What’s Driving your Success?

Have you ever gone through a period of time in cruise control? You’re just going with the flow. You know you could be doing better, but you’re feeling pretty chill about it. The phone rings, the emails come in, you deliver a pretty good product.

And then something changes and POW! You shift it into overdrive! You do some of the best work of your life. You’re tearing up stages all over the place.

What changed?

Some people are fueled by the desire to help people. Others have a passion for their topic. Or perhaps you have a kind heart and really want to help people, but there’s a Lexus at the dealership with your name on it?

That’s okay! Whatever fuels your desire to succeed in this business, knowing your “why” is a big part of how we actually get there. <CLICK TO TWEET>

I’ve been on cruise control at times and then there is now. I’m stepping up my game – putting the pedal to the medal. I have truly shifted gears and I’m really excited about it. My new webinar – which you’ll be seeing very soon – is going to launch a new chapter here at The Wealthy Speaker University. Along with a new Community and an exciting event in early 2016.

What’s driving all of this for me? Simple. It’s a vision to spend my winters in the sunny south with my Mom (who is 86). What’s lining up with that vision is the passion that I have for helping others reach their potential.

Do you know what’s driving your success? What’s your “WHY”?

We would love for you to share your WHY here on our blog.

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!



PS: My new webinar entitled, “3 Keys to Catapult Your Speaking Business” is going to be released soon – STAY TUNED!!!

  • My drive and its fuel is the chance to work with people who love to work with me (and “needn´t” work w/ me or others when being employed) and the chance to travel to meet & serve customers outside the country! The extra drive I bring is a great development I am looking for!

    • Jane

      Love it Rita – happy travels! We are so lucky to get to do what we do!

  • What has driven the growth in my business in the past three years has been having two kids in college at the same time, and another one coming up. What drives my success, though, is the desire to push boundaries and inspire change.

  • My “Why” or my passion is empowering as many people with strategies on how not to have a victim mindset when dealing with that “Bully” in your life. Also what people can do when verbal conflicts escalate to a more violent situation, and how to react with confidence.

    • Jane

      This is really needed Ray! Motor on!

  • What has driven the growth in my business in the past three years has been having two kids in college at the same time and another one coming up. What drives my success, though, is the challenge of pushing boundaries and inspiring change.

    • Jane

      Love it Teresa, collage age kids are likely driving many businesses these days!

  • My “why” s fuel by the realization that I have been waiting for the perfect time, perfect season and for people to understand my creative nature. No more. No more playing around. I am using me voice to uplift others in fun, flexible and financial-rewarding ways.

    • Jane

      Fantastic Monica, when you place “urgency” around it, that can become your why!!!

  • My big WHY is lifestyle. I want to spend more time down south, with my retired husband and less time working. Having recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis reminds me I have limited energy and must be strategic about how and where I spend it.

    Another why, is my hope to help others and leave a vestige behind me. I’d like to know that I made a difference in someone’s life. This is especially so as we don’t have children.

    PS: it’s not the Lexus that motivates me. I already have that 🙂

    • Jane

      Here here Marion!! See you at our CAPS South Chapter meetings (on the golf course in FLA!!!)

  • My “Why” is because it is who I am. Helping other people better themselves is what I do, what I love doing and what fills me with a sense of purpose.
    What other purpose does it serve? Doing this pads my future with a certainty that I will be able to take care of my needs, wants and whims, myself 🙂