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The Best Website Contest is Back!

Well, it is time again for our best website contest for speaking experts. Boy, we’ve come a long way and seen many changes to web design since our contest last ran!

We’ve seen carousels (slide decks) come and go from homepages and I am glad for that as it often led to a lack of focus. We’ve also seen a bigger focus on blogs, social media buttons everywhere, and scrolling websites are now the norm. What hasn’t changed, and is now almost a standard in effective web design, is the use of video, which is why it will be one of our top criteria this year.

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Here are the criteria for this year’s best website contest:

►  Clear Promise Statement:  Can we tell within 15 seconds how you are going to help your prospects?

 Interesting Brand: Does your brand or language pull us in? Is it sticky (ie. memorable)?

►  Simplified: Is your website easy to navigate?

►  Expert Focus: Does your website say “here’s how we can help you” or is it old school and says “hire me, I am a speaker”.

►  Pazow: Does your website have a great vibe or feel that makes us want to do business with you?

►  Video:  Do you have a compelling video that shows people who you are and what you offer?

Think your website, or a website you know, hits the mark on all these points? If so, add the URL and what you like about the site in the comments below. We’ll be accepting nominations until Friday, September 25th.

Once all the nominations are received, we’ll pick the top six websites and open voting to everyone to find our winner.

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!



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