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The Cost of In-Action with Jen McDonough

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Quotes: “Some progress is better than no progress.” Jen McDonough

“When you take action from a good, positive feeling, you are going to get far better results.” Jane Atkinson

We at The Wealthy Speaker School live by the mantra that mindset and consistent action are necessary to create a successful speaking business. But what happens when you’re stuck or having difficulty moving forward? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome back our amazing Coach Jen McDonough to chat about how to keep those negative thoughts from holding you back.

Jen (aka The Iron Jen) is a motivational storyteller and engaging Amazon Top 100 author who works with high-stress, high-demand, and service-oriented organizations to cultivate resilient team members who can walk through any fire.  Jen and her family are most known for paying off over $212,000 worth of debt and medical expenses in four years. Their story has been featured in local, national, and international media. She also happens to help run The Wealthy Speaker School.


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Jane Atkinson: Hey, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast. I'm back today with my Vp of operations. Jen Mcdonagh. And we are talking about the cost of inaction. Welcome, Jen.

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Jean, it's fun to hear and be here and get to hang out the cool kids on the block today. So

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Jane Atkinson: we're gonna have some fun. And you know, in our school we see action as being one of the difference makers between students in the mastermind or in the school, you know the ones who we see doubling and tripling their business.

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Jane Atkinson: That's the difference, is it not

00:00:44.120 --> 00:00:44.860
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): us?

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Absolutely, you know. And we we can think of one produce person in particular that came to us a couple of weeks, and she came to us, and I remember on her next steps, call that we offer anyone who's interested in thinking, hey? Maybe this is a good fit. She met with us, and

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): she said she was so frustrated, especially over the last years like this has been years coming, but especially over the last year, because she just wasn't moving it forward, and she was totally stuck. II was so excited for her, because when she joined the master, when that was her feeling. And I said, Please, document

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): like journal, where you're at in this journey right now today, because I guarantee in a couple of weeks like it's gonna take some work. But in a couple of weeks you're gonna look back, and you're gonna forget. And sure enough, that was maybe you know, 2 months ago, 3, 3, 2 months ago, I bet we met, and already so past it. She's starting to get bookings, and you know, now she's looking at all the things she needs and stuff. And I'm like, Hey, I just reminded her.

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): What wins on the Facebook page and go look at where you were from just a few weeks ago, 8, 9 weeks ago. And so it's it's really fun when people have that that knowledge how to move forward, that will move forward with confidence.

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): And and and before we dive too far down the road. I do. Wanna say that one of the tools we use in the school and in my private coaching is

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Jane Atkinson: documenting our wins every week and and actually some people do it every day. Now I have recommended in the past the win streak app. I don't know if it's still going like I don't know if they've updated the software. I think they got behind on their software. So check out the win streak app, and if you document your wins every single day. You will indeed

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): build momentum. So

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): listen. The journal is awesome. You guys, the Speaker journal fantastic. It always has to remind me, Jane. We have our own journal. Hello! The wealthy speakers have so much fabulous fabulousness to have. So

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Jane Atkinson: the wealthy speaker. Daily success, Planner and Journal. You can order it in a hard cover from Amazon, and it's actually quite fabulous to record your wins every single day. And also it's a huge what most people say to me is that it's a huge confidence builder. So you're right. I don't know why I'm promoting somebody else's app. Okay.

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Jane Atkinson: so let's imagine that you've set your annual goals for 2024, you've broken it down into action steps. The question then becomes.

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Jane Atkinson: you know, which steps are you avoiding? What are you procrastinating on. And those are the things we wanna talk about with you today. If you're an action taker and there's no MOS growing on you anywhere. That's kinda you and me, Jen, we really do take action. We really do follow through on our commitments to ourselves. But if and if that's you

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Jane Atkinson: reach around and pat yourself on the back congratulations, because you're really probably in the minority, in terms of being

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someone who sets an action and just goes and does it. The majority of people and I can certainly be this way myself. I am married to. We say you're not a procrastinator. You just have a habit of procrastinating, so we don't label people around here. But really I live with a procrastinator

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Jane Atkinson: and so I kind of know he knows that if I have something on my plate I just do it, because otherwise, at my 59 year old brain will forget about it, and I have bad memory, and it won't get done. So that's kind of I'm I'm I'm moving from a a place. But there are 3 things

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Jane Atkinson: I want you to think about in terms of moving you into action. Here are 3 tools. I'm gonna circle back to this first one. But the the idea is that you can examine the thought

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Jane Atkinson: that is keeping you stock. Okay? So that's number one. Examine the thought that's keeping you stuck. Number 2.

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Jane Atkinson: You can create some deadlines for yourself.

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Jane Atkinson: Many of us give ourselves off. Let ourselves off the hook far too easily. So decide the buy when and if you're someone who's deadline oriented that might work for yourself.

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Jane Atkinson: and then number 3 is, use your calendar. However, you keep track of your things that you have going on in your world for us. For me it's an apple calendar. Everything that goes on in my world

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Jane Atkinson: goes on the apple calendar, including my to-dos. Okay? Like little to dos. re up for the nexus card. I mean, that's it to do that I really didn't want to do.

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Jane Atkinson: because it's government bureaucracy, and it's a pain in the butt, and now I just got a notice. We did it a month ago, and now we have to go for an interview. So

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Jane Atkinson: use your calendar to keep your and and here's the big part about using your calendar.

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Jane Atkinson: Keep your commitments to yourself. So if something goes on, let's say that you're really bad at following through on client outreach. Which how many people are, Jen in the speaking business? Right.

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Jane Atkinson: Jen, you're really good at this.

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Jane Atkinson: Let's say that client Outreach is going to go on your calendar on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 till noon.

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Jane Atkinson: The trick is then to keep that commitment to yourself and not go. Oh, well, I have to go pick up little Johnny from school. Oh, wait! I have to get the laundry d10, wait! There's some other emergency. I need to take the car in for an oil change. No, no, no, you schedule it all around your commitment to yourself.

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Jane Atkinson: and you pick up Johnny, you know know that if you're going to be having to pick him up each time you're going to schedule around that.

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Jane Atkinson: So use your calendar and keep your commitments to yourself and start with practicing small. So Jen, if somebody is in the school and they decide, okay, I wanna do outreach. Oh, I'm gonna do 1,000 outreach a week, we would tell them. Hey? Why don't we start with 10 so that you can get a couple of wins under your belt. What numbers are you putting out to people there to, you know. Talk to them about taking action in terms of outreach?

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Well, I think one of the things we're amazing at in school is, you know, E, even though it's the same formula for everybody. Ready aim launch. We're amazing at meeting people where they're at. So we look at their seasons that they're in. If you're working full time, maybe it's one outreach today. That's okay. It's 5 20 a week doing good. If you're doing this full time you're go getter. Maybe you want to start off with town week. You'll have 40 month or 20 a day, or whatever that number is.

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): it's really being looking at your season that you're in. And so just it's easy to look at others and go well, they're sending a thousand a day, or whatever it is. No, what works for you. Some progress is better than no progress, so we're all about off.

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Jane Atkinson: I have to say that we have. Both you and I have been together doing this for 10 years, and we have both evolved tremendously. I never, ever assign anyone anything that I don't think they'll do

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Jane Atkinson: that, you know, if they have a really busy life outside of speaking, and they've got team all around them in their day job.

00:09:16.470 --> 00:09:40.310
Jane Atkinson: you know. I will make sure that either we assign things to a team member, because that's kind of what they're used to, or that we, you know, really adjust the numbers accordingly, because there are people out there who just are not gonna do there. There is no one path, I guess. And so when you're taking action, really customize your action for yourself, don't

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sit next to somebody at an Nsa. Chapter meeting.

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Jane Atkinson: and oh, they do 50 outreaches a week. I'm gonna do 50 outreaches a week. Customize that for yourself to make sure that you're not committing to something that you're gonna fail. So that's why we start small. Start with 10 and work it from there and see how you make out

00:10:05.040 --> 00:10:28.590
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): one more thing. I wanna add to this, Jean, you and I. You know your Rolodex is like none I've ever seen before in this business that Rolodex goes long and deep. It's amazing, but I think I think most speakers, the majority of us have run into this problem. We start out, you know, you start to see people start to really take action and they get good. And what happens? They start getting booked.

00:10:28.610 --> 00:10:32.160
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): which is a really good thing. Yeah. And then what happens?

00:10:32.280 --> 00:10:43.040
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Don't have their system set up, so that when they are out speaking that that continues to happen, so making it manageable even while you're out speaking will happen is

00:10:43.040 --> 00:11:06.099
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): that you'll get busy, busy, awesome! You're rocking it. And all of a sudden you get back 2, 3 months later, and you're like, Oh, my gosh! I have no business, and so making it sustainable for you when you're out on the road that's with, you know, numbers or your calendar, whatever that is, be. Be just be nice to yourself, I guess. Give yourself a little grace, and

00:11:06.510 --> 00:11:17.730
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): it's a long term thing, absolutely okay. So we've covered number 3, which is kind of start small and put things on your calendar. That's you know.

00:11:17.760 --> 00:11:34.919
Jane Atkinson: That's just what works for us. You may have your own version of that. Maybe it's reminders in your phone or something I don't know. Maybe there's a paper plan, or maybe there's something else. Maybe you're using our journal and you want to write it down there. No problem. There's a place for that.

00:11:34.960 --> 00:11:47.429
Jane Atkinson: But the the key is to do it. The key is to do it. So let's circle back to Number one, which is really around managing your thoughts around

00:11:49.640 --> 00:12:05.679
Jane Atkinson: thing that needs to be done. So, Jen, I remember the example that you shared with me one time about not wanting. This was probably at the beginning of Covid, and you did not want to do virtual.

00:12:05.740 --> 00:12:35.459
Jane Atkinson: So I'm actually gonna walk you through the thought model because I wanna hear this and those of you who are watching on our Youtube channel, you'll actually be able to see me, cause I'm Gonna share my screen. You can get the thought model. This is a Brookastio thought model. By the way, and you can get our worksheet on it in the show notes, for today's called the Thought Model. You'll see a link to that. So I'm just gonna go ahead and share my screen and Jen

00:12:35.720 --> 00:12:53.380
Jane Atkinson: talk about when So I'm just gonna walk everybody through the thought model first, and then we'll circle back and we'll start filling in the blanks on your situation. This, see? So if you were writing this down on a page, you would put a C on top

00:12:53.640 --> 00:13:13.270
Jane Atkinson: down one a T, then an F, then an A, and then an r, okay, CTFA, R. Going down the page. Let me share with you what those mean the C is for circumstance. That's what's going on. And in Jen's circumstance that we're gonna use to work through this.

00:13:13.360 --> 00:13:30.990
Jane Atkinson: it was covid hits. Virtual is now needed. So then, the T is the thought line. Jen's going to have a thought about that which is then going to lead to the next line, which is an F, which is a feeling line.

00:13:31.300 --> 00:13:36.030
Jane Atkinson: Okay? So it goes. Circumstance. thought. feeling.

00:13:36.070 --> 00:13:39.489
Then the A line is action.

00:13:39.600 --> 00:14:00.610
Jane Atkinson: What actions does Jen take or not take, and then the R line is the result. And here's the kicker. And this thought model. By the way, I've heard it through other people other than Brooke Castillo. I just happened to get certified in her process, and I really understand it, and I love

00:14:00.730 --> 00:14:15.409
Jane Atkinson: the idea that our thoughts equal are results. And so if you're not getting the result that you want in anything. you have to check out your thoughts. So if there's an action happening.

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Jane Atkinson: then we wanna go back, circle back and see. Well, what was the thought on that? So let's just say that the thought is Covid Jen, or the circumstances. Covid. Jen. Sorry.

00:14:27.940 --> 00:14:37.619
Jane Atkinson: And you said. you know. what did you say about virtual virtual yuck? What did you say

00:14:38.180 --> 00:14:43.190
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): I had an event quarter actually approach me and asked me to do a virtual.

00:14:43.870 --> 00:14:48.999
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): and I was kicking and screaming into the whole virtual thing, and my thought was.

00:14:49.400 --> 00:14:59.559
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): It's too much work, and I just. I don't know if I have what it takes to reach people the same way as in person like that was my true.

00:15:00.220 --> 00:15:10.989
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): and my fear was I was just it was a it, or my feeling was fear like, did I have what it takes to do? Virtual? I don't know, and I don't know.

00:15:11.540 --> 00:15:34.029
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Yeah, that was truly my deepest thing, you know, it could have been. You know, I complained about. Yeah, I'm not doing that. That's too much work, or or I'm not sure you know how. So what we do when we're examining our thoughts, we just kind of take them one at a time. We could actually unpack all of those thoughts. It's too much work. I don't know if I have what it takes.

00:15:34.030 --> 00:15:46.539
Any of those would be good in the T line here. So let's just use. It's too much work. There's some unknowns. Okay? And then the feeling that you said you had from that was what fear?

00:15:47.840 --> 00:15:54.520
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Yeah, fear cause that that really was the stem feeling Yup. And then from

00:15:54.710 --> 00:16:02.940
Jane Atkinson: fear comes either some action or some inaction. And so, if you do nothing.

00:16:03.230 --> 00:16:32.149
Let's say that you sat on that idea, and you didn't get back with the meeting plan. And that's not what happened. But let's say, that is what happened that you did nothing, and it just went away, and that was, you know, se several $1,000 out of your pocket during Covid. That probably could have gone a long way in that moment. Okay, so the results would be a big, fat 0 if that's where we left it. But let's just change

00:16:32.150 --> 00:16:43.759
Jane Atkinson: let's go back and talk about somehow. You must have come up, Jen, with a new thought. So what was the new thought when you decided to give it a go.

00:16:44.830 --> 00:16:47.459
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Yeah, so I remembered

00:16:47.710 --> 00:17:01.880
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): saying that my coach told me one of my favorite quotes from him was, If you didn't start early if you didn't. If you're not embarrassed by your earliest work, you didn't start soon enough.

00:17:02.020 --> 00:17:05.200
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): and so thought once.

00:17:06.560 --> 00:17:13.409
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): you know, I guess I'm gonna have to have your help with this, Jane. My feelings need to start.

00:17:14.990 --> 00:17:30.969
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): I just need to start like, not everybody. Everybody starts somewhere. Yeah, let's say in honor of your mentor and my friend Dan Miller, who's quite sick right now and and maybe leaving us any day.

00:17:31.020 --> 00:17:49.900
Jane Atkinson: Let's repeat, if you're not embarrassed by your earliest work. You didn't start soon enough. That is such a good, you know. People who wrote books 20 years ago probably read those books and are like, Yeah, that's not my best stuff.

00:17:49.900 --> 00:18:03.269
Jane Atkinson: but but so that's the point, you know. Just do it. Because this is how we learn. This is how we get better. So so if the thought is, I'm going to start.

00:18:03.790 --> 00:18:10.960
Jane Atkinson: I'm going to start. And then what did that lead to? A feeling of Jen

00:18:12.300 --> 00:18:19.220
Jane Atkinson: almost relief it was. Hmm. It was.

00:18:19.240 --> 00:18:22.530
Jane Atkinson: yeah, maybe because you made a decision relief.

00:18:23.290 --> 00:18:30.619
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Yeah, said, you know what? I'm I'm gonna move. Yeah, I think release is a good word like.

00:18:30.690 --> 00:18:43.050
Jane Atkinson: let go of fear and and embrace confidence. Yes, yes, I love that. Okay. So relief is the feeling. And here's something that I really hope translates in a podcast

00:18:43.280 --> 00:18:48.500
Jane Atkinson: when you take acts

00:18:49.090 --> 00:19:19.070
Jane Atkinson: from a good feeling and relief is a positive feeling. So let's just go with it that way when you take your actions from a good positive feeling. Now, sometimes, you know, Jen would have had to do one or 2 podcasts before the feeling. She was coming for or not podcast one or 2 virtuals before the feeling that she had was confident. But we're our goal is to get to confident, and relief is the starting point.

00:19:19.550 --> 00:19:38.950
Jane Atkinson: When you come at your actions from a strong position, from a strong feeling you are going to get far better results. If Jen would have actually gone out and done her virtual from a feeling of afraid.

00:19:39.070 --> 00:20:06.289
Jane Atkinson: the virtual probably wouldn't have gone as well. So relief that she's just made. The damn decision is probably where we're coming from here. And then you went, and the next thing you did, Jen, is you got boned up on it. You went out and you bought the stuff that was needed. You invested, and you took all the actions. So sometimes we say in the school, you did all the things

00:20:06.500 --> 00:20:31.190
Jane Atkinson: and and let's think about Jen. I don't know if you can accumulate this in your brain that quickly.

00:20:31.420 --> 00:20:54.410
Let's think about how many virtual you've done since making that decision, and how many thousands of dollars that put in your pocket. I mean really the outcome of this one, and the cost of that in action for you over the 2 years following could have been tens and tens of thousands of dollars. Right?

00:20:54.880 --> 00:21:17.839
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Yeah. You know, that event has led us several spin off events that ha! That have come had I got not so I got on their list for this association, where these event coordinates, go through and see these different things, and just from that not even me reaching out that has reached out in other associations, reaching out to me and saying, Hey, we'd love to have you

00:21:18.100 --> 00:21:19.919
already rocked it for this group

00:21:20.010 --> 00:21:48.939
Jane Atkinson: beautiful! And then you were set up to do virtual, and you were open for business for virtual, and a bunch of other people during Covid hired you for virtual, and that is a beautiful thing. So examine the thought that is keeping you from taking action, and really see if you can change that thought because we really don't wanna go into taking action a lot of times.

00:21:48.970 --> 00:21:53.339
Jane Atkinson: Our thought will actually lead to no actions.

00:21:54.000 --> 00:21:59.470
Jane Atkinson: that's what. And that's what gets us into a stuck place. So remember

00:21:59.740 --> 00:22:09.130
Jane Atkinson: the 2, the 2 things that I think that are the most important, and go and download your own thought model page from our show notes.

00:22:09.400 --> 00:22:15.999
The 2 things that I think are most important about this thought. Model number one, your thoughts equal your results.

00:22:16.420 --> 00:22:49.750
Jane Atkinson: And number 2 really be intentional about what feeling you're taking your actions from. and then you will also see a massive build up in results the minute you get confidence, and you have a thought that makes you feel confident, and then you take all your actions from there. Oh, my goodness! And we've seen that happen in the school where people come in. They have some sort of version of a scarcity, thought

00:22:50.260 --> 00:23:16.860
Jane Atkinson: I need to make money now, which then leads to a feeling of ick and scarcity, which maybe if they're taking actions, they're probably not getting the results that they want. But we've actually seen that happen where they change their tune, they change their thought to, Hey, wait a second. I have some amazing things to offer people.

00:23:17.210 --> 00:23:31.320
Jane Atkinson: and then they get more confident about that, and then they keep taking all the same actions. But now they're getting results that therein lies the difference people. So I know I'm kind of going down a way down a thought process. Here, go ahead, Jen.

00:23:31.620 --> 00:23:35.789
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Oh, I was. I was gonna say, we believe in this so much

00:23:36.040 --> 00:23:55.559
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): at the school that in our mastermind we and we have several touches throughout the month, like there's a lot of guidance and help, especially in the math program, and we dedicate one of our sessions each month to just be with Jane to be working on the money mindset model. And it is crazy. Good, like, it's great.

00:23:55.720 --> 00:24:16.780
Jane Atkinson: Yeah. We dedicate a whole hour to that with me once a month, because it's that important. It's that important and the other thing that we do. And we just did this at the top of the year. So the beginning of January, we had our kick off call for the year, and we really talked about

00:24:16.880 --> 00:24:31.670
Jane Atkinson: what might get in your way of doing all the things that you wanna do this year. So people set out their goals. They set out their financial goals, and then they really stop to identify

00:24:31.720 --> 00:24:48.129
Jane Atkinson: whether it was, you know, some sort of self sabotage thing that could come up some sort of family situation that could come up. I already have a plan, for when my mom goes in the hospital we had a dry run of it more before Christmas.

00:24:48.130 --> 00:25:11.750
Jane Atkinson: I know exactly what my plan is now, and if I'm in a hospital room watching over somebody who's sick, if they're sleeping, I'm working, I'm moving the ball forward and so planning for when things don't go your way is also a part of this, and I think, knowing ahead of time what might get

00:25:11.850 --> 00:25:35.989
Jane Atkinson: in the way of you reaching your 2024 goals is also a really good exercise. And then setting up in in coaching. It's called structures setting up a structure, a process something that you know you can do when that happens. And like you said, when the an unexpected happens and you've got somebody in the hospital, you're there with them. You're not.

00:25:35.990 --> 00:25:49.070
Jane Atkinson: you know. You're not worrying about your business because you have a plan. You know that you're going to move it forward. You move the ball forward as much as you can, as much as humanly possible. So we already kind of map out these ideas.

00:25:49.330 --> 00:25:51.480
Jane Atkinson: So Jen.

00:25:51.750 --> 00:25:59.440
Jane Atkinson: has there been, okay? So we talked about your virtual hesitancy.

00:25:59.610 --> 00:26:08.780
Jane Atkinson: What was there another time where you were super super scared to do something, and you just broke through and took action.

00:26:09.050 --> 00:26:15.349
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Oh, gosh! There's been so many times! But I'll say, speaking wise one of the things.

00:26:15.490 --> 00:26:45.150
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Well, there's been 2 big events like this. The first one happened. So I'm a volunteer firefighter, you know, a little town and we're actually I was just now. I kinda laugh because I'm like, oh, sorry, my comfort zone, but I'm now was voted in captain and safety officer, so I had a lot to learn. I've been, you know. It's just a constant learning thing. But little old Me wouldn't ask to speak for one of the State associations for the Illinois Fire chiefs. Know, you guys.

00:26:45.290 --> 00:26:53.049
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): these are like the Chicago fire chiefs. These are like big time, and

00:26:53.760 --> 00:27:17.009
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): come in, and I'll be. I'll be very vulnerable here and say, when I first got booked for that I'm like, are you kidding? What am I gonna teach the Chicago fire tips like? Seriously. And we we're not even the I still have a hard time, you know. can be not real fond of heights or even fires sometimes, but you know here.

00:27:17.070 --> 00:27:43.090
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): sorry I got a whole different level. But then I remembered, I remember. Listen, they are an expert at this. I'm a a constant student, and always will be, and may never be, at their level. But I'm an expert in my topic of resiliency, and I knew that being able to provide a safe environment and for them to learn, and to, you know, be engaged to have fun, but to really take some things that take

00:27:43.480 --> 00:28:09.079
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): real meaning in their life and make real change, so that they can do their jobs better. That's they can become more. They can reduce stress. I knew that that I could do that for them, and so I'll I'll be honest, though, taking that breath to go up on stage. Still, it's like, you know, I was looking for the fire. It's not because of a firefighter. But this thing goes South baby come out of here, but

00:28:09.100 --> 00:28:21.920
Jane Atkinson: they have a great time. I had so much fun with them. Oh, that's so great. I love hearing that. So you know, you broke through the fear, walked up on stage in front of your

00:28:22.250 --> 00:28:42.480
Jane Atkinson: peers. Necessarily, people who are a little bit further along in their fire game than you. But I love that you I mean, this must have took something even in that in the beginning, you know, Jen, you targeted

00:28:42.480 --> 00:29:02.400
Jane Atkinson: you a as a resilience expert. You targeted first responders, and then you're like, Oh, I should just become a firefighter, and I'm like, what are you crazy? You know I thought this was the craziest idea. And now here she is talking about becoming. You know the platoon. What's your title.

00:29:02.500 --> 00:29:06.139
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): I am captain of my fire team, so

00:29:06.160 --> 00:29:13.209
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): we're excited safety officers. Well, that's pretty amazing, Jen, like, how many years have you been doing that?

00:29:13.470 --> 00:29:21.259
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Oh, gosh! I took a 2 year hiatus, but I took I've been in it now for 6, I think.

00:29:21.330 --> 00:29:38.640
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): 70 years. Now and again I still feel like it's constantly learning. But this is the same in the speaking business. You don't get to talk to a lot of rock stars, and that's the same thing there. There's still constantly learning. When you have that curious mindset it makes for a beautiful, beautiful experience.

00:29:38.790 --> 00:30:05.239
Jane Atkinson: Jen is very. Not only is she very, very resilient, but she's also very good at kind of compartmentalizing her life. Her and her husband just bought. Because why wouldn't you just bought a an in with a cafe and Airbnb upstairs. I mean watching her, and her life has been such a an honor for me, and I have to say, Jen.

00:30:05.240 --> 00:30:22.949
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): I know nothing about running best business for Airbnb. By the way, I know way more than I knew 6 months ago when we just said, Yeah, sure. And then we're like, Oh, my gosh! We've never done anything like this. And so it's the same process with the speaking business, and that might broke

00:30:22.970 --> 00:30:36.770
Jane Atkinson: and and and watching you and your first couple of weekends in the cafe. And people are just loving on you guys so much. And you're gonna be successful at that, too. II am amazed

00:30:37.130 --> 00:30:54.600
Jane Atkinson: at how you look at a risk. And you guys just plow through. I have watched you do this since you had a soul sucking job with 5 kids at home and a 2 h commute. And having seen this transition

00:30:54.600 --> 00:31:22.399
Jane Atkinson: last a couple 2 years ago, I guess it was, you bought your first vacation property which you love so much, you decided to move there, and so the whole family move there. And now you live in this Northern Minnesota small town, and just watching how the speaking business can transform someone's life to this degree. I have to say, Jen has been my absolute honor, and you are the one who has just like

00:31:22.560 --> 00:31:35.549
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): sword and shown everybody that you know what every anything is possible. Anything is possible, you know, and the cool thing is is when you find somebody who's done it

00:31:35.740 --> 00:32:04.359
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): and go, you know, and I know nothing about this, whether you know it's running a cafe running a speaking business when you couldn't find that guide to help you along. And, Jean, you have been such an amazing guide for me. The wealthy speaker. School has been such an amazing guide for me that it just it takes you further and faster than you could ever go alone. So I wanna say, thank you for doing the work you have done, my friend. You've made a huge impact, and it's such a joy to be a part of other speakers lives

00:32:04.360 --> 00:32:13.160
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): who are wanting to their desires to make that impact and build the business of their dreams like that is over the top beyond.

00:32:13.160 --> 00:32:38.110
Jane Atkinson: Just so I don't know if I'm I don't know if that's what I'm trying to do. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not sure. If I'm going to the I'm not. Sure that's what I'm doing, I'm not sure if it's

00:32:38.120 --> 00:32:50.649
Jane Atkinson: family and his close inner circle of which you are one, Jen and I just wanna say, you guys are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. Right now I'm sorry I'm gonna make Jen cry.

00:32:50.710 --> 00:32:54.699
Jane Atkinson: Dan and your family, we are thinking about you

00:32:54.770 --> 00:32:58.810
and sending you all the love. So

00:32:59.290 --> 00:33:12.869
Jane Atkinson: so thank you for listening. Check out that next steps. Call check out the wealthy speakers school. It's at wealthy Jen can't speak cause. She's crying over there, sorry

00:33:13.030 --> 00:33:14.770
Jane Atkinson: and

00:33:15.140 --> 00:33:30.680
Jane Atkinson: we would love to hear from you. If you take some action as a result of this podcast hey, let us know we would love to hear from you, Jen. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being my sidekick for 10 years.

00:33:30.790 --> 00:33:36.759
Jane Atkinson: Love you, and we'll talk to you soon. See you soon, wealthy speakers, bye, for now everyone.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • What taking action can do for you. [1:00]
  • 3 ways to move forward. [5:30]
  • Start small and work your way up. [8:00]
  • Your mindset matters. [12:00]
  • Changing your thoughts. [17:30]
  • Getting positive results. [21:00]
  • Get out of your own way. [24:30]
  • Break through your fear. [26:30]

Jen is also an 8-time national weightlifter, 2-time US Olympic Festival medal winner and
Minnesota Hall of Fame inductee, an Ironman triathlete, and a former volunteer firefighter. All three of her books have hit Amazon’s Top 100 categories, including her book 5 Minutes a Day to Living Beyond Rich, which hit #1 under Amazon’s budgeting category.  Jen lives in Lindstrom, Minnesota, with her four awesome kids, one handsome husband, three naughty dogs and one ugly mortgage.

If you would like some great ideas to help you get unstuck and get over your in-action, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode! 

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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