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Stepping Into Your Fabulousness with Linda Edgecombe

Discussing Fees - Stepping Into Your Fabulousness with Jane Atkinson and Linda Edgecombe
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Quote:I’ve always said that none of us get courage or confidence before we go and do something. We get it after we’ve done it.” Linda Edgecombe

How do you feel when you’re sending out a proposal? Are you confident in asking for your full fee or do you hesitate and feel a little trepidatious before letting your client know what you charge? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re excited to welcome resiliency expert Linda Edgecombe to talk about getting paid what you’re worth.

Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF is an award-winning Celebrity Humorist Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant. Her footprint is seen and experienced around the world. Her mission is to get people Fired up and Ready to Shift or Get off the Pot! Her non-BS approach is funny, refreshing, engaging, and relevant.


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Jane Atkinson: Go.

00:00:01.949 --> 00:00:07.200
Jane Atkinson: Well, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast today, we are going to be.

00:00:07.200 --> 00:00:14.880
Jane Atkinson: Talking about something that is very top of mind for me it's about getting paid what you're worth how fun.

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Jane Atkinson: i'm joined by my friend and client Linda edgecombe welcome Linda you having already.

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Linda Edgecombe: The conundrums fees oh my word okay.

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Jane Atkinson: that's exactly what we're talking about today, tell me buddy you gave me this great story for the wealthy speaker 3.0 Thank you, by the way for contributing and.

00:00:42.600 --> 00:00:49.200
Jane Atkinson: about how you got started in to the speaking industry talk about how you began.

00:00:50.280 --> 00:00:53.310
Linda Edgecombe: Oh well, the last time I I jokingly say the last time I had a job job.

00:00:55.050 --> 00:01:01.680
Linda Edgecombe: Back in the very early 90s ever for participation for people my age will remember participation.

00:01:02.940 --> 00:01:15.660
Linda Edgecombe: Well, yes, yes, and so what my job is to run around southern BC that's where my territory was and speak to everybody every Chamber of Commerce every you know City Council the rotaries the whoever's the lions.

00:01:16.530 --> 00:01:22.950
Linda Edgecombe: Any group that would listen to you know how to make yourself and your communities healthier and what i've always had.

00:01:23.970 --> 00:01:35.130
Linda Edgecombe: I say going for me it's just part of my my genetic makeup is, I have an irreverent sense of humor and so whenever I whenever I give my presentations for dispatching to be 10 minutes Max.

00:01:35.790 --> 00:01:46.050
Linda Edgecombe: People would laugh, I mean they have a good time and I make a joke self deprecating jokes and then someone from BC hydro hydro hydro supplier here in British Columbia.

00:01:47.640 --> 00:01:56.310
Linda Edgecombe: called me one day said hey I saw you at this Chamber thing we're having a staff circle wellness day, I guess, they would have called it, I came up with the call the back then.

00:01:57.000 --> 00:02:12.090
Linda Edgecombe: Would you be able to speak at them like i'm sure sure how well how long do you want to speak, he said, oh an hour when in my head i'm like oh my God what the hell do I say how do I fill an hour and he says what's your fees and I said.

00:02:13.290 --> 00:02:13.650
Linda Edgecombe: jeez.

00:02:14.760 --> 00:02:22.530
Linda Edgecombe: My brains going, while I get paid $25 an hour participated, so I told him $25 and he's on the end of the 40.

00:02:24.990 --> 00:02:31.710
Linda Edgecombe: And, and then he says, and then he says why don't you come early and join us for lunch oh wow isn't that generous.

00:02:33.030 --> 00:02:38.970
Jane Atkinson: With is it going to be chicken is it yeah can you eat chicken 30 years and then he says.

00:02:39.780 --> 00:02:43.140
Linda Edgecombe: Then I thought okay i'm being savvy because it was in a city just north of me.

00:02:44.550 --> 00:02:45.120
Linda Edgecombe: I said.

00:02:46.500 --> 00:02:49.230
Linda Edgecombe: You know, could you up pay some gas money you know.

00:02:50.850 --> 00:02:54.690
Linda Edgecombe: He says absolutely it was 95 cents per kilometer of the time.

00:02:55.290 --> 00:02:59.040
Linda Edgecombe: We just like 10 cents, you know $1 per gallon anyways.

00:03:00.270 --> 00:03:04.770
Linda Edgecombe: And I thought wow i'm going to go shorter than ever had no idea I had no idea, a there was such a thing as a.

00:03:05.610 --> 00:03:20.430
Linda Edgecombe: business and industry or profession of speakers, I mean i've been to some workshops and you know seen people do that but anyway, I basically did what you're not supposed to do is I went Okay, what have I done in a workshop for that I could feel the time with.

00:03:21.990 --> 00:03:28.560
Linda Edgecombe: And went off and did this presentation and they laughed you know with me for the hour and then BC hydro called me back and said.

00:03:29.460 --> 00:03:36.750
Linda Edgecombe: That was fantastic and they literally started booking me to board every community they had an office in in BC.

00:03:37.590 --> 00:03:52.830
Linda Edgecombe: And then they go Oh, we need more than that, we need to have to and I almost like slipped out like a hot, how do I fill anyways I immediately went because I chatted with a couple of people from $25 to 500 and I thought holy crap that's that's a massive leap.

00:03:54.060 --> 00:04:00.780
Linda Edgecombe: And then, when I did a full day for BC I do this, all within the first year, I think I charged 1000 and still.

00:04:00.840 --> 00:04:03.030
Linda Edgecombe: No real yeah progress.

00:04:03.120 --> 00:04:05.730
Jane Atkinson: 25 to 500 to 1000.

00:04:05.970 --> 00:04:06.330
Linda Edgecombe: yeah.

00:04:06.420 --> 00:04:25.380
Jane Atkinson: What I want to kind of drive home about that, and this is how you were featured in the book was that spin off is king and you made a kind of a tactical decision early on in your business that you were going to derive two or three.

00:04:26.520 --> 00:04:34.140
Jane Atkinson: pieces of working every piece of business, and so there is no better form of marketing than a great speech.

00:04:34.470 --> 00:04:47.460
Jane Atkinson: And if you can be funny which Linda has shown to be you know she was always talking kind of about health and wellness and resilience and and using humor in that regard I think it's gold.

00:04:47.550 --> 00:04:48.960
Linda Edgecombe: I think people always gold.

00:04:49.290 --> 00:04:52.560
Jane Atkinson: laugh and more now than ever do anything.

00:04:52.590 --> 00:05:02.070
Linda Edgecombe: yeah I really honestly it's because my content has gotten watch it like more has gotten deeper, and you know more human and.

00:05:02.880 --> 00:05:22.530
Linda Edgecombe: Not all that content is easy content, but when you can wrap that content with laughter eight resonates and sinks in better for your audiences and they retain it longer and there it's just isn't me they they they walk out with feeling relieved.

00:05:22.650 --> 00:05:24.330
Linda Edgecombe: Because they laughed and.

00:05:24.630 --> 00:05:33.420
Jane Atkinson: You can go to dark you know kind of dark places, because if you wrap it in some humor it's not that you're going to stay down in the deep dark.

00:05:33.420 --> 00:05:33.990
Linda Edgecombe: hole.

00:05:34.440 --> 00:05:43.200
Jane Atkinson: can be so human yourself, and I know that that's you sharing and being vulnerable and and that's part of your charland is that you are so vulnerable from.

00:05:43.230 --> 00:05:49.500
Linda Edgecombe: You know, Dan I was speaking at the caps BC chapter this just this past weekend.

00:05:50.730 --> 00:06:05.130
Linda Edgecombe: And, and I said that technique that les brown taught me 2527 years ago is when you tell story or tell something that brings people emotionally to like to play.

00:06:05.700 --> 00:06:17.760
Linda Edgecombe: We need to actually break it with some levity to give the audience a release so they can get so they can get back to it, so that is a technique that I learned early and and I learned that.

00:06:19.110 --> 00:06:27.060
Linda Edgecombe: The funny where I was the more bookings I got and this whole idea about I want I want two or three bookings out of every booking I didn't even think that that was you know.

00:06:27.660 --> 00:06:40.530
Linda Edgecombe: Law of attraction I just thought that's what I that's my goal, I want to keep expanding and literally you know hate to say it, but my marketing has been well it easy 95% of word of mouth.

00:06:41.940 --> 00:06:42.810
Linda Edgecombe: yeah easy.

00:06:43.350 --> 00:06:47.160
Jane Atkinson: word of mouth, by the way, les Brown is who got me into the business.

00:06:48.360 --> 00:06:50.430
Jane Atkinson: Over 30 years ago, so it was.

00:06:50.490 --> 00:06:56.040
Jane Atkinson: Probably earlier in your timeframe to that he entered into your equation.

00:06:57.450 --> 00:07:08.340
Jane Atkinson: I like that I like that you know kind of you can break up a difficult story with humor and we don't keep keep people down in the hole for very long you.

00:07:08.370 --> 00:07:08.700
Linda Edgecombe: kind of.

00:07:09.120 --> 00:07:09.630

00:07:10.770 --> 00:07:16.950
Jane Atkinson: And I think that it just says something about you that you can go to these places with your audience now.

00:07:17.700 --> 00:07:30.690
Jane Atkinson: let's talk a little bit you talked about going from 25 to $500 to $1,000 fast forward now kind of you know another 10 or 20 years later, in your career.

00:07:31.230 --> 00:07:42.150
Jane Atkinson: Talk about your range of fees, did you have any kind of like concrete fees before let's say before we started working together, because I know that there was a.

00:07:42.150 --> 00:07:47.010
Linda Edgecombe: bit yeah I have, I have, I haven't seen that consistently.

00:07:47.370 --> 00:07:50.100
Linda Edgecombe: And this when I say consistently I mean this is the average.

00:07:50.760 --> 00:07:53.100
Linda Edgecombe: As my fees are anywhere.

00:07:54.750 --> 00:08:04.440
Linda Edgecombe: From but I always say to clients, especially if they're in the valley, I live in the okanagan valley if they're in the valley, I say you know I my fee ranges anywhere from a bottle sure as to full fee.

00:08:04.800 --> 00:08:13.920
Linda Edgecombe: And i've gotten the ball, the shroud and i've gotten four feet many times, both sides of the equation in the valley I wouldn't be I wouldn't have that range, if I have to get on a plane travel somewhere, but.

00:08:15.270 --> 00:08:25.530
Linda Edgecombe: But that's the joke The good thing about saying that you know there's good and bad about it, and you know you're teaching me well, the good thing is that, even if I got full fee, they still give me ball sure so.

00:08:26.130 --> 00:08:26.550

00:08:27.960 --> 00:08:38.490
Jane Atkinson: And just for all of you south of the border, know that the okanagan Valley, is where there are some beautiful wines being made in British Columbia Canada.

00:08:38.520 --> 00:08:56.970
Linda Edgecombe: Or the nap or the napa of Canada um but so, on average, because, yes, what I negotiate you know actually my philosophy, has always been i'm the one that's paying the mortgage here i've got bills I if I want to do an engagement they've got 5000 and I want to do it, I would do it.

00:08:57.240 --> 00:09:00.840
Jane Atkinson: And you do okay so and I think that that's really.

00:09:01.860 --> 00:09:06.360
Jane Atkinson: My word for you when deciding on your fees is be intentional.

00:09:06.570 --> 00:09:06.990
Linda Edgecombe: Yes.

00:09:07.530 --> 00:09:20.580
Jane Atkinson: that's all and so now you've actually created kind of a dingy different intentionality, but I want to keep on kind of this path, because there was a moment in time during coven.

00:09:21.210 --> 00:09:31.170
Jane Atkinson: I follow you on social media and I thought to myself hmm I wonder if Linda is deciding whether or not she wants to stay in the business.

00:09:31.230 --> 00:09:33.870
Jane Atkinson: or go and do something else.

00:09:33.870 --> 00:09:43.680
Linda Edgecombe: Because, and let me just caveat this with because I had such good deep conversations with colleagues who have known for lots of years at this meet caps meeting on the weekend.

00:09:44.160 --> 00:09:44.640
Jane Atkinson: Oh lovely.

00:09:45.420 --> 00:09:55.440
Linda Edgecombe: and highly successful speakers who also like myself and coven have had a deep dive into depression and lots and lots of people have and lots of people listen to this will have had.

00:09:56.730 --> 00:10:03.960
Linda Edgecombe: anxiety and all the things all the questioning what because our business completely you know evaporated unless you got online because.

00:10:04.410 --> 00:10:19.740
Linda Edgecombe: In went virtual some people did some people didn't and so that mental health play of do I want to continue, because what Kovac gave us was this snapshot and now because i'm in my early 60s a snapshot of what retirement might look like feel like be like.

00:10:20.580 --> 00:10:22.410
Linda Edgecombe: Some of it good some of it not good.

00:10:23.070 --> 00:10:33.600
Linda Edgecombe: So i'm not doing a person feeling this way feeling that day, but when I decided after seeing you at one of our meetings on a virtual meeting and I went.

00:10:34.170 --> 00:10:45.480
Linda Edgecombe: Okay, I want to talk to Jane and then I literally, I think, just before I got on the call with you that day I had said i'm going to push for another two maybe three years, maybe longer but i'm just right now committed i'm going to.

00:10:45.750 --> 00:10:49.170
Jane Atkinson: show commitment prior to showing up to our coaching call.

00:10:49.230 --> 00:10:51.000
Linda Edgecombe: yeah admit.

00:10:51.300 --> 00:10:58.980
Linda Edgecombe: invest in this, and all this, it means it's been amazing working with you and and we're just we're just really just getting started.

00:10:59.250 --> 00:11:10.560
Linda Edgecombe: Yes, but the when the decision is made it always I know this energetically when the decision is made i'm going to put some money on the table i'm going to you know work with you going to get you're going to.

00:11:11.220 --> 00:11:15.600
Linda Edgecombe: Learn from you learn from all the other beautiful people that are working with you.

00:11:16.680 --> 00:11:17.220
Linda Edgecombe: humans.

00:11:19.080 --> 00:11:29.730
Linda Edgecombe: energetically things shift and it's always work this way for me i've had years where i've gotten I opened the open up my computer on January 3 or whatever nothing i've been nothing on the books.

00:11:30.270 --> 00:11:33.900
Linda Edgecombe: And I kind of have a small panic attack and then I go, but every year.

00:11:34.830 --> 00:11:48.300
Linda Edgecombe: energetically put some energy into my business that can be just starting to write more starting to talk making a few phone calls touching base with some will collect the energy just seems like it's magic yeah it just starts to feed on itself.

00:11:48.960 --> 00:12:05.370
Jane Atkinson: Well, I want to share with everybody and i'm going to do this on if you're listening in to the podcast he may want to tune into the YouTube version of it, so that you can see, this i'm going to describe it to you so it's not essential, but I want to share with you all.

00:12:07.020 --> 00:12:15.360
Jane Atkinson: This is actually Dan sullivan's oh that's funny i'm sharing a little more than I should because you can see my pictures way at the bottom of the screen but that's okay.

00:12:16.710 --> 00:12:27.600
Jane Atkinson: I want to share with you all the This is called Dan sullivan's four c's and he wrote a book on this just Google Dan sullivan's four c's.

00:12:28.230 --> 00:12:43.050
Jane Atkinson: In the four c's all start with commitment and Linda I can totally I you know, because my husband just turned 65 or he's getting ready to turn 65 minutes a week or two.

00:12:44.130 --> 00:12:53.940
Jane Atkinson: I have been thinking about okay well, what do I want, I know that when he's off having fun playing golf all day i'm going to be jealous, and so I have had.

00:12:54.480 --> 00:13:07.350
Jane Atkinson: to recommit myself to my next five years, because you know here, I am in the middle of writing a book the wealthy speaker three point out, and yet I still am questioning.

00:13:07.680 --> 00:13:20.010
Jane Atkinson: Am I committed to this long term and it's just because all this retirement talk that's been going on in our House, so I had to like recommit to it so step number one of the four c's.

00:13:20.460 --> 00:13:32.730
Jane Atkinson: Is commitment, a lot of people think that you have to start with confidence, but let me get to that in a second because step number two is actually core courage.

00:13:33.150 --> 00:13:41.250
Jane Atkinson: When you get tested so you're probably going to be tested and i'm probably going to be tested somewhere in the next six months let's say.

00:13:41.400 --> 00:13:44.100
Jane Atkinson: we've made this commitment but.

00:13:45.390 --> 00:13:53.940
Jane Atkinson: we're something's going to happen and we're going to be tested and we're going to have to courageously just go through it and so.

00:13:54.720 --> 00:14:04.110
Jane Atkinson: Number one is commitment number two is courage number three is capability and that's where we're learning new skills and new things that we need to learn in order to.

00:14:04.380 --> 00:14:19.020
Jane Atkinson: kind of move through towards our goals and then number four which is confidence comes into play, so let me just play those again for you commitment courage capability confidence.

00:14:19.200 --> 00:14:24.150
Linda Edgecombe: i've always said, you know, none of none of us get courage.

00:14:25.500 --> 00:14:29.340
Linda Edgecombe: or confidence before we go and do something we get it after we've done it.

00:14:29.940 --> 00:14:30.600
Linda Edgecombe: so far.

00:14:31.110 --> 00:14:43.470
Linda Edgecombe: In our in our in our foundation of the cake, the capability of doing stuff the knowing that you can do it comes from you've already walked into something before so.

00:14:44.220 --> 00:14:50.850
Linda Edgecombe: You have to literally walk into stuff and the courage and confidence comes after, and so the first time I did a big speaking contest.

00:14:51.630 --> 00:15:06.750
Linda Edgecombe: Just scared ship and but you know you pull your stuff together and you do it and you're like wow OK, and then I thought, can I do a tip I could do a Ted talk i'm nervous of that to you know speaking like doing at a conference.

00:15:07.140 --> 00:15:11.490
Jane Atkinson: With Ted talk, because I feel like that really okay so first, you have to commit.

00:15:11.580 --> 00:15:16.830
Jane Atkinson: i'm going to do a Ted talk okay and you're probably going to have to take some actions to make that happen.

00:15:16.860 --> 00:15:18.240
Linda Edgecombe: Yes, lots of action.

00:15:18.660 --> 00:15:29.730
Jane Atkinson: leading up to the Ted talk you're going to need to tap into your courage, because you are going to be a little bit scared because who would it be it's only 18 minutes, who wouldn't be scared but also.

00:15:30.690 --> 00:15:37.470
Jane Atkinson: The capability comes into play, you need to learn how to figure it out how to get a message across in 18 minutes is a.

00:15:40.170 --> 00:15:40.950
Linda Edgecombe: 20 Max.

00:15:41.220 --> 00:15:43.110
Jane Atkinson: That is not an easy.

00:15:44.820 --> 00:15:46.230
Jane Atkinson: To make a point so.

00:15:46.860 --> 00:15:56.850
Jane Atkinson: More than you've ever rehearsed before you're going to have to smooth out your edges and really make sure that you're going to the right places at the right time and formulating it.

00:15:57.120 --> 00:16:13.200
Jane Atkinson: And that is the massive amount of capability and then you have confidence because you've done the work, and you can arrive feeling confident, for your Ted talk, but you think that I need the confidence to actually go out and book a Ted talk it doesn't actually happen in that order.

00:16:13.260 --> 00:16:26.940
Linda Edgecombe: Know agreed total that is total truth, because I couldn't I didn't get to the opening story in about 1012 minutes of a normal presentation so and plus I I do my style is I you know I sleep.

00:16:27.840 --> 00:16:28.980
Linda Edgecombe: During Simon.

00:16:28.980 --> 00:16:29.970
Linda Edgecombe: meandering stuff.

00:16:32.280 --> 00:16:32.760
Linda Edgecombe: again.

00:16:32.850 --> 00:16:36.930
Linda Edgecombe: But again, let me say this to everybody listening, you can get people laughing they won't care.

00:16:38.490 --> 00:16:48.390
Jane Atkinson: And that is your secret sauce right they are, but you know learning and figuring out your capability Okay, so you made this decision.

00:16:49.170 --> 00:17:01.470
Jane Atkinson: And I noticed a change in you, the minute you kind of really truly committed to it, and I think you also made a commitment at the same time to getting paid what you were worth.

00:17:01.740 --> 00:17:04.530
Jane Atkinson: yeah and so let's talk about the.

00:17:05.940 --> 00:17:09.210
Jane Atkinson: lesson, the farmers that.

00:17:09.240 --> 00:17:09.390
Linda Edgecombe: or.

00:17:09.900 --> 00:17:13.650
Linda Edgecombe: Were they bite the international bison producers of the world, yes.

00:17:15.150 --> 00:17:16.290
Linda Edgecombe: kinda saskatoon.

00:17:17.580 --> 00:17:21.450
Jane Atkinson: You would you would laugh every time you talked about the bison farmers.

00:17:21.810 --> 00:17:25.830
Jane Atkinson: And you put together this proposal for them and I thought to myself.

00:17:26.130 --> 00:17:33.720
Jane Atkinson: Well she's laughing kind of going into it, I feel like that's a good state of mind to be in when you're putting together a high stakes pro proposal.

00:17:33.840 --> 00:17:41.280
Jane Atkinson: yeah um was that the highest fee that you are going to go far was there been something else, since that has been higher.

00:17:42.450 --> 00:17:46.410
Linda Edgecombe: Well, one because it's an American dollars oh yes it's way higher.

00:17:48.210 --> 00:17:48.600
Linda Edgecombe: than.

00:17:48.630 --> 00:17:53.700
Jane Atkinson: 30% on the dollar, by the way for anybody who's thinking about dipping their toe into the.

00:17:53.700 --> 00:17:57.090
Linda Edgecombe: there'll be another five so that'll be a $20,000 day for me.

00:17:57.450 --> 00:17:58.920
Jane Atkinson: yeah so.

00:17:59.310 --> 00:18:00.210
Linda Edgecombe: that's huge.

00:18:00.480 --> 00:18:03.780
Jane Atkinson: And once you book one of those here's the thing.

00:18:05.040 --> 00:18:25.410
Jane Atkinson: It now opens up the world to book many, many more, and so we've also moved you from and, and this was something that you had in the works, before I came onto the scene, but we've also moved you from booking the one off speech to booking packages yeah let me really see how much I can affect.

00:18:26.700 --> 00:18:34.410
Jane Atkinson: yeah people you've written a bunch of books, so you can books in your packages what other things do you include in your packages.

00:18:34.560 --> 00:18:44.970
Linda Edgecombe: um I I include a copy of breaking busy, and the E copy and breaking busy, as in the first level I include that a plus a mini book.

00:18:46.830 --> 00:18:58.830
Linda Edgecombe: called quick shift the busy persons guides to get a guide to getting the life back in the second level, so I started to connect I can see the numbers i'm talking about numbers already I start at 10.

00:19:00.660 --> 00:19:11.790
Linda Edgecombe: To 12 five and then to 15 and 15 includes all of that plus they have access to my resilient organization online course, and I really, and this is important for people to do when you're putting facts together.

00:19:12.840 --> 00:19:14.340
Linda Edgecombe: So there's value in it.

00:19:14.640 --> 00:19:21.630
Linda Edgecombe: Yes, but there's also an ability to promote that if they go with number three which the by some people did.

00:19:23.010 --> 00:19:32.340
Linda Edgecombe: It really does, because I know this this so i'm confident, knowing that it is not, yes, it adds value because it's it's Of course I stopped by cell but.

00:19:33.060 --> 00:19:42.990
Linda Edgecombe: For it for momentum and and and effect and accountability for their members that are they're already spending so much money on bringing all those people there.

00:19:43.320 --> 00:19:44.520
Jane Atkinson: yeah there, yes.

00:19:44.910 --> 00:19:52.200
Linda Edgecombe: That you know they I know they want their members walking away from that themselves being jazzed up with a different sort of mindset.

00:19:52.680 --> 00:19:58.080
Linda Edgecombe: Because i've chatted with them, so I talked to that language in that i've chatted with them before i've done the proposal.

00:19:58.860 --> 00:20:10.920
Linda Edgecombe: So it's it complements that I did not expect, because I know it's just I did not expect them to go forward we're going to go with number three I literally i'm looking at my computer like like big cow lie so like holy crap.

00:20:12.720 --> 00:20:23.880
Jane Atkinson: Just so I, and I love and I just want, I want to kind of back to the thought model work and, by the way the thought model that I work with is from brooke Castillo.

00:20:24.300 --> 00:20:40.230
Jane Atkinson: And the four c's that I just mentioned we're from Dan Sullivan and and brooke Castillo, has used in cell of it, as well as her coach so it's a small little world we're talking kind of all these angles on mindset, but the thought model that we talked through.

00:20:41.250 --> 00:20:53.340
Jane Atkinson: has an F line and the line is all about feeling and so let's say we walk you through the model doing this bison proposal and you're doing the bison proposal with.

00:20:53.760 --> 00:21:01.590
Jane Atkinson: I have a lot of value for them is your thought and the feeling that you have is just confidence or kind of like almost like.

00:21:02.640 --> 00:21:03.420
Linda Edgecombe: No i'm fine.

00:21:03.720 --> 00:21:04.890
Jane Atkinson: Let me just go for it.

00:21:04.920 --> 00:21:05.280
Linda Edgecombe: You know i'm.

00:21:05.520 --> 00:21:12.360
Jane Atkinson: gonna go for it all, and like just this level of confidence and you would laugh all the time when you were talking about the bison farmers.

00:21:12.630 --> 00:21:20.550
Jane Atkinson: And I just thought well that's the perfect mentality to be approaching this with yeah because if it makes you giggle then you're not afraid of it.

00:21:20.730 --> 00:21:21.090
Linda Edgecombe: hey lets.

00:21:22.200 --> 00:21:22.470
Linda Edgecombe: us.

00:21:22.710 --> 00:21:23.250
Jane Atkinson: know.

00:21:23.340 --> 00:21:32.190
Linda Edgecombe: i'm going to add on one more thing I just got a I got a request from a Canadian bureau big one, on Friday, and he says to me is Linda can you can you just.

00:21:32.580 --> 00:21:42.870
Linda Edgecombe: Because I must have said since I can remember, I must have said something to him a while back, maybe couple months ago, can you really outline that the three levels again for me because I really want to sell the top one.

00:21:43.290 --> 00:21:43.890

00:21:45.420 --> 00:21:51.180
Jane Atkinson: I see it, Okay, so this is really i'm going to talk to the Canadian listeners here for a second.

00:21:52.290 --> 00:22:00.300
Jane Atkinson: You think you know that Canadians will not pay past a certain point, but please let me tell you, you don't know.

00:22:00.960 --> 00:22:10.080
Jane Atkinson: And the reason why that bureau came to Linda saying i'm going to sell this top package is because they want to make the most Commission humanly possible.

00:22:10.380 --> 00:22:24.780
Jane Atkinson: And so they have clients at the 15,000 mark here in Canada so and I have another client Kendall net Baker, who is earning 15,000 Canadian all the time and so i've talked on this on the podcast before is don't assume that you.

00:22:24.810 --> 00:22:26.400
Linda Edgecombe: know what the top end.

00:22:26.400 --> 00:22:31.950
Jane Atkinson: Budget is going to be, I say that's a message for Canadians, but really it's a message for everybody, because.

00:22:32.460 --> 00:22:45.780
Jane Atkinson: You really need to go into these negotiations and into these proposal writings from a place of confidence you're feeling and if you're it's all about oh I don't think they're going to.

00:22:46.290 --> 00:22:59.970
Jane Atkinson: I don't they're never going to have that much money or I don't think they're going to be, you know we really have to be coming at all of the things that we do from a place of confidence that the right customers will find me and they will be able to pay me.

00:23:00.480 --> 00:23:01.920
Linda Edgecombe: So i'll give one more examples.

00:23:03.150 --> 00:23:05.250
Linda Edgecombe: which I landed, what are we could go.

00:23:06.780 --> 00:23:14.130
Linda Edgecombe: There asked there a school district in manitoba that she's like but she really, really wants me.

00:23:14.250 --> 00:23:22.380
Jane Atkinson: So i'm thinking manitoba school district, not much money there right so that mindset taking over.

00:23:22.500 --> 00:23:28.560
Linda Edgecombe: She she says to me, she was so so here's what i'm going to do, because I really, really want I want, I want to bring you out.

00:23:30.270 --> 00:23:35.310
Linda Edgecombe: Is i'm going to go find another organization that can bear with me and.

00:23:36.930 --> 00:23:45.810
Linda Edgecombe: I think either attend our event or maybe she goes, would you be willing to do another one on the same day, of course, I will be, of course, I believe that on the table.

00:23:47.100 --> 00:23:51.990
Linda Edgecombe: And I didn't do net to say to her what What about finding a sponsor or something like that I didn't yeah so.

00:23:52.530 --> 00:23:57.000
Jane Atkinson: If they want it badly enough, they will figure it out man.

00:23:58.020 --> 00:23:59.640
Jane Atkinson: Small businesses.

00:23:59.730 --> 00:24:06.750
Jane Atkinson: yeah you know they are not known for having a lot of money to throw around there's no oil there yeah so i'm.

00:24:06.840 --> 00:24:10.680
Linda Edgecombe: gonna say one more one more thing that's been working well for me so.

00:24:10.890 --> 00:24:22.530
Linda Edgecombe: And, and you know i've been doing this all along, but i've done it at various fee rates if a I was booked already or if they did not have the budget that I was asking for, so I then say.

00:24:23.490 --> 00:24:33.930
Linda Edgecombe: Because I have, I know a lot of people in this industry and a lot of people in Canada and all the provinces that are great I go, I have a stunt double, such as the word I use, I have a stunt double.

00:24:34.560 --> 00:24:41.190
Linda Edgecombe: Normally, she or he's skinnier than I am, but I have a stunt double whose whose fees are more aligned with you and I know.

00:24:41.550 --> 00:24:46.770
Linda Edgecombe: The quality of work they do I know they're funny I know they're engaging all the things that they would have asked me for.

00:24:48.360 --> 00:24:51.180
Linda Edgecombe: And then I make it make it like so I run my own server side.

00:24:52.260 --> 00:24:52.920
Linda Edgecombe: agency.

00:24:54.270 --> 00:24:54.990
Linda Edgecombe: And I take.

00:24:56.160 --> 00:24:56.910
Linda Edgecombe: A finder's fee.

00:24:57.720 --> 00:25:00.810
Linda Edgecombe: I totally i'm not leaving money on the table, I.

00:25:01.230 --> 00:25:07.950
Jane Atkinson: love that okay so let's just talk about when somebody approaches you and you think maybe that they don't have.

00:25:08.190 --> 00:25:15.330
Jane Atkinson: All the money definitely try piggybacking if you can do two more than one engagement, maybe.

00:25:15.960 --> 00:25:34.530
Jane Atkinson: We can sort that out, we can definitely try having them find a sponsor and I really love it when they leave you saying i'm going to figure this out, they get so worked up so excited about working with you that they are going to go and find the money.

00:25:36.060 --> 00:25:49.530
Jane Atkinson: But the alternative is OK, we know that they have you know $3,000 and it's never going to work Okay, no problem, let me just think about who I might be able to send in.

00:25:49.590 --> 00:26:03.810
Jane Atkinson: I love the term stunt double that is so funny I can I can send in somebody else, and you know Linda makes a little bit of money just for sending over a referral and somebody else's quite happy with that.

00:26:04.080 --> 00:26:08.880
Linda Edgecombe: And i'll be honest with you as well Jane just so that they know i'm still connected I usually run that contract.

00:26:12.900 --> 00:26:18.660
Linda Edgecombe: Because the client, you know because again 95 or even higher percent of my business comes from referrals so they have some sense of.

00:26:20.070 --> 00:26:21.510
Linda Edgecombe: Confidence safety whatever.

00:26:22.200 --> 00:26:23.250
Linda Edgecombe: They just.

00:26:24.270 --> 00:26:32.520
Jane Atkinson: The trust is continuing and you're also kind of keeping your client for next time to be able to say okay i'll be standing by when you can.

00:26:34.380 --> 00:26:52.200
Jane Atkinson: When you so Linda I want to say thank you so much for participating is there anything that we haven't covered that you think is really important, on the topic of kind of standing tall and your fees or commanding what it is that you are worth.

00:26:52.950 --> 00:26:54.540
Linda Edgecombe: just push send.

00:26:55.980 --> 00:26:57.960
Jane Atkinson: So you do have the email.

00:26:59.310 --> 00:27:00.420
Jane Atkinson: confidence.

00:27:00.480 --> 00:27:01.620
Jane Atkinson: My dad.

00:27:01.740 --> 00:27:09.690
Jane Atkinson: i'm going to add in we need it, we need to come at this from the feeling of confidence kind of nothing to lose no hole.

00:27:10.440 --> 00:27:10.740
Linda Edgecombe: I do.

00:27:11.280 --> 00:27:12.660
Jane Atkinson: Have a tip okay.

00:27:13.710 --> 00:27:25.710
Linda Edgecombe: Because you know okay so i've done this for a long time i've done this, since i've been working with you but i've done it for a long time, when I send out the proposal and for a long time it wasn't tiered like it is now, but I would say.

00:27:27.960 --> 00:27:39.690
Linda Edgecombe: If just you know I just say, just like this, just so you know I tell all my clients this if I am a good fit for your team your group your Members, whatever it is association versus Corporation.

00:27:40.950 --> 00:27:43.260
Linda Edgecombe: And I believe I am comma.

00:27:44.460 --> 00:27:53.070
Linda Edgecombe: We will work, the budget out Okay, so I because the person i'm sending this to may not be the decision maker, and they might not be comfortable negotiating.

00:27:53.820 --> 00:28:05.640
Linda Edgecombe: Because not everybody's comfortable negotiating from there and they don't like that part of their job I just don't want them to think that they can't come back to me and say, well, I want to continue the conversation until yeah yeah.

00:28:06.270 --> 00:28:08.400
Jane Atkinson: Well we'll discuss that on your coaching calls.

00:28:11.760 --> 00:28:18.480
Jane Atkinson: I actually i'm okay with you're leaving the door open a little bit.

00:28:19.530 --> 00:28:31.110
Jane Atkinson: But maybe there's a wording on that that we can just tweak it slightly to ensure that you're not saying here's my fee but and if or however you know if you have.

00:28:31.140 --> 00:28:31.560
Linda Edgecombe: know.

00:28:32.040 --> 00:28:34.800
Jane Atkinson: If you have a bottle of Chardonnay i'll consider that.

00:28:36.450 --> 00:28:37.170
Jane Atkinson: And and.

00:28:37.230 --> 00:28:38.880
Linda Edgecombe: I am going to be from Rothschild.

00:28:39.450 --> 00:28:53.400
Jane Atkinson: Okay i'm just really thrilled with where you have come like because when you came back on the scene post coven it's almost like you've been kicking butt and taking kicking butt and taking names.

00:28:53.700 --> 00:29:11.250
Linda Edgecombe: Like honestly like I don't I know for a fact how slipping great I feel being back in front of audiences like it's and i'm not I told the guys on Saturday i'm not smooth i'm still bit clunky I don't even care it's so much fun so i'm literally having a ton of fun that's great yeah.

00:29:11.640 --> 00:29:21.150
Jane Atkinson: And, and I think where that fun is coming from, is just realizing it oh yeah I do love this, I really would miss this.

00:29:21.990 --> 00:29:36.840
Jane Atkinson: I did decide to retire and so i'm happy i'm happy for the audiences that are going to experience you over the next two or three years, because you would be a loss to the speaking scene.

00:29:37.080 --> 00:29:38.610
Linda Edgecombe: I also send written in the book.

00:29:39.090 --> 00:29:45.900
Jane Atkinson: Oh that's so exciting and and, by the way, I Linda is open for business coming south of the border so.

00:29:46.410 --> 00:29:48.600
Jane Atkinson: Those us bureaus who might be listening in.

00:29:50.070 --> 00:29:50.850
Jane Atkinson: she'll be reaching out.

00:29:51.330 --> 00:30:04.350
Jane Atkinson: Yes, thank you all for listening, I appreciate you all, and I cannot wait we've got so much news coming down the Pike we've got the wealthy speaker 3.0 that's going to be coming out this fall.

00:30:13.140 --> 00:30:29.430
Jane Atkinson: please reach out to me Jane and speaker if you are curious about anything we've talked about today, and with that we will say see you say we love these speakers bye for now bye everyone thanks again.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Linda’s humble beginnings on stage. [1:00]
  • Spinoff is key. [4:30]     
  • Be intentional when setting your fees. [7:30]
  • Dan Sullivan’s 4 C’s. [12:00]
  • Reach for a higher fee. [17:30]
  • Piggyback, sponsor or stunt double. [23:00]
  • Be confident and send that proposal! [27:00]

Linda is a bestselling author, and her promise is to help her audiences create powerful shifts, become more accountable, and build on momentum. Change has never been this painless!

She energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load and laugh. Linda has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as an expert in shifting perspectives. Currently, she gives advice to busy families and work teams. Her message is as welcomed as a deep belly laugh and as profound as an honest look in the mirror.

If you would like some fresh ideas to help you send out your proposals with conviction, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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