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The 2022 Best Speaker Website Contest

The 2022 Best Speaker Website Contest social image

It’s that time… announcing our 2022 Best Speaker Website Contest!

This is the 7th year we’ve run this contest and it is a lot of fun and a great way for speakers to get ideas they can use to really amp up their website!

Websites just keep getting better and better and each year we see new trends, new technology and new WOW factors that make speakers really stand out from the competition. From bold colors and fonts to videos that are out of this world, I’m expecting to see it all this year!

What are we looking for in the Best Speaker Website Contest?

So, what are we looking for in a website? Here are some of the criteria we’ll look at to choose the best:

Style: The style of websites, of course, has come a long way. This year we’ll be looking for updated designs, a look, and feel of today. If you love the personality and feel of your site, or a friend’s, by all means, submit it!

Ease: Many people are adopting the “less is more” theory that allows us to flow through a site with ease. Ease of navigation will be another determining factor for the winner. Having too much that confuses a buyer may not be a contender this year.

Positioning: More and more websites are focused on the audience rather than the speaker – this will be key to winning our contest. “Hire me, I’m a great speaker” may not make the grade. If your website is client-centric, then you may be in the running!

Video: For speakers who are charging a good dollar, a video may make or break the deal. We’ll be looking for the video to be short in length, showing solid platform skill, and front and center on the site.

Message: Last but certainly not least is the message. The clearer the outcomes of your work, the better.  And a new twist – how you deliver your outcomes – including virtual delivery is also relevant. If you haven’t got a strong promise yet, keep working on it and perhaps submit your site for next year’s contest.

How to Submit Websites for Consideration

You can submit your own website or submit one on someone else’s behalf. To submit, simply complete the form below:


The deadline for submissions is January 13th, 2022.

We’ll view all the submissions and narrow it down to our finalists and then come back to you to vote on the winners. Ultimately, you’ll decide!

Let the contest begin!! I can’t wait to see all the submissions!

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