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The Day I Nearly Quit the Business

Why I almost Quit the Business

Have you ever wanted to pack it in? Just give it all up, quit and maybe get a “real” job? I’ve been there. Recently, in fact.

But the moments where we are at our lowest may also be a gift. Let me tell you why.

A few weeks ago, I was on day two of my live event in Toronto. We had completed the day, went out to dinner as a group and had a nice evening. I got back to my hotel room and I had what I could only describe as a “moment”. That little green monster started chatting in my ear. And I started to spiral. He was spouting all kinds of gibberish…

“I don’t know why you do these events.”
“I don’t even think they like you.”
“In fact, I’m pretty sure they like Kelly (my guest expert) more than you.”
“All this work, and for what, it’s hardly profitable.”
“You’re such a phony.”

That green guy chattered to me all the rest of that night and I spun lower and lower until I was wondering if I should ever do any of this again.

Maybe I should just quit.

The next day, it was just my VIPs in the room, my private coaching clients, and my Inner Circle Mastermind members. These were people who put the most trust in me to help them build their businesses. After all of the doubting and second guessing from the evening before, I had one of the best days of my entire business career. The day was magical.

After a few weeks to ponder my “moment”, what I realized was that all of my self-doubt and imposter syndrome was steeped in very little reality. It was my own inner demon just fighting to gain control. I didn’t let it influence my confidence, I just brushed it off to begin a new day. I wasn’t even sure what even set that little green guy off.

When I explored it further, I wondered if the door may have opened to that green monster because of the risk involved in running these weekend programs. The financial risk is quite large and the work it takes to put people in seats is excessive. I think I was worn out going into the weekend. But had I not taken that risk, I never would have had my magical VIP Day. I would have missed out on the best day ever and honestly, the first two days of that conference were pretty awesome too.

Therein lies the lesson and the gift – major risk equals major reward. When we allow our green monster to keep us safe, we might be missing out.

Why I Almost Quit

When’s the last time you took a risk? Are you due? Is the green monster driving the bus when it comes to these decisions?

Whether you are due or not, I hope you’ll think about your own self-doubt and whether or not it influences your business or your life. And I hope that you’ll keep going.

There are certainly days when I want to curl into a little ball and block out the world, but staying safe just isn’t how I roll. And I hope that’s the case for you as well.

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