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#SpeakerSuccesTip: Keep It Simple – Especially When It Comes to Virtual Presentations!

#SpeakerSuccessTip: Have a Point of View - Even If It Means Some Might Not Love You!

With so many of us moving to virtual – with our presentations, communications, etc. – my success tip for this month is Keep It Simple.

I’ve seen a lot of people invest in every bell and whistle technology wise for their virtual communications. And while that can seem like a great idea, you have to keep your technical capability front and center. Because while all those tools can be cool – if you can’t use them properly, it can be disastrous!

Me, I understand that I need simple technology so I don’t get overwhelmed. So I use Prezi video – and that’s it!

How about you? What are you using? Are you keeping it simple?

#SpeakerSuccessTip: It’s all about keeping it simple - especially with regards to your virtual presentations.

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