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The Evolution of a 7-Figure Speaker with Ryan Estis

The Evolution of a 7-Figure Speaker with Jane Atkinson and Ryan Estis
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Quote: “Start where you start. Whatever you have, whatever resources you have, whatever video you have, you’re just beginning to build incrementally, and if you keep doing the work, eventually opportunities will present themselves.” Ryan Estis

It’s true that we all have to start somewhere and work our way up the speaking ladder. Eventually, we hope to get to a level where we can live the lifestyle of our dreams, but that means we have to pay our dues along the way. But when we reach that level, boy, oh boy, it’s pretty sweet! On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re so excited to welcome back my client, Ryan Estis, to share his journey and some great tips on getting to that pinnacle.

Ryan has more than 20 years of experience as a top-performing sales professional and leader. As a keynote speaker, Ryan is known for his innovative ideas on leading change, improving sales effectiveness and preparing for the future of work. He was recently recognized as one of “the best keynote speakers ever heard” by Meetings & Conventions magazine alongside Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Colin Powell and Mike Ditka.


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Jane Atkinson: Hey, welcome to the wealthy speaker. Podcast. Everybody. Today's show is called the evolution of a 7 figure speaker. Our coaching client, Ryan Estes is back to share an update of his journey. Ryan. Welcome back to the show. Oh, I'm just happy to catch up, you know. You're you're removing target and have been for many, many years. So

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for those people who may not have

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Jane Atkinson: heard about you share with our listeners. What your current business model looks like in the speaking world.

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Ryan Estis: Yeah. So I would say, the business model is probably 80 20 key notes, 80, which is 1 h opening and closing a corporate conference predominantly focused on sales, growth and leadership excellence. So II know the old adage, Pick a lane. I've straddled two my entire life. That's probably not gonna change and it's probably a 50, 50 even split, and then and then the other, you know, the other 20

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Ryan Estis: I would say, are special circumstances. I could end up doing a a 2 day program. I could end up doing a one day plus a you know, a half day plus a vip meet and greet a a full day, plus an executive coaching or strategy facilitated session. So we get into these sort of one-off special requests that I that I

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Ryan Estis: quite enjoy actually challenges me. It stimulates my thinking in a new way. And then, of course, you know, through Covid I invested in and relaunched a brand in a business called Impact 11, which

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Ryan Estis: you know about and consumes a a fair chunk of time, too. And and I'm happy to talk about any of it, all of it. But that's the that's the mix today. And and you know, Lynn Mandenak, my right hand, and and chief of staff and business manager still on the team. And we're still doing it together. So it's been. It's been a. It's been a fun evolution as a title there.

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So just for our listeners who may not know you, Ryan's level is between, say, 30 and 40, and with these packages who knows how many thousands of dollars.

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and you all can go back and catch up. We started with your story in the wealthy speaker. 2. But then we did an update for wealthy speaker 3 books. So check that out if you want to get all the details.

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Looking back on 2023 for you, Ryan.

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Ryan Estis: Give us the State of the Union. Yeah, I would say I would say it was a. It was a tale. It was a tale of 3 experiences. So the the beginning of the beginning of the year started out very strong, which is normal for me. By the way, I do a lot of sales take off meetings. So you know, like I'm all I'm almost sold out with my coming into this year last year was very strong, and then I would say there was a dip. There was a soft

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Ryan Estis: period, and you we could get into the reasons why, in terms of you know the marketplace where I was in terms of the competitive landscape.

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Ryan Estis: And then again, you know, things pick backed up so I'd I'd say we have a lot of momentum coming into this year. But there was definitely a dip

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Ryan Estis: in in terms of, I would say, demand and activity. But that's business is cyclical. That's just part of it. You move through those things. And I've learned that those software periods are opportunities to create, rejuvenate, think about the future reset special projects. So to me, it's, you know, there's never sound the alarm.

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Ryan Estis: I think that's really interesting, because I actually felt the same in my own business which

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Jane Atkinson: primarily, in my coaching business, I felt like the came on really strong again. And you know how sometimes, Ryan, we start to get it into our head. It's me, it's not you. It's me.

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Jane Atkinson: And so I want people to recognize that this is just the industry. And I I'm I think, looking at it as an opportunity is a really smart way to manage your mindset around that.

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Jane Atkinson: So going into you had a some time, then ta, tell me about the new book. What's it called?

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Ryan Estis: When's it coming? Give me all the skinny, is it out now? Is it available? Now it's available. January sixteenth day called, Prepare for impact. Obviously, we have some on pre order, or whatever. But those of you watching on Youtube, you can see that the copy read the subtitle for me. Yeah. So the subtitles driving growth and serving others through the principles of human centered leadership.

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Ryan Estis: So

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Ryan Estis: I would say, it's it's a sales and leadership narrative. I wrote the book with my brother Chad, the business of the Dallas cowboys. And it's it's it's I would say, one third story Arc. And this relationship between these.

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Ryan Estis: you know, 2 young boys out of nowhere. Ohio, go on this journey together, and the parallels and the intersections of that relationship

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Ryan Estis: combined with some real practical sales insight. And then the second half of the book, you know, sort of outlines our segue into management and leadership and building, high performing teams, influencing culture in a post pandemic world. And so with the book comes a new model of human centered leadership, multiple new keynotes and a whole new body of work. Really, that's gonna be released this January

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Ryan Estis: with a new website and video package. So a lot of the last couple of years have been spent in the lab creating this. So when I talk about opportunity, any little break in the action I get, I'm back in the lab, creating and refining and tweaking. But I'm real proud of this. A as you know, it's been a journey which we can talk about. But

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Jane Atkinson: We talked about a book 10 years ago, Robin. And so this, ladies and gentlemen, is the evolution of a 7 figure speaker. You know you do

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Jane Atkinson: the things that everybody tells you to do in your business. Oh, you should have a book. You should do this, and you know what you do it on your own timeline. You do it when the content appears in front of you, and I guess it hadn't appeared yet. Right?

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Ryan Estis: Yeah, you know II would say it was probably a combination of the content and the confidence. And and you know, looking back on that whole journey, and some start and stops with book projects. I just sometimes things are divinely guided. The timing was perfect. I mean, here we are with the dramatic reset in our relationship to work my perspective on leadership. That, I think is

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Ryan Estis: right now, and relevant for what we're navigating in terms of business and the economic and landscape, and and the other thing doing this for you know, 10 plus years, and allow me to build a following. And and you know, I mean just one email out to my, you know my list. And we have a a book launch team of over 100 people that are gonna promote it and support it and bring me on to podcasts. And

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Ryan Estis: you know, had I done that when we first met and I was coming into this, I didn't have a list, and nobody was paying attention to me. I didn't have clients, and so it it's a different experience to do it now, and that's not a right or wrong answer. But I in some ways I feel fortunate that it worked out the way it did for me. But also there's something in the fact that your brother was the one who pushed you over the edge.

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Jane Atkinson: and I love that he runs the Cowboys organization because I all I'm seeing in my mind is pre sales pre-sales pre sales. Let's put it out to everybody. You know, there's a lot there. And this is gonna be about selling book. I mean this, it feels destined in my mind. And and I just wanna see.

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Jane Atkinson: I know that the boys who wrote chicken soup for the soul were out on radio shows doing, you know, selling books and that way at 60'clock in the morning.

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Jane Atkinson: But the best way to sell books is 500 or 1,000, or 2,500 at a time through your audience, and you already have all of that

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Ryan Estis: built right in everything. I mean, I'm hoping every audience that sees you in 2024 gets copy this book, right? Yeah. I mean, we've we've already been obviously selling them as packages alongside keynotes. And we've and we've done it. You know we've done it in the last, you know. 4 to 6 weeks my recent events. We've done book signings, and

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Ryan Estis: it's been a lot of fun. And and and so you know, that's a big part of it, too. I mean, I have a schedule. I have a built an audience to your point, and that is, that is the way that that will sell this and and it it supports my practice which I love and I'm passionate about. And you know that that was the whole idea. So

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Jane Atkinson: beautiful. And I'm so excited because you sound like you got very much reconnected with your content through the book writing process like you said, you're in the lab.

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Jane Atkinson: You're brewing up new ideas, and that is also a part of the evolution of a 7 figure speaker, if you were to stay the same like, how different would you say your your presentations are today from even 3 years ago, Ryan?

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Ryan Estis: I mean II. It's funny. The call I had before this was with the client who hired me 3 years ago. Can you come back? I said. Of course, like I have a whole new book, 9 new principles. I have a new model like, where do you want to start? I could come back 3 times, and so.

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Ryan Estis: you know, and and that to me II relish in that I relish in the customization, the continual learning. If I'm I'm anything, I'm a student, and then a teacher. And and so I, you know to me.

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Ryan Estis: the deeper I can get into the work, and the more I can learn and the more relevant real time the content can be, the better it affects my audience, and the more interest. You know I'm interested in the work. So I you know. That's sort of

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Ryan Estis: that's not to say I wouldn't tell a story that I told 5 years ago, like the Starbucks story. I might, or if someone asked me to do that, but I'm constantly pushing and evolving my body of work and content, and it keeps it interesting for me.

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Jane Atkinson: That's really important. I don't know if people recognize how important that is. The evolution in your marketing has also not sat still. You have kind of continuously evolved talk about what's coming up for you this year? New website, new video

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Ryan Estis: talk about that process. And that's

00:11:07.680 --> 00:11:17.140
Ryan Estis: that's that's exactly right. I mean. So in the last 12 months. It's the single largest investment, I would say in in both platform content marketing that we've ever made

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Ryan Estis: in the business by by a long stretch. And so we're gonna we're gonna release a a very new and pretty robust platform website.

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Ryan Estis: you know, in in in. And I'm I'm excited about. I mean, it's been a year working on this. We hired proper professionals. We've spent a lot of time. It's robust. It's deep in terms of the experience, the content, the video. I mean, it is a step change.

00:11:42.990 --> 00:12:02.999
Ryan Estis: And it's it's, you know, it's something I'm proud of. II consider my website my home. And I wanted people to be. I wanna be proud of of the way that represents me in the world, and the one I have now was fine for a time, but we've outgrown it, and it was time for me to to grow up in the world. So this is a represents a significant investment, and I think

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Ryan Estis: a step change. And we're we're investing in and learning along the way. So you know, there's in terms of marketing. There's just a lot that's changed, and a lot you can consider doing differently now from chat bots and generative AI, and obviously social. And so

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Ryan Estis: exploring all those things, there's so many things that you can be doing. And II was trying to remember

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Ryan Estis: we did an event together back in Minneapolis. I don't know how many years ago, and you showed your very first website. What was there something about that first website that was kind of funny. What was it? Maybe it was so bad? You remembered.

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Ryan Estis: Just you have to be creative, and you have to hustle. So I did that website on trade. I found this, II connected with this interactive little marketing agency.

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Ryan Estis: and I offered them sales consulting and some advice and strategy sessions. And in in return they built me a website. So we were, II you know. So I got that first website essentially for free, you know, I was. I was obviously donating my time and my expertise or was a trade agreement, but it was. It was a way for me to get this thing up and running and get launched pretty quickly without a significant cost when I was starting.

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Ryan Estis: That was good. That was really good. There was something I can't remember, stadium or something. I can't remember what that was. Why II it was. My head was floating in a stadium, but it II always say it was a I. You know I wasn't in stadiums, to be sure. At that time I was doing a lot of free breakout sessions. It was a vision. That's why I was. I was going so the floating head in the stadium website. Good! That was it.

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Jane Atkinson: I love it. I love it. And I just you know, that is evolution of a 7 figure speaker. This is where you have to start somewhere. Your first video probably wasn't stellar either. But here we are. How many years has it been Ryan for you in this business full time, I mean, I started in. II started in January 2,009, so if you remember

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Ryan Estis: you, you and II hired you before I left my job. I wasn't speaking professionally yet, in fact, the the original ask was, Hey, I'm thinking about doing this, but I have a pretty good corporate career, and I do. Well, I want you to tell me if I could, if you think I have what it take. Yeah. And you're like, that's not exactly what I do, but we'll we'll we can start working together. And so that was the beginning of of. And then

00:14:46.130 --> 00:14:49.640
Ryan Estis: finally I said, Okay, I'm gonna go for it. And and

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Ryan Estis: yeah, I think you made a really good point that just it kind of connected to it's like, start where you start, whatever you have, whatever resources you have, whatever video you have like you, you just begin and it builds incrementally. And and if you keep doing the work, you know. Eventually opportunities present themselves. And you know that's

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Ryan Estis: there definitely. There are ways to accelerate that path. Now, I think that are different in the world we live in today. But yeah, I mean, I started and never looked back. And I talk about you a lot because I think one of the really good strategic moves that you made

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Jane Atkinson: was kind of building your business or your framework on the on the sherm path.

00:15:33.730 --> 00:15:41.270
Talk about what Sherm has been for you and what they were in those first years while you still had your job. Your day job.

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Ryan Estis: Yeah. So the day job. I worked for an advertising agency, and we we did a lot of internal communications working at a partnership with Sherm. So Hr. Human resources was a point of entry for us. And in that job

00:15:54.190 --> 00:16:03.159
Ryan Estis: I started speaking at Shirm conferences because it was where we prospected or marketed our services and the reality, Sherm

00:16:03.290 --> 00:16:24.369
Ryan Estis: Shirm is responsible for everything. I mean. I go all the way back to credit them to my success, I mean, they supported my work early on. They gave me opportunities to speak and own my craft. You think about Sherma, the eighth largest trade association in the world. They literally offer legitimate speaking opportunities

00:16:24.980 --> 00:16:43.710
Ryan Estis: by the thousands. Every city, every township has a chapter. They're doing breakfast meetings, round tables, the the, you know, the continuing education events. And so anybody that's talking about leadership, work, culture, the future mental health.

00:16:43.800 --> 00:17:10.120
Ryan Estis: you know, sherm it. It's such a great platform to sort of hone your skills. And I went from doing free breakouts and these little regional township. I you know I call it the Pancake Breakfast store will speak for pancakes, which I did, you know. Eventually II Key noted 40 State sherm conferences and those State conferences pay a real fee and I in fact, I just

00:17:10.390 --> 00:17:21.390
Ryan Estis: I just got a note from a State sherm conference and said, Hey, we'd love to have you back. We heard about your new book all these years later. They're they're still supporting.

00:17:21.619 --> 00:17:22.690
Ryan Estis: So my work

00:17:22.829 --> 00:17:50.539
Ryan Estis: so State Conference can they afford you now

00:17:50.540 --> 00:18:05.509
Jane Atkinson: the path to the Fortune? 100 companies, because that's who's in the sherm audience. And so I've always talked about how, even when you were at the smaller States, when you were at $7,500 for a speech.

00:18:05.660 --> 00:18:30.350
Jane Atkinson: you were still making that work on the circuit. And but I love the news that today a State Sherm Conference could potentially scrape together 30 or $40,000. That is amazing to me. So an abundance of opportunities paid keynote speeches at all levels, whether you're 2,000 15,000 truly

00:18:30.380 --> 00:18:53.780
Ryan Estis: and my my new content. Make no mistake. My new leadership keynote. One of the first things we do is submit it and we get it approved, and we get an accredited. So, Hu, you know, so human centered leadership. My new talk approved for 1 h of continuing education strategic credit by the Human Resources Certification Institute now.

00:18:53.780 --> 00:19:04.429
Ryan Estis: and that is a that so immediately that elevates the credibility associated with that accreditation, why wouldn't I do that?

00:19:04.470 --> 00:19:20.080
Jane Atkinson: That's really smart? And are there other organizations that you get continuing education credits when you introduce a new speech as well. Okay, we've got 2 or 3 here on our list

00:19:20.080 --> 00:19:45.059
Ryan Estis: for me. That's the main one. And obviously my, my other sort of core area focus, which is sales growth. There isn't an accrediting body that's if there was, I would. But so if you, you know that's something depending on your expertise, your niche, your lane you should be considering, I think, that might have been the gold that is in them. Their hills of this call right there for those people

00:19:45.060 --> 00:19:50.710
who want to get in front of that particular audience. That is a best

00:19:51.110 --> 00:19:54.640
Jane Atkinson: practice. That's a great first step.

00:19:54.970 --> 00:20:16.450
Ryan Estis: So one of the reasons why I think your clients have adored you and are calling you back in 3 years and, like you said doesn't have to be 3 years. You could go back every year. Is there? Is there a client that has had you back every year for a number of years. Yeah, I mean, II do this all. I do this all the time. I mean, I

00:20:16.860 --> 00:20:19.110
Ryan Estis: I have a client right now.

00:20:19.320 --> 00:20:22.300
Ryan Estis: I did my first keynote in

00:20:22.400 --> 00:20:41.339
Ryan Estis: think toward the end of 2,018, maybe 2019. And they've worked with me all through Covid. Virtually all this year coming back live. I'm gonna be back toward the end of January, and it just continues. And and one of the things they they say is one of the highest, highest compliment I could get is

00:20:41.340 --> 00:21:05.329
Ryan Estis: Ryan. We feel like you're one of us, and that's that's my approach. You know. I'm not a life story speaker. I'm an expert, and II customize and II do interviews with their customers and their managers. And II know their culture. And so II can bring a perspective to them. That, I think is is unique and germane, and it it resonates. And

00:21:05.330 --> 00:21:19.919
Ryan Estis: you know, so there are those opportunities. And I mean, I have. I have another fortune. 500 company. We just did a call, and they they had me 2 years in a row, and they were debating. Oh, should we have them a third or not?

00:21:19.920 --> 00:21:29.689
Ryan Estis: And and you know and II went into the call, and I already prepared my deck. And what I was gonna talk, I said, this is completely different. We haven't approached the subject before. Here's what I'm gonna do.

00:21:29.690 --> 00:21:48.760
Ryan Estis: And that was it. They signed. They both sent the contract after that call, and it's just II love that. I think you know. The more I'm integrated into someone's business. And we build those relationships. It's it's a lot of fun. Okay, so that's a beautiful segue into kind of the you mentioned.

00:21:48.760 --> 00:22:02.560
Jane Atkinson: You do a ton of research. Talk a little bit about your process. Are there outside sort resources that you use? Talk about? How do you find out so much about the company that they say

00:22:02.950 --> 00:22:15.209
Ryan Estis: we thought you were one of us. We thought you worked here. Yeah. So it's it's our discovery process and and research. And so, you know, there, there are levels right? And and so I think

00:22:16.040 --> 00:22:22.159
Ryan Estis: everybody. I think it's commonplace to say, Hey, I customize all hear that right?

00:22:22.320 --> 00:22:31.419
Ryan Estis: And so I'm I'm willing to go here, I'll say, well, everyone says they customize. I don't think too many people do it the way I do it, so that I Well, how would you do it?

00:22:31.430 --> 00:22:37.739
Ryan Estis: And and so and I'll give you an example. We just did this. So II my last keynote

00:22:38.280 --> 00:22:57.459
Ryan Estis: was for the the Marine Retailers Association of America. So it's boat dealers, right? They sell. I know you're a boater, I am, too. And so one of the things I said to them was, Look.

00:22:57.860 --> 00:23:12.680
Ryan Estis: let let's look at some of your dealers that are doing things that are unique, and let me come into their dealership and interview them and tour and spend time. And so I brought my video camera in and my photographer in. And we captured all of this content that's germane to the industry.

00:23:12.700 --> 00:23:36.459
Ryan Estis: Then I went so that that was inside the dealership best practices. Then I went out on the lake, and I interviewed boat owners about their dealer relationship. And so II have literally this library of custom content. So I'm in this process preparing for my keynote. This part of my discovery process. And you know, as we're discussing this with the client, I'm explaining how I approach this.

00:23:36.520 --> 00:23:40.879
Ryan Estis: Of course they say, well, oh, my gosh! This is so rich! Can can you do a breakout, too?

00:23:41.120 --> 00:23:53.750
Ryan Estis: And so they added a breakout to the keynote because they wanted more. So we we ended up doing a keynote, a breakout, and a vip open. QA.

00:23:53.890 --> 00:24:17.829
Ryan Estis: Based on the way we customize. And that keynote wasn't about wasn't relevant to anybody else. It wasn't about anybody else it was about. If you're a boat dealer today, what's gonna create exponential growth over the next 5 years, the mindset of your customer, the mindset of your employees attracting and retaining talent, building community around your product inventory management. I got into their world.

00:24:18.080 --> 00:24:19.770
Ryan Estis: That

00:24:19.950 --> 00:24:32.519
Jane Atkinson: valuable and differentiated

00:24:33.830 --> 00:24:49.089
Jane Atkinson: special sauce that Ryan s's brings to the Big Mac. Would you say that it's the preparation, that is, or is it? Now in the delivery? I don't know. I'm asking the question.

00:24:49.760 --> 00:25:13.279
Ryan Estis: I would say I would say it's a combination of of the preparation which enhances the delivery look. You know I'm I'm decent on stage. I'm pretty good. I got to this level. I'm sustaining it. My business is great. We I'm not gonna make it like there are other people that are great on stage, too. There are I. I'm a product on the shelf, and that hour is gonna be great.

00:25:13.390 --> 00:25:17.260
Ryan Estis: So are so many other people how I prepare.

00:25:17.340 --> 00:25:21.409
Ryan Estis: And this is the other thing, other little trade secret

00:25:22.450 --> 00:25:48.010
Ryan Estis: for the customer that wants it. The keynote presentation can be the beginning of the learning journey. Not the so. It's the continuing education. It's the after care. And and I call that my value stack. It's everything we build around the hour to create value for the clients in terms of approach, preparation, customization. But then, after care and continuing education.

00:25:48.010 --> 00:26:05.820
Ryan Estis: and so part of the reason, I publish a newsletter every other week is because my clients can so subscribe like, if you're invested in growth, this is the beginning of our relationship. We can go on this journey together. I've had clients who've been part of my community for 8, 10 years. It's why they keep hiring me.

00:26:06.000 --> 00:26:25.790
Ryan Estis: And and so you know, someone of 4 years later. So you wrote that thing about, you know, and we're having that challenge. Now, can you come in and talk about that and somebody who's been. It's somebody from Sherm has been following my newsletter for 10 years, and that it's that regenerative business and relationship. And so

00:26:25.810 --> 00:26:49.139
Ryan Estis: you know we? That's why publishing a book. Now we have a pretty robust community of followers, because we've committed to that schedule where I publish every other week. And you do that. You're great at it, too. And why, you know, it's important. Yes, it is important that consistency, being on time with that consistency, becomes really, really

00:26:49.140 --> 00:27:02.010
Jane Atkinson: like a religion, you know. Just do it. Just do it every single week, or every second week, or whatever you decide to. I love the boat dealers story. That was so good. Okay.

00:27:02.250 --> 00:27:03.390
Jane Atkinson: that's prep.

00:27:03.590 --> 00:27:07.459
Jane Atkinson: Let's talk about what

00:27:08.330 --> 00:27:14.330
Jane Atkinson: changed as a result of Covid in your business.

00:27:16.490 --> 00:27:20.439
Ryan Estis: Yeah, a few things change that I think are notable.

00:27:20.700 --> 00:27:34.290
Ryan Estis: And you know this, this may get a little flop, philosophical or esoteric, as we have a tendency to do, because we have such a history. But you know II came off 2019, which was

00:27:35.770 --> 00:27:44.350
Ryan Estis: by all standards of measurement, one of the best years I've ever had on tour. Right? I mean, I'd 80 84 keynotes. High fee

00:27:44.370 --> 00:28:08.780
Ryan Estis: I like, and I took 2 months off, actually could took August completely off, turned down over $200,000 or the business just just physically trying to turning down over $200,000. Yeah. And you know, but I got to the end of that year. And I just, you know, at this phase of my life. And II thought about the things that are important to me, and

00:28:09.530 --> 00:28:16.920
Ryan Estis: I had a great 10 years like when 2020 happened and Covid happened. And it was like Whoa! The world stopped. And I'm home.

00:28:17.480 --> 00:28:41.579
Ryan Estis: you know, once you got over the shock of that. And you realize, okay, this is settling in. And I'm not going anywhere, you know, 4 to 6 weeks into that II started to really get reflective. And I thought, Okay, what a great 10 year run I had from 2,009 to 2,019, and we we grew top line of that business every year we grew. And and so it was 10 years of growth. You know, my sales background serve me well, our relationship.

00:28:42.600 --> 00:28:51.080
Ryan Estis: But I got to the end of that. And I thought, Okay, what do I want the next 10 years to look like of my life. This is a lifestyle business, and you know, by and large. And

00:28:51.550 --> 00:29:16.799
Ryan Estis: and I started to really reflect on some of the things in my life that we're missing. And and I enjoyed being home. To be honest community, I bought a boat. That's when my boating relationship started, because I'm like I don't have anywhere to go. Everything's finally he's enjoying the fruits of his Labor Day on Instagram I've ever had when I behind your boat.

00:29:16.800 --> 00:29:26.919
Ryan Estis: Yeah. And I started. I learned how to wake surf. And III built, you know, II deep into relationships with friends and this community. And and and

00:29:27.010 --> 00:29:30.229
Ryan Estis: and and part of what I reflected on was

00:29:30.290 --> 00:29:42.980
Ryan Estis: III don't wanna feel isolated or alone anymore in this work at for me. I did it for 10 years. I built something I'm really proud of, but I miss being a part of this

00:29:42.980 --> 00:30:04.869
Ryan Estis: part of the the connectedness and the community. You know this. No one, I mean, you sort of told me. But I didn't. Oh, what do you mean? I'm gonna be underestimated that

00:30:04.870 --> 00:30:24.580
Ryan Estis: to do 14 events in 4 weeks, and to be living out of a suitcase, and to be in all these hotels and sleeping hotels over 130 nights a year, and and and you know, and so a couple of decisions were made. Number one, the days of me doing 84 events are over, physically, emotionally.

00:30:24.580 --> 00:30:46.289
Ryan Estis: I just don't, you know, that's not my pace anymore. And then the investment into community and relationships is just non negotiable. So I mean, I can get into the specifics of some of these things if you wanna hear about my new boundaries or rules of engagement, or some of these things. But you know, II had to set up parameters for what I felt was

00:30:46.290 --> 00:31:09.419
Ryan Estis: sustainability for the next 10 years. Okay, so it's not 84 anymore. What's the new pace. Yeah, I'd say I'd say 55 to 60, which is what I did this year feels about right now. I'm balancing that with other things I mentioned. You know, we have this community business, and we're investing in that. And you know I'm building something else that's bigger than me, that that's

00:31:09.420 --> 00:31:35.840
Ryan Estis: beyond me. I'm on a team again, and and and so that gets a percentage of my time. And then so does my life. So does my friends. So does my health and my some of the boundaries that a speaker might be interested to hear like, whether they go into your contract or not. But what are some of the things like at the beginning of the year. Ryan, do you go onto your calendar and start marking days off

00:31:35.910 --> 00:31:58.469
Ryan Estis: that? You know you want to be with family or yeah. So I I'd say, that's one thing. Get ahead of it right? To the degree that you, you know. Look, things are spontaneous, the world we live in now. And of course, my brother's gonna text, me, hey? Let's go to a Youtube concert tomorrow. And I'm like, Hey, give it you like. I need 6 months, you know, and we'll we'll do something. But but here's an example.

00:31:58.470 --> 00:32:08.219
Ryan Estis: I own a boat. I live in Minnesota, I know in August I want to be on the boat. So block a couple of weeks in August or whatever, and be like No.

00:32:08.220 --> 00:32:21.059
Ryan Estis: yeah, or the month. But he, even he here's a couple of others. He here's just awesome fun with this. So home by home, by happy hour on Friday, if you're if your keynote is Friday at 40'clock. I'm not your guy

00:32:21.510 --> 00:32:39.669
Ryan Estis: be because II need to be home to have a day or 2 like sometimes I leave on Sunday. I felt like this fall. I had a lot of Monday morning keynotes, and so I was leaving on Sunday, and I can't get home Friday at 10, and leave it Sunday at 9, and feel like I have a life.

00:32:39.670 --> 00:32:52.919
Ryan Estis: You know I needed. I need a day in there to go to dinner with a friend, or go on a date, or you know, like what whatever it is. And so, having some time to to reset and and rejuvenate.

00:32:52.960 --> 00:32:58.749
Ryan Estis: And I just wanna say that you and I both recognize

00:32:59.230 --> 00:33:01.190
Jane Atkinson: what a

00:33:01.890 --> 00:33:31.149
Jane Atkinson: first world problems we're talking about. Okay, you and I both get that this is a place of privilege that you are in, that you will say no to a Friday at 50'clock. Keynote. This is such a an honored, sacred place. 14 years of 14 years of doing the day in.

00:33:31.150 --> 00:33:47.409
Ryan Estis: Yeah, I mean, I look, when I was in when I was in Mand. Dan, South Dakota Friday night at 8 pm. For chicken, speaking for speaking on what? The paying to be there, and really I was doing the work and earning my reps, so

00:33:47.580 --> 00:33:55.350
Ryan Estis: I never take it for granted. Every time I step under the stage a little mantra is, you realize, like someone would do this for free.

00:33:55.370 --> 00:34:19.259
Ryan Estis: And so you're getting a lot of money to serve. And it isn't about me anymore. It's about, you know. That's why I prepare the way I do, and that's why I customize and and I'm I'm better doing 50 speeches than I am. 80, cause I'm not. It's not the same hour I can't like. I can give more to my audience that way, and I feel better about it. They feel better about it. It's it's enough, you know, and and so.

00:34:19.460 --> 00:34:44.010
Ryan Estis: and and so I don't. I don't take it for granted. It's something I feel like I have to keep earning, and that's what the book the the Newsletter, the website. It's not like, I'm not working hard. I might just be working a little differently now. And you have to think to like at a certain level. What's sustainable for you and the quality of your life? And and you know, my definition of success is changed.

00:34:44.010 --> 00:34:49.829
Jane Atkinson: And I remember Joe Calloway saying, I will not do a speech with alcohol

00:34:50.090 --> 00:34:57.690
Jane Atkinson: involve where they're serving alcohol before I talk, and I will never do a presentation on a weekend.

00:34:57.690 --> 00:35:04.679
Jane Atkinson: So he marked off, I think Friday, Saturday, Sunday, really from a an early place.

00:35:04.680 --> 00:35:28.469
Jane Atkinson: and I don't know if that said no Monday, you know no Monday, because you'd have to travel on Sunday. But this is where you can get to when you have paid your dues. And I'm really glad that you said that, Ryan, I mean you've paid your dues. No one went at this for the 5 years harder than me.

00:35:28.470 --> 00:35:47.960
Ryan Estis: I wanted this more than anything, and I sacrificed a lot in the beginning, and it was all worth it I don't like I look back, and that was my becoming phase beautiful, and I learned so much, and I met so many people, and I went to all these crazy places like Bucharest Romania. I did crazy things.

00:35:47.980 --> 00:36:01.309
Ryan Estis: and it was awesome on the way up, and you know I'm just in a different phase of my career in my life now. And that's okay. I love that Covid caused you to really reevaluate the 84,

00:36:01.600 --> 00:36:04.120
Jane Atkinson: because your

00:36:04.200 --> 00:36:10.890
Jane Atkinson: recognizing that number one, this business is a very lonely place.

00:36:11.260 --> 00:36:21.060
Jane Atkinson: Sure it can be, and and Vince used to say that to me a lot. It's it kinda like a. It's lonely at the top kind of thing. And

00:36:21.390 --> 00:36:49.000
Jane Atkinson: you have to really live it to understand what that means. 99, I mean. Yes, you're out there getting glory from 5,000 people giving you a standing ovation. And then, 2 h later. You're alone again in your hotel room, you know, maybe working, or whatever eating at a restaurant alone. There's a lot of aloneness, and I'm so happy that you mentioned that

00:36:49.360 --> 00:36:53.939
Jane Atkinson: just because I think people need to prepare and bring in their outside

00:36:53.980 --> 00:37:13.130
Ryan Estis: forces in order to offset that. So yeah, I mean, like no one to your point. It's a lived experience, right? And so, you know. I'll never forget, like reading your book for the first time in the old like the in the paragraph, the cartoon with the person, you know, stepping off the stage. And I thought, I will do anything

00:37:13.200 --> 00:37:43.180
Ryan Estis: if that if that's real, and it's ha! And it could happen to me you don't understand what I'm willing to sacrifice or do to move into that space. And and I was, and II went at this. I mean it was whatever it takes. And and I think you know, when you, when you have a dream or a vision, and you're pursuing it, which I think most most good speakers do. This is on their part, you know. There, there, it's an act of service, and you're called to it in a in a way I so I certainly was.

00:37:43.850 --> 00:38:05.430
Ryan Estis: But but you know it's a para. It's an interesting paradox when you, when the your dream starts to be realized. And then there's this other part of it that's painful. And that's a hard thing to reconcile emotionally and spiritually. It's like, I wanted this so bad. And now I feel a way that I didn't expect.

00:38:05.430 --> 00:38:17.089
Ryan Estis: And so sorting that out and coming to terms with that and saying, Okay, this is part of it. I didn't expect it. Now, how am I going to deal with that in a way that serves me? And ultimately that serves my audience.

00:38:17.090 --> 00:38:34.850
Ryan Estis: And and coming into that next phase of of sort of understanding, it's been a real gift for me, and II had to work with that? I did. You know, I, you know, support coaching, counseling, help, immersive experiences. I work on myself because I'm the product.

00:38:34.870 --> 00:38:35.830
Jane Atkinson: Yes.

00:38:36.220 --> 00:38:39.779
so final question, then, around that

00:38:40.000 --> 00:38:42.949
Jane Atkinson: your mindset evolution

00:38:43.850 --> 00:38:48.119
Jane Atkinson: throughout these past 14 years, where

00:38:48.200 --> 00:39:01.399
Jane Atkinson: I like, I'll I'll share with you what I see. I see someone who is paid the dues and has come out the other end feeling incredibly confident.

00:39:01.400 --> 00:39:18.410
Jane Atkinson: And there's a saying that we use over in the school. That's like a calm confidence. It's not a frantic hustle confidence. It's a calm confidence. Tell me about your experience of the mindset journey, and where you feel like you sit today.

00:39:19.530 --> 00:39:20.620
Ryan Estis: Well, that's it.

00:39:20.670 --> 00:39:30.679
Ryan Estis: I think that's a beautiful frame, the the calm to let's say the quiet, confident, or the frantic to the call conference, the language I use to describe. That

00:39:31.090 --> 00:39:40.139
Ryan Estis: is that it's it's the expert's evolution from having something to prove to, something to give. My worth is settled.

00:39:40.170 --> 00:40:04.119
Ryan Estis: I don't need to pro. I don't need another standing ovation or another. 8 things booked or another. I don't I? I'm Ryan, and I'm good with that. And this this now isn't about me. It's an act of service. It's about what I can contribute to somebody else who's invested their time in my expertise. And that's it. And and so if I if I focus.

00:40:04.290 --> 00:40:25.949
Ryan Estis: because in the beginning, you know, it was all about proving my worth, and I'm as good as this person and am. Do I deserve this much? And how do I get to this level energy that comes with that? And then, when you move over to sort of this, this other place of just. It's totally an active service. What can I give away in the time here that I have left?

00:40:26.100 --> 00:40:38.010
Ryan Estis: And and then you start to reach this place where you can have momentum through harmony. That's my goal, momentum through harmony. I wanna be in harmony, and myself with my audience, with the people I love.

00:40:39.080 --> 00:40:54.499
Ryan Estis: Yes, I wanna grow. Yes, I I'm invested in in being the best that I can be. But I don't wanna suffer while I'm doing it, and I. And I think it's just that when you get to that place you're in a better position to

00:40:54.660 --> 00:41:02.270
Ryan Estis: to serve, to have impact and to have a quality of life that you enjoy. And those things don't have to be separate anymore.

00:41:02.400 --> 00:41:09.459
Jane Atkinson: I don't think there's a better place to wrap. That is just a beautiful vision

00:41:09.510 --> 00:41:28.910
Jane Atkinson: momentum through harmony, you know, as Beyonce said in her behind the scenes Video, I have at this point in my career. I have nothing left to prove. Oh, yeah, you got to see the movie because there's a there.

00:41:28.910 --> 00:41:46.949
Jane Atkinson: A speaker's mind will be blown just from the sets and from the work of the production that goes into it. So go see the movie. I think you'll really appreciate what what she says about where she's come, and you know you're not in. You're not in too far off of a place.

00:41:47.040 --> 00:41:53.929
Jane Atkinson: Ryan. If people want to connect with you, how is the best way for them to connect.

00:41:54.010 --> 00:42:19.630
Ryan Estis: Yeah. So Ryan Estescom is the website. And then, Linkedin is is a great place. We have an active presence on there. Instagram, too. It's just that Ryan Estes, and probably those are the best, the best 3 places. Okay, so your book cut, let's say the name and the subtitle, again, of the book. It's it's prepare for impact, driving growth and serving others through the principles of human centered leadership.

00:42:20.060 --> 00:42:49.619
Jane Atkinson: Awesome. January sixteenth, January sixteenth. Get it in your actually, it'll be out by the time we run this. I think we're in the first quarter. So wherever you books are sold. Don't walk, don't run, I mean run, don't walk. I am so excited for you with this new book, and I cannot wait. Hey, drop me a line when the new website drops, because it'll be part of everything that we do over here. I love

00:42:49.620 --> 00:43:14.129
Jane Atkinson: showcasing you and what you have done in your world, Ryan. Thank you so much for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule to be with us on the wealthy speaker, and and I'll close by saying this, it was a real privilege to come back and and reconnect with you. And you know the the whole, story, the whole, podcast the book, the journey some momentum through Harmony. None of that

00:43:14.140 --> 00:43:17.619
Ryan Estis: would have happened to me if it wasn't for you

00:43:18.260 --> 00:43:44.510
Ryan Estis: I'll get. I'll get choked up, too, and it and it's true. You know. II was. I had. I had this idea that was on my heart, and I think you know we need people that believe in us even before we believe in ourselves, and I just never would have offered that letter of resignation. I never would have walked out of that job had I not met you and it II did. It was serendipitous and divinely guided.

00:43:44.510 --> 00:43:56.949
Ryan Estis: But you you I just to this day I give you a lot of credit, because all of that was made possible. The beginning of that. I needed you, and it was a it was a powerful moment and time in my life. So thank you for that.

00:43:57.940 --> 00:44:16.130
Jane Atkinson: Okay, we're just gonna thank you so much, Ryan. Now those words, I'm gonna maybe blow them up and frame them all, or something. I appreciate that. And for those of you who are listening in thank you for being here with us.

00:44:16.130 --> 00:44:32.690
Jane Atkinson: Reach out. Let us know that you're appreciating what we do. We just did our 300 episode, and make sure that you hit the subscribe button. Leave us a comment, and with that we will say, See you soon, wealthy speakers bye, for now.


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Ryan supports the world’s leading brands, including Liberty Mutual, Darden Restaurants, Goodyear, the Dallas Cowboys, Medtronic, ECCO USA and Blue Cross Blue Shield. He is a faculty member of the Institute of Management Studies, a member of the SmartBrief on Workforce Advisory Board and a certified Human Capital Strategist. Ryan and his team publish original research featuring client case studies to expand the live event experience. He is also the author of a popular blog on business performance. His writing has been featured in Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, FastCompany, SmartBrief, Business News Network, Crain’s Business, and Yahoo Business.

If you would like to hear the details of Ryan’s success and some ideas that you can implement in your speaking business, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

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