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How to Up Your Copywriting Game with Tarzan Kay

tarzan kay - up your copywriting game

I think many of you may agree with me, but writing copy for your website and marketing material can be tough! I’ve tried for years to do my own copy, but I realize at times I may be too close to the material or caught in old lingo to be effective. So, how do you up your copywriting game?

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, I’m joined by copywriter and launch strategist Tarzan Kay. Tarzan works with A-list course creators like Amy Porterfield, Talia Wolf, and Ingrid Arna. When she’s not writing launch copy for clients, she’s teaching service-based business owners how to deliver bigger, score better clients and confidently charge higher fees. And today she’s here to help us better our copywriting game so we book more business and sell more products.

Tarzan shares a lot of information and insight with us during this interview, including:

  • the pitfalls of hiring a new copywriter
  • what you need to think about and understand before you hire a copywriter
  • how to make your copy more compelling so people stay on your site longer
  • the most common mistakes you see with DIY copy
  • how to effectively add your personality to your copy

If you’ve been struggling with your marketing copy or just want to improve the overall effectiveness of your copy, take a listen to the podcast now.

Listen to the podcast below:

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Podcast Resources:

Want to learn more about Tarzan? You can visit her website HERE.

You can follow Tarzan on Facebook and Twitter.

One website Tarzan mentions during the call:

If you want to learn more Tarzan’s training on getting paid in USD, you can find that HERE.

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