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Social Media for Speakers: A 6-Point Checklist

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Social media is a must for speakers building their business and brand. But are your efforts helping you land more gigs or hurting your efforts? This article will share some essential lessons on social media for speakers, as well as a worksheet you can use to get you started. And it all begins with a simple thought experiment:

So, I’m wearing my decision-maker hat, and I start to look for a speaker on “happiness in the workplace.” I begin my search, and I narrow it down to five candidates.

I review their websites first, then their videos, and then I have my team do a deep dive on their social footprint, going back several months to see what they’ve posted. 

I was seriously thinking about hiring candidate number 3, but then I saw a social media argument that they got into over (take your pick):

– The Will Smith slap

– DeSantos vs Disneyland

– Mask mandates

– Any election

– Elon Musk buying Twitter

– Any story that does not align with happiness in the workplace

And just like that, candidate 3 was off the list.

It doesn’t matter what the post was about. Posting on these or other divisive issues may lead decision-makers to say “too hot” or “too divisive,” and suddenly, you’ve lost a gig. 

Social Media for Speakers: Is It Worth It?

The question when it comes to social media for speakers is: when you’re posting on social media, is it worth it? Speakers must think carefully about anything they post and only hit the Publish button if they can say “YES!” with confidence.

Social Media for Speakers A 6-Point Checklist is it worth it image

For instance, if I posted about Putin invading Ukraine and somebody I was going to work with dropped me as a prospective client, I would be okay with that. I don’t like bullies, and I’m very upset about what’s going on in the world right now. To me, that would be worth the risk. 

Another example: we did a fantastic podcast during the Black Lives Matter movement with one of my clients Orlando Bowen. I have family members who work in law enforcement (good solid humans and good solid police officers), and I upset some of them. But I stand with that podcast because it showed both sides of the coin.  

A 6-Point Checklist to Evaluate What You Post

In the examples above, I felt it was worth it to post about these issues on social media and my podcast. However, some hills are not worth dying on or worth risking a job for. 

The key is to be aware of what you post and decide what you will stand up for.

Because social media for speakers is so important, I’ve created a 6-point checklist to help you make some of your decisions when deciding to post.

Ask yourself:

  1. Will this post help (or hurt) my expertise and thought leadership?
  2. Am I opening a can of worms on a divisive issue?
  3. Is it worth it to me to discuss this issue?
  4. Does this post align with my brand?
  5. Am I just venting or bitching about something?
  6. Am I putting into the world something that aligns with who I am?

If you are venting or posting about something that has absolutely nothing to do with your area of expertise, you might be risking business over something inconsequential. When it comes to social media for speakers, my advice is to make sure that everything you post aligns with your values and brand and makes a good impression on your ideal clients.

Social Media for Speakers Tips

We are living in an unprecedented time. Everything has become divisive. If you haven’t already seen the Netflix special called The Social Dilemma, check it out. It says that our social feed is constantly filled with news that supports our ideals. So, if you lean in one direction politically, all you’ll see are things that support that one idea.  

Social Media for Speakers A 6-Point Checklist social media tips

One of my top tips regarding social media for speakers is to find yourself a good resource for fact-checking. I’m at the point where I question everything I read, and you should as well. If I could wean myself off the news and social media, I think I would be a much happier person.

But, as I mentioned above, the question to ask yourself is, “Is it worth it?” Sometimes you’ll say yes, so when you do, just be aware of the ramifications. Social media for speakers is all about thinking things through before hitting that “Publish” button. Run your ideas through this 6-point checklist to keep yourself out of hot water. It would be a shame if your thought leadership did not get through to your ideal clients because you posted something without thinking it through.

As a bonus, feel free to download the worksheet below and use it as a jumping-off point to get you started with your Social Media Strategy!

social media strategy

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!

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