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[Podcast] Tapping the Education Market with Josh Shipp

Tapping the Education Market with Josh Shipp
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The education market is different from other speaking markets.  Few people have a better handle on what it takes to make in the youth market than Josh Shipp. Josh is a youth speaker, TV host, best-selling author, and frequent media guest. Josh has some great, strategy-rich advice for making it not just in the education market, but in other markets as well.

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Show Notes:

[2:10] How did Josh get his own TV show?

[6:25] Josh drew from his own challenges in life to create his speaking career.

[9:14] How do you make money WHILE doing good in the world?

[12:13] What does Josh’s business model look like?

[16:57] Reach your market in unique and different ways.

[18:44] Believe it or not, Josh (by his accounts) was a terrible speaker when he started.

[22:36] “Do you really believe what you’re saying on stage?”

[25:32] Speaking fees. What can you expect in the education market?

[28:57] Letting any market chew you up and spit you out is a personal boundaries issue.

[32:36] What are the 3 most in-demand topics within the education market?

[34:27] Josh walks us through a typical education market booking.

[41:49] The top 3 goals of your website should be….

[44:20] What you should you offer so you can get names and email addresses?

[47:23] What is a platform URL?

[50:23] What about ongoing and follow-up programs?

[57:23] What does Josh do when budget is an issue?

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