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Showing Up For Your Dream with Jane Atkinson

Showing Up For Your Dreams with Jane Atkinson
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Quote: “Isn’t that the whole idea of becoming an entrepreneur in the first place…to really build the life of your dreams?” Jane Atkinson

What do you aspire to create in your world and your business to feel fulfilled and truly happy? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I wanted to create a short “bite-sized” podcast to give you an idea or two to ponder for a few minutes. What are your dreams, and how can you make them come true?

I have been realizing some of my dreams this year and wanted to share a bit about them in order to get you thinking about what your dreams are and what you need to do to make them come to fruition.

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Jane Atkinson: Hey, welcome to the wealthy speaker, Podcast! It's Jane Atkinson here, with a

00:00:07.560 --> 00:00:21.470
Jane Atkinson: let's, say a lighter or quicky version of the podcast, just kind of like a bite size, tip, or idea something that I would love you to be listening to in the car. And then afterwards, just

00:00:21.550 --> 00:00:26.360
Jane Atkinson: like, give yourself 5 min, 10 min to think about it. Okay.

00:00:26.510 --> 00:00:34.190
Jane Atkinson: today is all about showing up for yourself, showing up for your dreams how you show up.

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Jane Atkinson: And it was prompted by the fact that we're getting ready to go on a road trip down to Florida. And what is really

00:00:47.150 --> 00:00:49.969
Jane Atkinson: part of my dream coming true

00:00:50.110 --> 00:00:57.610
Jane Atkinson: we have been, or I have been plotting out this idea that we will be wintering in the south and

00:00:57.660 --> 00:01:00.630
Jane Atkinson: summering up north at our cottage.

00:01:00.720 --> 00:01:14.799
Jane Atkinson: and we're just one step closer to seeing that become a reality. And isn't that the whole idea becoming an entrepreneur in the first place, is to really build the life

00:01:14.970 --> 00:01:32.160
Jane Atkinson: of your dreams, we actually changed our our promise statement. The old book was Catapult your speaking business. But the wealthy speaker, 3.0 subtitle is your recipe for building the speaking business of your dreams, because I've

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Jane Atkinson: started to recognize that everybody doesn't have the same dreams, and and I have to tell you that so many of the things that i'm doing today, I mean, I started in motion years ago.

00:01:47.760 --> 00:01:51.569
Jane Atkinson: I I did a little real on this, so you might have heard about it.

00:01:52.080 --> 00:02:00.040
Jane Atkinson: I 8 in 2,018, so how many years ago is that this is 2023? So 5 years ago

00:02:00.420 --> 00:02:16.059
Jane Atkinson: I was doing a tour around Vancouver. I was there for a conference. The Caps Conference, Canadian Association of Professional speakers, and I was just by myself walking in the street to Vancouver, as I might do when I go to visit a city.

00:02:16.090 --> 00:02:22.789
Jane Atkinson: and I came across a Tesla dealership, and we don't have a Tesla dealership in in London, Ontario. So I

00:02:22.890 --> 00:02:31.809
Jane Atkinson: popped in, and I sat in a Tesla, and I took a picture of myself. That's why I know what year it was because i'm not great at remembering dates.

00:02:32.060 --> 00:02:39.659
Jane Atkinson: and it came up as a memory. 2,018 was when I sat in the Tesla, and I thought to myself.

00:02:39.930 --> 00:02:46.520
Jane Atkinson: this is a really cool car. It's got all the bells and whistles that I love because i'm a bells and whistles, girl.

00:02:46.760 --> 00:02:50.460
Jane Atkinson: And of course you're gonna get amazing

00:02:50.670 --> 00:02:52.990
Jane Atkinson: fuel economy because it's electric.

00:02:53.330 --> 00:02:54.920
Jane Atkinson: And this was

00:02:54.980 --> 00:02:59.120
Jane Atkinson: long before Elon Musk started

00:02:59.690 --> 00:03:03.570
Jane Atkinson: basically making everybody in the world hate him.

00:03:03.680 --> 00:03:12.310
Jane Atkinson: and so he he's made some moves lately that have been quite questionable. And now everybody hates Tesla, but

00:03:12.820 --> 00:03:14.660
Jane Atkinson: I ordered mine.

00:03:14.750 --> 00:03:24.929
Jane Atkinson: I don't know over a year ago, and it finally came a few months ago, and we are now taking. We call her Betty Betty White, because she's white.

00:03:26.050 --> 00:03:27.900
Jane Atkinson: and

00:03:27.980 --> 00:03:38.010
Jane Atkinson: I'm. I'm super excited about taking Betty White on this trip down to the States and seeing you know just

00:03:38.290 --> 00:03:45.769
Jane Atkinson: how this experience is gonna be, but it's part it like it's 2 pieces of a dream come true. Number one

00:03:46.210 --> 00:03:53.009
Jane Atkinson: part number one of my dream. I wanted to own a Tesla part number 2 of my dream was. I wanted to winter in the South.

00:03:53.210 --> 00:04:06.359
Jane Atkinson: and we're doing it, and I don't know if we'll buy a place down there. I would be fine. Not but you know i'm open to it, and we'll see what happens. I just think that

00:04:06.380 --> 00:04:18.700
Jane Atkinson: when we develop our dreams Sorry we've got like bells and whistles going off all around us here on this podcast, very unproventional. When we create our dreams

00:04:19.060 --> 00:04:26.679
Jane Atkinson: we have to write them down. Of course we all know that we need to write down our dreams, but I don't know if everybody visits them daily.

00:04:27.260 --> 00:04:42.370
Jane Atkinson: and I wrote this down every day in the wealthy speaker. Daily success plan or in journal plug plug. I wrote it down every single day what it was that I wanted in terms of the life that I was creating.

00:04:42.590 --> 00:04:47.030
Jane Atkinson: And then here's part 2. So write it down daily. That's part one.

00:04:47.060 --> 00:04:50.720
Jane Atkinson: Write it down, visit it daily.

00:04:50.990 --> 00:04:57.179
Jane Atkinson: and then the third piece is to start to work. Your action steps backwards.

00:04:57.740 --> 00:05:01.130
Jane Atkinson: What's one thing that I need to do to

00:05:01.300 --> 00:05:02.820
Jane Atkinson: purchase a Tesla?

00:05:03.040 --> 00:05:07.250
Jane Atkinson: Not the cheapest car in the world, and you just start saving some money. Okay.

00:05:07.280 --> 00:05:10.329
Jane Atkinson: that's what I did. I saved for like 5 years

00:05:10.490 --> 00:05:12.920
Jane Atkinson: and

00:05:13.660 --> 00:05:21.089
Jane Atkinson: outright, and felt really, really good, and that was like just a significant accomplishment. So

00:05:21.550 --> 00:05:35.190
Jane Atkinson: you all who want to debate, you know batteries, and where they come from, and all of that stuff. First of all, make sure your information is not coming from the Coke Brothers, or the oil and gas industry, but number 2,

00:05:35.270 --> 00:05:39.569
Jane Atkinson: you know i'm not necessarily trying to save the world here

00:05:39.630 --> 00:05:48.049
Jane Atkinson: when I am very, very grateful that what used to cost us, you know, a $60 drive is now a $3 drive.

00:05:48.070 --> 00:05:52.909
Jane Atkinson: and so going down to Florida will be Major Major.

00:05:53.110 --> 00:06:06.429
Jane Atkinson: a lot cheaper, and I'm really excited about that, and I purchased a car because I liked it. It was a cool car. This is all the way back to Dan Sullivan's. I want what I want, because I want it.

00:06:06.480 --> 00:06:07.510
Jane Atkinson: So

00:06:08.000 --> 00:06:14.620
Jane Atkinson: I want to leave you with the idea that you can have the exact

00:06:14.800 --> 00:06:24.059
Jane Atkinson: business that you dream up. There are so many things that are happening in my life right now that I could never have seen as a possibility

00:06:24.260 --> 00:06:33.059
Jane Atkinson: 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, and I just want you to recognize that anything is possible.

00:06:33.250 --> 00:06:34.809
Jane Atkinson: How are you

00:06:35.060 --> 00:06:36.270
Jane Atkinson: showing up

00:06:36.400 --> 00:06:38.040
Jane Atkinson: for your dreams.

00:06:38.670 --> 00:06:40.309
Jane Atkinson: Drive around in your car

00:06:40.440 --> 00:06:42.420
Jane Atkinson: and think about that one

00:06:43.060 --> 00:06:46.850
Jane Atkinson: for a few minutes. Okay, I'll see you soon, Wealthy speakers by for now.

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