm. People harm minorities or or things of that nature, because the decisions for the bottom line are being made at at the cost of the stakeholders. So conscious capitalism is really looking at where business is going. People are really clear that they don't want to be a part of a world where greed is the bottom line, and they're starting to see that business is starting to turn in this wonderful organization, and and

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Jane Atkinson: that can serve the planet and serve people. And so that's why my wife and I are committed to is giving voices to those those women and those experts that know that they can make a difference on the planet.

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Jane Atkinson: What the guy from Patagonia did just did what? Oh, he just I think he just gave away all his billions. He's like basically saying, i'm going to take all my billions of dollars and give them away. I don't know the particulars to that. But yeah, you know, it was just ringing my brain. But that's an that's an example. You know. He's got more than he can spend. He's set for life, and now he's using his money for something other than just more. Alright, So let's talk about kind of preparing yourself.

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Jane Atkinson: What is the biggest challenge that a speaker may have uh building a seven-figure business.

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Mark A. Grainger: Well, I think you want to look at it in a couple of ways. There's there's two fundamental models. There's the keynote model which says i'm going to. I'm going to sell my time and my expertise for for money. So i'm going to take a stage. I'm: going to get a fee. Okay, that's becoming more and more challenging, because when you look at what promoters these are the people that are hiring speakers. What they're doing is they're trying to make money, and they've got to get an audience.

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Mark A. Grainger: And so a lot of your key Keynoteers are going to be more celebrity driven to help drive the souls and seats. So if you don't have celebrity behind you, You've got to create a reason to get paid five, ten, fifteen thousand dollars for keynote, and there are more speakers. Now, i'm sure you're seeing it like Crazy Jane. More speakers now than ever that are buying for those smaller and smaller keynote spots that actually pay. So even if you're getting paid ten grand as a speaker

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Mark A. Grainger: to make a million dollars, you would have to speak

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Mark A. Grainger: a hundred times right, which is like That's twice a week. You it's just physically impossible. Right So then there's the speak to cell model, and this is really what my wife and I are experts at, and what we've done for years, and that's really from the stage being able to offer a solution for a back end program. Usually that's some kind of coaching. It could even be some kind of of um package. It could be a Sas anything that you can do to help someone's life.

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Mark A. Grainger: You can package it, Give them an opportunity to go deeper than what you can do in a ninety minute keynote, so really offer them transformation, and those packages can go anywhere from a few hundred dollars to twenty-five, thirty, forty thousand dollars uh depending on how deep your solution is to the problem you saw. Okay, I have a bunch of questions. Great number one. Are you getting paid on the front end and on the back end

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Mark A. Grainger: it depends. It can be both, which is ideal. Usually it's Usually it's not. At least when you're first starting.

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Mark A. Grainger: Um! One of the things like Here's what I want you to understand. When you've got the back end figured out. Then there's a whole nother model where you can get on bigger and better stages, and what's known as pay to play, meaning you're There's a sponsorship where you can actually spend money to get stage time and make an offer from that stage. And the the key with that is that a lot of I think most people have been to kind of a pitchfest where you go, and every speaker is making an offer, and that can be a problem. And one of those things.

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Mark A. Grainger: So we really are working with our speakers is how to how to make an offer that people are longing for. There's been times where I Jane, where I've been in front of a speaker, and they painted a picture so perfect of the problem that I was going through, and i'm like I know they can help me solve this problem, and they go off the stage and don't give me a next step or an opportunity to get that problem solved. So when you really have a model that shows you how to create your your speaking content, meaning what you're saying from the stage,

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Jane Atkinson: all of it is designed to give your audience an experience, so that if they're your ideal client, it only makes sense that they take the next step with you,

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Jane Atkinson: paycheck writer to make an offer from the platform.

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Mark A. Grainger: Always, always, always, you know. I think, when I was just doing a short little video telling my community about this, this talk I was doing with you, and I was saying I spent some time to prepare. You know I updated my zoom. I check my microphones and it's out of respect for the person who's inviting you to speak to their community. And a lot of them can be a little sales resistant, and they are thinking, because there are. There are speakers out there that they don't really care what people think they're there to sell,

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Mark A. Grainger: and that's getting far far. Few between, because you're not asked to come back. I think the biggest thing is you. You get clear of what you can and cannot offer, and a lot of what we teach people to do is to offer a free gift. So if there's an issue to where, like no, you can't make a paid offer from the stage like, What would it be? Okay, if I make an offer for a free gift? And oftentimes that offer can be not just an option. It could literally be a uh a strategy session, or sales conversation where you're giving somebody you know thirty to forty-five minutes of your

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Jane Atkinson: time to see if they need what you do. And when you give this speech correctly you've shortened the sales cycle so like, here you have someone who's the ideal client. They've watched you talk. They're ready to talk about all right. How much is it cost? What's it? Look like? Where, if you were pursuing them online through the typical channels. You might have a six month sales cycle that's broken down into thirty minutes of stage time and then a conversation

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Jane Atkinson: during the presentation. Okay,

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Jane Atkinson: I want to go somewhere else. First. Let's come back to that because I want to talk about mindset a little bit here, because in order people have an it, feeling the minute we talk about selling from the stage. They're they're going to be resistant to this,

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Jane Atkinson: and I get it because you're if you're getting paid to speak. You want to be really careful with this.

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Mark A. Grainger: How do you get over your own? Any kind of resistance like? How do you help coach your over any fear that they may have of doing this Excellent! Well, there, there's two aspects around that. There's the actual fear and reluctance of selling. Okay, we call that sales shit. We all have it and it in it, and it follows you through your career. You know you have a hard time when you're asking for two thousand, and then it follows you when you're asking for more and more people. So there's just that

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Mark A. Grainger: since alone which takes some inner game stuff. A lot of uh understanding how to coach people, ask right questions, help them process their feelings is really important. The other aspect is that When a speaker comes to us we have you spend significant amount of time having a conversation, what we call avatar interviews. So you take your ideal client, and you're getting clear of their pain.

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Mark A. Grainger: You're building your entire business to solve a problem.

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Mark A. Grainger: So every piece of content, everything that is in your signature talk the products that you create. It is all designed to solve a problem that they are not getting solved, and when you can see how effectively you solve that problem. You're hungry to get it into their into into their uh, into their world, even if they're resistance to sales, because a lot of their resistance to sales isn't about you. It's about all the sales experiences they've had with car salesmen, and and you know uh

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Mark A. Grainger: time shares prior to you. So we all feel that I remember. This is a great story. Um, My background is in radio advertising, so I I have been working with some of the biggest brands in the world as a branding as a branding strategist and radio, and I was doing a lot of authentic selling, and I walked into the grocery store, and there were these cute to these

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Mark A. Grainger: cute little girls, probably eight years old, Selling Girl Scout Cookies, and then, like you want to buy my Girl scout cookies, and i'm like no, and I walked into the store, and i'm like Oh, my God! I was so harsh to this little girl, and she's just trying to sell her cookies, and I realized that had nothing to do with her message. It was all the stuff that I brought to the state brought to her to the situation.

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Jane Atkinson: And I remember Barb Schwartz saying you

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Jane Atkinson: about This was more about selling product, you know, if people like what it is that you're saying they want to take a piece of you home with them. They want to go to the next step and know more, and I think that that's something that you need to be aware of, and you need to be very clear on your value. Okay, So back to the speech itself.

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Jane Atkinson: We call it seed planting. We're seed planting for whatever else you want to sell. You have to sell your lead magnet first to sell it. You have no can't just say, you know. Scan the Qr. Code, and you're going to get something for free. No, no, no, no! You have to tell them why they need this thing,

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Jane Atkinson: but also

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Jane Atkinson: how are you? So give me an example of somebody who's selling something at the back end of a presentation, one of your clients. Well, a lot of you know, so like I would say, I'm going to think of Amy and Ellie right now. These are some really on fire millennials. They teach all around women dropping into their femininity. They have a program called Desire on Fire, and they came to us because they were doing a lot of one on one coaching they have a knack for speaking.

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Mark A. Grainger: And um. So we one of the things that we told them show them that part of a seven-figure speaker model is having your own events,

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Mark A. Grainger: and I think that all speakers should be looking at. How am I creating my own stage building my own community. If you're not thinking that way as a speaker, then you're not thinking the way you need to think when you're speaking on stage to and create a community and build a movement. So you really need to be looking at. Okay, what am I bringing people into as an entire business model as a movement and as a community, and that that, I think is really really important. So with Amy and Ellie, what a lot of what they do is, they will create

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Mark A. Grainger: they speaking, they they have speaking gigs. They also will do like an online, virtual speaking gigs or a challenge, and their main offers to their event. Okay, because it's what is known as an enrollment event. Okay. So when you do an enrollment event oftentimes, what you'll do is you need clients now

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Mark A. Grainger: and then that enrollment event clients can become your client after that enrollment event. So oftentimes your offer may be a low priced bundle that includes a ticket to your event,

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Mark A. Grainger: a strategy session, and something else of value. Maybe it's a video series or something that gives them that adds on to whatever presentation you're offering. So now you built in a whole ability to build a relationship with this person after they've heard you speak from the stage with a small investment uh of them. From them they get time. They get attention, because as a speaker, you have as a speaker with this model you have to sell them on your message before you can sell them on your solution.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay, So um

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Jane Atkinson: I'm: i'm just gonna say that

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Jane Atkinson: we understand that this may not be a model that's for everybody. Right? Correct? Some people are just gonna be like, Yeah, no, don't want to do any of that. It makes me want to go have an app. Um, which is fine. It's absolutely going to be for everyone, for everyone. You have been thinking, though, hey? I really like to build community. Maybe it's uh, you know, i'm doing an online course. And then maybe i'm gonna have a live event and blah blah blah.

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Jane Atkinson: If that's for you Then I think a lot of these ideas. So how do you see plant throughout your presentation for, say, a live event? Are you talking about stories about people who came to your live event last year and excelled

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Jane Atkinson: all of that can be things, and it could be as simple as so i'm going to go over the three-step model on how to how to how to convert your audience. We go really deep into this in our three day event women disrupt. This is where we actually do. Speaker, scale drills. You get a chance to connect with other six and seven figure business women. But right now I can give you the basis of that model. Okay,

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Jane Atkinson: right? And so you didn't even recognize it. Right? Okay, I got it all right. That's really cool. So um.

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Mark A. Grainger: I also think I think it's also important, Jane, for for people to understand that

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Mark A. Grainger: the way Shannon and I are working right now is, we have built our business to attract only a certain person, and this is what I want your speakers to get. Be just as clear of who your talk is not for, and who should not listen to what you have to say, and who should not invest in what you do, and have a have a barrier to entry that keeps those people out of your community, not as a way of being mean or or or showing favorites, but having clarity

00:17:02.720 --> 00:17:31.450
Mark A. Grainger: of who you're meant to serve in the world,

00:17:31.460 --> 00:18:01.359
Mark A. Grainger: having a business model where the intention is. I'm going to disrupt my industry so that I attract the ideal person to what I do, and the ability and willingness to take a stand in that is going to be the most marketable thing moving forward for women's speakers.

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Mark A. Grainger: So making yourself better, overcoming your fears, getting dialed into the this precise words, phrases, and the things that you do to personify your brand. And do you walking uh being a walking example of your message. This allows you to attract wherever you go, like a magnet, the people that are meant to be associated with you. And so, because you're your number one asset, your business becomes your number one investment,

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Mark A. Grainger: and when you do this correctly, now you have a business that's generating enough revenue at the end of the year that you're funding retirement, and you have money left over to invest in other things like other businesses. My wife and I. We want to invest in women own businesses, and to be able to help them excel and give them a voice,

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Mark A. Grainger: your audience letting them know what we stand for in the world, and that's what I think most speakers are not doing. They're not taking a real stand for who they are. They're afraid that. Oh, if I leave these people out, I won't get enough opportunity. I got to create something for everyone, and in a world where in a world uh in a world where everyone is, where there's more speakers and more experts and more messengers

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Mark A. Grainger: at the flick of a switch and a video who may not have the years of wisdom and heartbreak and experience that you bring to the table. You've got to be able to not cast a wide net. The class cast a net very specifically for the people you serve in the problem yourself.

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Jane Atkinson: You know you've been through. I used to work in a radio station. So I understand this. You've been through the ultimate training,

00:19:46.190 --> 00:19:56.760
Jane Atkinson: capturing people in thirty seconds

00:19:56.770 --> 00:20:26.760
Mark A. Grainger: helping people. Now, how did you? How did you land on women being your people,

00:20:26.830 --> 00:20:37.110
Mark A. Grainger: become the voice of their message, so they knew they didn't really know how to market. They might have a sense of marketing, but they didn't know, did not know or understand the power of message.

00:20:37.180 --> 00:20:53.829
Mark A. Grainger: And so that was just kind of a natural thing that happened to me, and then I met my wife, and we started working together, and we that's when we started focusing on speakers, and after about four years we took a step back from the business. Ninety-one percent of our clients were women over forty,

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Mark A. Grainger: and all of our top performers were women over forty, and so at that point in time we just we're really feeling called to have our business really stand for women's empowerment and giving women a voice. Because you have a platform on the stage the changes lives, and when you are, when you take that message and you shape it, and you articulated and you make it potent and powerful, you become a leader. That's changing society with your words.

00:21:21.550 --> 00:21:27.590
Jane Atkinson: You know, basically you're a magnet standing on stage and not everybody is gonna

00:21:27.600 --> 00:21:54.599
Jane Atkinson: get. Come up and be stuck to you, you know. May like, maybe back in whatever year you said it was two thousand and one. Maybe there were fifty people in the room, and you were one of the people who stuck to me. Here we are a long time later, twenty, twenty, one years later, you're still a part of my world, and I think that's really cool. What you say either resonates or doesn't resonate, and I think

00:21:54.610 --> 00:21:58.569
Jane Atkinson: maybe this is a male and female thing.

00:21:58.610 --> 00:22:28.600
Jane Atkinson: You need to remember that you aren't necessarily there to have everybody love you to the same degree.

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Mark A. Grainger: And technology is putting our lives on hyper speed. So you are evolving faster as a person, as a woman, and as a leader as a speaker than we ever have. So our message is evolving. So about every two or three years. There's really a reinvention and a next level of that message that is coming out, that if you don't speak to begins to you, begin to start to just not you, just to begin to feel something's not working. I'm not attracting the way I used to try. Not as happy with My, i'm not a

00:22:58.610 --> 00:23:28.070
Jane Atkinson: happy with the work on doing so. There's there's this evolution, and there's something underneath that I believe that speakers speakers are being lifted up to really separate themselves from the noise and be the leaders that are leading in a new earth, agreed. And it's interesting. You say we're under a lot of pressure. But think about what happens with Isn't it cold. It turns into diamonds, or something like that, like there's something that's great that can come out of it at the other side. And as we look

00:23:28.450 --> 00:23:31.729
Jane Atkinson: kind of uncertainly,

00:23:31.740 --> 00:23:55.849
Jane Atkinson: uh with uncertainty moving forward at what are we facing a recession? Who knows? Uh, we need to be in the process of reinvention, so that we can come out of that at the other end, being stronger and more focused, and with more clarity than ever before. That's what I think. When you come at a recession, or whatever it might be, a difficult time

00:23:55.860 --> 00:24:15.249
Jane Atkinson: ready to serve, and the more clear you get. I just. I love your clarity. Mark around who your people are. That's not to say that what you're saying won't, resonate with a dude who's listening right Now, That's right. That's right. Absolutely so. So just know that this message is actually for everyone. Um,

00:24:15.670 --> 00:24:30.739
Mark A. Grainger: everyone listening. Yeah. And I think it's important, Jane, for people to understand that that what you just said is really to me what a speaker person aifies. So, if you like, think about yourself as an audience member of a speaker that inspired you.

00:24:30.750 --> 00:25:00.739
Mark A. Grainger: To me a speaker's job is to paint a picture of the future that does not yet exist right, no matter what your topic on you're coming in, and you're letting that audio You're building hope and opportunity in the mind and the hearts of that audience, right? And so you've got to be someone who's doing that work yourself. You've got to be on that path of Okay, What is the vision. What is the circumstances of my life? It's pointing me to something. How do I jump into what it's, pointing me on, and stand in that so that I can communicate that from a place of an

00:25:00.750 --> 00:25:03.339
integrity and authenticity.

00:25:03.350 --> 00:25:33.340
Mark A. Grainger: So okay, talk about how people should get in touch with you if they would like to learn more about the work great. We have a really fun way to do that. One of the things that I think is important for everyone to understand is there's certain types of arch types that people are uh and different types of speakers that they are. And so we've identified the speaker blueprints. What was interesting Uh, Jane is Both my wife and I had been dating about four to six months. I think we'd even started our business before this, when we realized we both had gone to

00:25:33.350 --> 00:26:03.339
Mark A. Grainger: graduate school to become marriage and family therapists, and then, on top of that, we left graduate school to get into entrepreneurship, and we saw that through coaching and speaking that we had the ability to impact more people in a bigger scale and more powerfully than through that old model. So we've been able to develop It's kind of a personality profile based on the psychologically driven principles of what allows you to build wealth as a speaker through your own type of art type. So we've got six different speaker, Blue.

00:26:03.350 --> 00:26:33.309
Mark A. Grainger: There's the motivator. There's the all right. There. There's the storyteller. There is the activist who's going to make a difference in the world, and then you have the the professor and the performer, and of these six art types. One of them is your strength. If you go to Speaker blueprints dot com that's with an s speaker blueprints dot com take a short little quiz there, and you're going to get a You're going to get the answer of what Speaker blueprint are you? And we encourage you to play to this strength

00:26:33.320 --> 00:26:34.470
of your blueprint.

00:26:34.480 --> 00:27:00.420
Mark A. Grainger: And then, as a speaker who presents each of these six when you bring their skill, sets as a speaker together, like, literally the speaking skills of the orator, the storyt or the motivator. This is when you become a World class speaker. So, having a World class speaker with a with a wealth driven business model allows the speaker blueprints to send you on a trajectory of making a big impact. Say, the Url again,

00:27:00.800 --> 00:27:28.849
Jane Atkinson: Speaker blueprints, Dot Com. And I want people to notice that when you are offering a lead magnet you need to sell it just like Mark did really set, and and i'm going. Ooh! I want to know. Everybody wants to know about themselves right? So any kind of quiz like this is often, I think, very desirable. Um, I think archetypes are really interesting, anyway, and I get it

00:27:28.860 --> 00:27:32.690
Mark A. Grainger: well, you know, and I and I want everyone to recognize how Jane responded to that.

00:27:33.380 --> 00:27:52.270
Mark A. Grainger: Okay, that's by design. That's not by. That's what I want people to understand. Lean in. That's It's not by that's what it's, not by accident. So what happens. Is you go to A. You go to a marketing training, and they go. You need a lead magnet, and so then you go, and you come up with some kind of lead magnet, and it's never going to work because it's not tied to your art type.

00:27:52.280 --> 00:28:13.720
Mark A. Grainger: It's not tied to a strategy which says what is going on in the back end of the transformation that I provide all the way through my signature, talk all the way through my marketing all the way to my lead magnet. So there's a story that people are stepping into that serves and solves a problem for them

00:28:13.730 --> 00:28:26.590
Jane Atkinson: thirty seconds at a time, like the feeding the story in little pieces all along. I think that's really cool, Mark. I appreciate you sharing your ideas on how to

00:28:26.600 --> 00:28:56.570
Jane Atkinson: uh, you know, and just laying out what the speak to sell model could look like for someone. And i'm hoping that you've planted a su a few ideas for people. Maybe some people will be like, Yeah. Nope, that's not for me. That's okay, too. Uh and for um the the non females who are listening. Uh, I think that you're gonna probably get a lot from this uh, anyway, because everybody it's not. It does.

00:28:56.580 --> 00:29:13.719
Mark A. Grainger: And I think it's also important for people to understand when you're looking at as a speaker who's who has a business. Okay? So you literally have a speaking business to turn that into a multiple, six figure or seven figure cash machine. There's two main pinnacles. There's your message, and there's your team.

00:29:13.730 --> 00:29:43.579
Mark A. Grainger: Because once you start attracting opportunity, you have, you're too busy to handle emails and handle phone calls and book your speaking engagements. So you need to start building team. And then there's the strategy of how your message and your team all fit together, based on who you are, and that's what I want people to see, because it's so simple for people to get pulled into hiring a coach or going down a path of making an investment in their business. And and if you're not clear of okay

00:29:43.600 --> 00:30:01.730
Mark A. Grainger: theme message and how all this fits together. Then you're getting. You're getting pieces of the puzzle that may not work,

00:30:01.740 --> 00:30:31.730
Mark A. Grainger: and I want to say, Thank you. Mark, for being on the show today. Thank you so much, Jane, and I want to leave a nice, juicy nugget for everyone. One of the biggest challenges that people have when they're making an offer is, you have to remember, to create a new problem. So if I'm going to talk to you about the three steps of get of of of using speaking um of selling from the stage. Okay, And I'm going to give you those three steps at the end of my talk I need to review those three steps summarize them, and then I

00:30:31.740 --> 00:31:01.119
Mark A. Grainger: They need to proclaim to the audience to their new problem, and that would sound something like. So I discussed the three steps of being able to sell effectively on stage. And now that you know these steps for what you're you're probably in thinking right now, or you're probably in another problem of like, Well, how do I apply these steps? And what do I actually say in Step two? So these are the things that I've been able to put together in my Webinar. So if you come over to my Webinar, then you can get those answers. And so this is the key to really making sure that your offer doesn't just

00:31:01.130 --> 00:31:14.559
Mark A. Grainger: land doesn't just kind of get floated out there. But there's a real specific reason for people to go from where they're at now, to where they go next. So you have to proclaim the new problem that you're to offer solves

00:31:14.570 --> 00:31:24.930
Jane Atkinson: Mark Granger. This has been time well spent. Thank you so much, Jane, for being on the show, and if you're tuning in we will see you next time. Wealthy speakers bye, for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Mark’s current business model. [1:30]
  • Challenges to building a 7-figure business. [4:30]
  • Getting on bigger and better stages. [6:30]
  • The selling mindset to help you scale. [10:00]
  • Planting seeds to convert to a sale. [16:00]
  • Become the voice of your message. [20:30]
  • Painting a picture and building hope. [24:00]
  • Creating a team to share your message. [29:00]


As a previous Senior Branding Strategist for Clear Channel, Inc., Mark has written and produced over 1100 radio ads and 100s of radio campaigns – using his command of language and messaging to grow businesses by an average of 144%. His study and research lead to an 18-year specialization in linguistics, rhetoric and the structure of story. He believes that millions of women, who are experts in their field, are craving a skill set that allows them to distinguish themselves as leaders and would love to DISRUPT THEIR INDUSTRY. So, BigImpactHQ™ was created as a marketing, leadership & personal growth platform built exclusively for multiple 6 & 7 Figure Business Women, Investors & Activists.

If you are in the market for some fresh ideas about selling from the stage to help you create an even more successful speaking business, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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