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The 30 Day Sales Sprint with Jane Atkinson


On this episode of the Wealthy Speaker, we are going to embark on a 30 Day Sales Sprint.  

Sometimes in our career we are running a marathon, slow and steady…other times we need to step up our game and turn it into a sprint.  In this podcast, I will inspire you to action with a focused game plan to help you set and keep realistic goals for the next month.

Today our strategy would be to reach out by multiple channels including the phone.  Some say the cold call is dead, but I’m quite sure, if we did some digging, we’d find evidence that this statement is not true.  It’s clear the cold call is not as effective as it once was, but I think that we simply need to adjust our approach.

In order to keep your head in the game, I will share with you several strategies that will propel you toward the goal line and help you to score more speaking gigs.

Some of the highlights you don’t want to miss are:

  • How to determine your target market – [3:30]
  • Finding the correct contact to get the gig – [11:00]
  • 30 Day Sales Sprint Form – [19:08]
  • Determining your Superpower – [20:55]

Listen the podcast below:

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If you have the desire to build your business, I hope you will commit to using the Sales Sprint to track your business activity for 30 days.  And I’d like to hear about the results, will you share?

You may have enough strategies in place to make your phone ring, but if you don’t I hope you’ll use this tool to take action.

Podcast Resources:

HARO – Help a reporter out
SHRM – Society for Human Resource Management
GAMA – General Agents and Managers Association
MDRT – Million Dollar Round Table 
CREA – Canadian Real Estate Association 
NAR – National Association of Realtors
ABA – American Bankers Association

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