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#SPEAKERSUCCESTIP: Understanding What You SHOULD Be Doing In Your Business

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As a speaker and a business owner, you hear a lot of ‘you should be doing this!’ and ‘you should be doing that!’ And for many of us when we hear this, we go into action mode without thinking about whether we REALLY should be doing it in our business.

There will always be a lot of noise around you telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing. But my tip for you is this: stop listening to the noise and listen to your customers and clients. They are the ones that will dictate what you need to do. From products to marketing to customer service – they will let you know what you SHOULD be doing.

See you soon, Wealthy Speaker!

#SpeakerSuccessTip: To understand what you SHOULD be doing in your speaking business, avoid all the noise, and listen to your customers and clients. They’ll tell you what you need to do.

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