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The Evolution of The Wealthy Speaker with Jane Atkinson

The Evolution of the Wealthy Speaker with Jane Atkinson
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Quote: “Technology has changed the game for speakers. The way that we compete now is different.” Jane Atkinson

I was thinking about the ways that the speaking business has changed since I started more than 30 years ago and thought it would be a fun idea to share some of my insight with you. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re going to have a look at the evolution of the speaking business and what it takes to stay competitive today.

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Jane Atkinson: Hi, there! And welcome to the wealthy speaker. Podcast. I'm. Your host, Jane at concern. If you don't know me

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Jane Atkinson: very well, then welcome to the show. I'm glad that you have stumbled across us, because here, at the wealthy speaker, Podcast.

00:00:19.650 --> 00:00:24.479
Jane Atkinson: our goal is to help speakers and their families

00:00:24.510 --> 00:00:28.329
Jane Atkinson: create the business and the lifestyle of their dreams.

00:00:28.350 --> 00:00:33.540
Jane Atkinson: And so over the past 30 plus years I've been in the speaking business.

00:00:34.030 --> 00:00:46.139
Jane Atkinson: and I wrote a book many, many moons ago, called the wealthy Speaker, and I'm, just about to release the wealthy speaker. 3 point oh, so there was a wealthy.

00:00:46.150 --> 00:00:57.390
Jane Atkinson: wealthy 2, and this will be wealthy. 3.0, and someone was interviewing me recently about the wealthy speaker, 3.0, and they asked the question.

00:00:57.530 --> 00:01:03.510
Jane Atkinson: what's changed over the past 30 years in the speaking business. Now.

00:01:03.640 --> 00:01:17.959
Jane Atkinson: if you hear some strange things going on today, i'm actually recording this from my cottage. Got my dog walking by. I've got my fireplace on. Hopefully, my producers aren't saying, what the heck are you trying to put us through, Jane?

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So just know you're going to hear a few.

00:01:20.790 --> 00:01:25.170
Jane Atkinson: a few things that are a little bit unusual for our podcast.

00:01:25.560 --> 00:01:30.199
Jane Atkinson: What's changed in the last 30 years in the speaking business.

00:01:30.490 --> 00:01:32.110
Jane Atkinson: Well, let me tell you

00:01:32.560 --> 00:01:34.380
Jane Atkinson: everything has changed.

00:01:34.460 --> 00:01:42.769
Jane Atkinson: and one of the things When I was writing the wealthy 3 point oh, I recognized was that I also have evolved.

00:01:43.040 --> 00:01:45.760
Jane Atkinson: If somebody would have said to me

00:01:46.350 --> 00:01:49.529
Jane Atkinson: 25 years ago, Jane.

00:01:49.690 --> 00:01:56.469
I would like to go from 0 to $30,000 as my speaking fee.

00:01:56.660 --> 00:02:00.660
Jane Atkinson: and you know this is the path that I want to do it on.

00:02:00.740 --> 00:02:04.590
Jane Atkinson: I probably would have said, that's not possible.

00:02:04.730 --> 00:02:08.110
Jane Atkinson: but my own evolution.

00:02:08.509 --> 00:02:24.850
Jane Atkinson: And having witnessed so many people basically just putting the 2 keys to success that we talk about here at the wealthy speakers school, the 2 keys to success being number one an all in mindset.

00:02:25.140 --> 00:02:36.689
Jane Atkinson: just being kind of willing to go 100% in on your goal, and then following that up with number 2 consistent action.

00:02:37.390 --> 00:02:38.860
Jane Atkinson: I now know

00:02:39.000 --> 00:02:42.469
Jane Atkinson: that if you have those 2 things

00:02:42.710 --> 00:02:57.410
Jane Atkinson: that anything is possible you could say. I want to have a $100,000 speaking fee, and it's possible, is it? Is it like you know, are a lot of people doing that? No, they aren't.

00:02:57.430 --> 00:03:05.469
Jane Atkinson: But it is happening out there in the industry. And so let's think about some of the things that have changed

00:03:05.610 --> 00:03:09.269
Jane Atkinson: in the speaking industry over 30 years. We know

00:03:09.510 --> 00:03:20.240
Jane Atkinson: that technology has been a massive, has had a massive impact. We know that Covid has had a massive impact.

00:03:20.790 --> 00:03:29.099
Jane Atkinson: but i'm gonna add the third thing as being. I don't know why my dog is whining.

00:03:29.540 --> 00:03:34.290
Jane Atkinson: The third thing is mindset. The third thing is mindset.

00:03:35.020 --> 00:03:36.310
Jane Atkinson: Okay, jump up.

00:03:38.660 --> 00:03:39.660
Jane Atkinson: So

00:03:40.370 --> 00:03:43.589
Jane Atkinson: let's talk about technology first.

00:03:44.540 --> 00:03:57.829
Jane Atkinson: Back in the day. When I first got into the business we did a very old fashioned call. Send call process. That's a Tom Winninger, saying, Bless his heart, he's no longer with us.

00:03:57.930 --> 00:04:02.340
Jane Atkinson: and I followed the Tom Lininger

00:04:02.390 --> 00:04:11.979
Jane Atkinson: process of call. Send call, which meant that you called someone on the phone identified that they had a speaking opportunity and that they had a budget.

00:04:12.180 --> 00:04:23.410
Jane Atkinson: and then you would mail them out a kind of pizza box looking type package with Vhs tape, and you know a beautiful brochure

00:04:23.520 --> 00:04:26.320
Jane Atkinson: or folder full of.

00:04:26.480 --> 00:04:28.260
Jane Atkinson: you know, 6 color

00:04:28.480 --> 00:04:30.010
Jane Atkinson: printed pieces.

00:04:30.400 --> 00:04:39.830
Jane Atkinson: and then you would follow up. So that was call. Send a package, follow up. That was the process. So with technology.

00:04:40.510 --> 00:04:54.399
Jane Atkinson: we've added many, many, many different layers on to. How do we get noticed? Including making sure that you have a presence out there on the Internet. We want to make sure that the Google juices

00:04:54.490 --> 00:04:57.949
Jane Atkinson: are are finding you. And so there's

00:04:58.250 --> 00:05:03.729
Jane Atkinson: you know, a gazillion different ways to make sure that you're seen as an expert out there in the world.

00:05:03.770 --> 00:05:05.420
Jane Atkinson: including

00:05:05.940 --> 00:05:13.710
Jane Atkinson: podcasting and blogging, and all of the things that we do regularly in order to get into those feeds.

00:05:14.180 --> 00:05:20.850
Jane Atkinson: So technology has changed that. But clients searching for speakers

00:05:20.960 --> 00:05:40.520
Jane Atkinson: has really evolved back when you would send and work with Speakers Bureau, they wanted all bureau, friendly materials with you know your name and phone number or your phone number and your email address, you know, not present or your website address not present. Well, the today

00:05:40.540 --> 00:05:51.769
Jane Atkinson: anybody can Google your name and find your website. So that has really changed the game for Speakers Bureau, and they have had to raise their.

00:05:51.990 --> 00:05:58.929
Jane Atkinson: I would say maybe service and trust level with their clients, so that the loyalty factor

00:05:59.530 --> 00:06:01.100
Jane Atkinson: is really

00:06:01.350 --> 00:06:18.220
Jane Atkinson: allowing the clients to see that there is no other bureau that I want to work with. I don't want to go find my speakers direct, because I know that their customer service is gonna come through for me If something happens to the speaker, they're gonna be there to help me

00:06:18.230 --> 00:06:27.639
Jane Atkinson: fill the spot at the last minute, and you know there's a lot of things that a bureau can do to create loyalty with their with their customers.

00:06:27.740 --> 00:06:32.619
Jane Atkinson: But really, if you know, there's no reason why

00:06:32.750 --> 00:06:35.570
Jane Atkinson: a client can't find a speaker directly

00:06:35.600 --> 00:06:43.800
Jane Atkinson: in today's world. So technology is really changed. The game for the Speakers Bureau. It's also changed the game for speakers.

00:06:44.110 --> 00:06:46.499
Jane Atkinson: The way that we compete now

00:06:46.520 --> 00:06:52.899
Jane Atkinson: is different. The way that we do the call send call methodology is different.

00:06:53.000 --> 00:07:01.880
Jane Atkinson: you know. I'm kind of wondering whether or not phone calling Isn't going to come back around because I think people's inboxes are quite inundated.

00:07:02.110 --> 00:07:03.150
Jane Atkinson: so

00:07:03.410 --> 00:07:06.629
Jane Atkinson: I would say it's more like a

00:07:06.770 --> 00:07:12.939
Jane Atkinson: touch. Send touch process. Then a call send call process. But

00:07:13.070 --> 00:07:14.800
Jane Atkinson: you know your first

00:07:14.870 --> 00:07:18.700
Jane Atkinson: reach out to a client, maybe by email.

00:07:18.790 --> 00:07:22.680
Jane Atkinson: But maybe at the same time you might connect with them on Linkedin.

00:07:22.730 --> 00:07:26.700
Jane Atkinson: and perhaps some of my clients will call and leave

00:07:26.730 --> 00:07:40.160
Jane Atkinson: an hour after hours voicemail, so that they can hear their voice. And hey, I sent you an email, and we're gonna connect on Linkedin. And i'm hoping that this topic is of interest to you. You know there's

00:07:40.290 --> 00:07:43.360
Jane Atkinson: a lot of different ways to touch.

00:07:43.470 --> 00:07:59.740
Jane Atkinson: and we want to make sure that we're doing it in a way that doesn't feel too much or creepy at the same time. Have some awareness for what's going on in the clients in basket, and make sure that they are indeed.

00:08:00.280 --> 00:08:05.169
Jane Atkinson: you know, seeing you in a couple of different directions, because we know that sometimes

00:08:05.230 --> 00:08:06.930
Jane Atkinson: your emails can get

00:08:07.090 --> 00:08:09.370
Jane Atkinson: put into the spam folder.

00:08:09.640 --> 00:08:10.710
Jane Atkinson: So

00:08:10.960 --> 00:08:17.589
Jane Atkinson: we reach out, Find out whether or not there's any interest in what it is that we are selling.

00:08:18.030 --> 00:08:31.899
Jane Atkinson: Maybe we send them over. Some follow up materials. Here's a link directly to my video. Here's a link directly to an article that I thought might be of interest to you, and then we follow up.

00:08:32.539 --> 00:08:37.679
Jane Atkinson: The idea is to be in the right place at the right time, and

00:08:37.919 --> 00:08:48.269
Jane Atkinson: it may be that you do it in a lot of different ways. A lot of speakers are having great results, sending out videos

00:08:50.010 --> 00:08:54.329
Jane Atkinson: as kind of like the first touch. Hey?

00:08:54.530 --> 00:09:07.899
Jane Atkinson: You know, George, I saw that you have an event coming up in July, and I thought I would be a good fit. And let me tell you why you know kind of on that video, and really give him the what's in it for them.

00:09:07.940 --> 00:09:18.290
Jane Atkinson: And that is a great way to go. I think sh speakers showcasing themselves on video is terrific because

00:09:20.810 --> 00:09:32.190
Jane Atkinson: they're hiring speakers. They want to see them speaking. And so a little short customized video that's directly to George. The person who is in charge of the meeting is perfect.

00:09:32.260 --> 00:09:38.310
Jane Atkinson: So that's certainly a way to go. There is a lot of different ways to go about planting seeds.

00:09:38.380 --> 00:09:41.440
Jane Atkinson: and my point is that

00:09:41.560 --> 00:09:50.829
Jane Atkinson: we still need to do the action consistently. Whatever the actions are, Some of you might have a selling superpower, as we call them, in the book

00:09:50.860 --> 00:10:06.290
Jane Atkinson: of networking. And if networking is your selling superpower, then you want to make sure that you're carving out time 2 or 3 times a month to get out there and get to those networking meetings. Live face to face. Okay.

00:10:06.410 --> 00:10:11.200
Jane Atkinson: So technology has certainly changed the game.

00:10:12.180 --> 00:10:16.059
Jane Atkinson: Covid changed the game in that.

00:10:16.670 --> 00:10:22.409
Jane Atkinson: Of course, the way everybody learned for several years became

00:10:22.900 --> 00:10:25.959
Jane Atkinson: virtual, and

00:10:26.510 --> 00:10:42.550
Jane Atkinson: it I know that what we've seen over the past, say 12 months is that there's a huge comeback in meetings. People really really missed getting together face to face, and so we now know that we'll never ever do away with

00:10:42.570 --> 00:10:50.090
Jane Atkinson: live in person, face to face meetings. And I think that's really good news for our industry.

00:10:50.620 --> 00:10:51.850
Jane Atkinson: But

00:10:52.510 --> 00:10:59.909
Jane Atkinson: my prediction is that virtual also won't be going away because

00:10:59.920 --> 00:11:16.759
Jane Atkinson: they can help augment in between meetings. So we now know how to do virtual really well, and hybrid meetings. I'm actually still seeing them. I thought hybrid meetings were going to be a bit of a fad at first.

00:11:16.890 --> 00:11:21.559
Jane Atkinson: because it's so hard to engage that audience at home.

00:11:21.870 --> 00:11:25.410
Jane Atkinson: and having just attended one a month ago.

00:11:26.810 --> 00:11:41.629
Jane Atkinson: It, you know, when you're at home it's a totally different experience, and they really need to grab you and hold you, or else you are going to be off unloading the dishwasher, doing something else when you're supposed to be at this meeting. So

00:11:42.440 --> 00:11:54.729
Jane Atkinson: The good news, is, I think, for speakers is that you can be selling packages that include a combination of in-person things

00:11:54.740 --> 00:12:04.490
Jane Atkinson: and virtual things, of course, based on what you love to do and what you're really good at, and I think that has opened up

00:12:04.740 --> 00:12:07.320
Jane Atkinson: the market for us to be more

00:12:07.390 --> 00:12:12.859
Jane Atkinson: instead of transactional where we

00:12:13.310 --> 00:12:17.749
Jane Atkinson: are able to do one.

00:12:19.400 --> 00:12:32.400
Jane Atkinson: Well, we're able to do kind of one event fly in, do the event and leave. That's a transaction. That's one transaction we're able to become more transformational and offer

00:12:32.410 --> 00:12:51.499
Jane Atkinson: the client a process that's going to allow them to really see something change and evolve in their or an organization. We're trying to sell transformation here rather than just one transaction. So think beyond that one speech. I think that is one of the best

00:12:51.580 --> 00:12:58.110
Jane Atkinson: and biggest benefits of what Covid gave us the gifts that Covid gave us.

00:12:59.850 --> 00:13:01.060
Jane Atkinson: So

00:13:03.520 --> 00:13:06.980
Jane Atkinson: the third thing really coming back to Mindset

00:13:07.340 --> 00:13:09.790
Jane Atkinson: is that

00:13:10.340 --> 00:13:16.840
Jane Atkinson: there's just no way to operate, I believe a successful speaking business

00:13:17.060 --> 00:13:21.719
Jane Atkinson: with your mindset, or your thoughts not being in check.

00:13:21.810 --> 00:13:25.450
Jane Atkinson: If your thoughts revolve anyway

00:13:25.620 --> 00:13:30.640
Jane Atkinson: into places that don't allow you to show up confident

00:13:30.680 --> 00:13:32.800
Jane Atkinson: Houston, we have a problem.

00:13:32.860 --> 00:13:38.360
Jane Atkinson: and so you need to work on it and lock down your mindset

00:13:38.820 --> 00:13:42.130
Jane Atkinson: and make sure that your thoughts are coming at

00:13:42.360 --> 00:13:50.290
Jane Atkinson: any call that you have with the prospective client that your thoughts are coming from a place of

00:13:50.300 --> 00:14:08.169
Jane Atkinson: Wow! I've got so many great things of value for them. I can't wait to help them solve a problem versus any kind of thought that revolves around. Oh, gosh! I'm not sure. They're going to be able to afford me. I'm not. You know they're never going to pay that much.

00:14:08.470 --> 00:14:25.429
Jane Atkinson: Anything that's putting you in a place of lack or less than in your feelings, is not going to serve you well. And so that's the type of stuff that is actually running through the wealthy speaker. 3. So

00:14:25.440 --> 00:14:36.149
Jane Atkinson: blatant pitch here if you've already where the wealthy speaker or the wealthy speaker 2.0, please don't think that that's it. You've checked the box.

00:14:36.520 --> 00:14:49.799
Jane Atkinson: The third version, the wealthy Speaker 3, is going to be a book that you do not want to miss, and we have a workbook that's coming out with this a a bonus download

00:14:50.110 --> 00:14:53.280
Jane Atkinson: that is actually worth the price of the book.

00:14:53.290 --> 00:15:15.590
Jane Atkinson: and it's all brand new. All of the worksheets are new, all of the coaches. Questions are new. Times of the topics, of course, are new and newly updated because of what's gone on, and that kind of mindset piece is flowing throughout the book, and I think I've done an even better job of really sending you home

00:15:15.600 --> 00:15:22.370
Jane Atkinson: feeling pumped and ready to take on the world. And so I am super

00:15:22.640 --> 00:15:29.250
Jane Atkinson: excited for you to go out to Speaker

00:15:29.360 --> 00:15:47.740
Jane Atkinson: click on our bookstore, and you are going to be able to Go now and grab your copy of the wealthy speaker 3.0, and once you get into the book you will see a. QR. Code that you can go ahead and scan your down, your your bonus downloads.

00:15:47.760 --> 00:15:51.690
Jane Atkinson: and I've got to tell you I

00:15:51.880 --> 00:15:53.840
Jane Atkinson: cannot wait

00:15:54.080 --> 00:16:04.620
Jane Atkinson: to hear what you have to say about it. I hope you'll connect with me on Instagram. I'm Jane Atkinson, one on Instagram, and I would love to hear from you

00:16:04.760 --> 00:16:06.820
Jane Atkinson: with.

00:16:06.880 --> 00:16:09.569
Jane Atkinson: You know what you've learned from the book

00:16:09.780 --> 00:16:10.710
Jane Atkinson: all right.

00:16:10.790 --> 00:16:28.199
Jane Atkinson: So coming to you from a fairly noisy cottage today, my dog is whining because my husband's out driving on the Atv, and he's, and so the dog is whimpering with the anxiety without him.

00:16:28.320 --> 00:16:31.170
Jane Atkinson: I want you to know that

00:16:31.870 --> 00:16:38.399
Jane Atkinson: we're going to keep putting out good podcasts for you here, so keep tuning in, and i'll see you soon. Wealthy speakers.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • The keys to speaking success. [2:00]
  • How technology has changed the business. [4:00]
  • Video reach-outs. [9:00]
  • The gifts that COVID gave us. [10:30]
  • Mindset is everything. [13:00]
  • The Wealthy Speaker 3.0. [14:30]

I have experienced this evolution, and I hope you’ll reach out to me on social media with questions, comments and feedback about the podcast and book.

If you are curious as to how the speaking business has transformed and what you need to do to stay relevant, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll listen and learn.


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