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The Gremlins and The Grammys

Green gremlin

For those of you who follow my work, I LOVE music.  All music.  And therefore, I love watching the Grammy’s to see the talent and the collaboration.

I have to say I wasn’t blown away this year. When I watched it back, I realized there were many performances that were solid.  But which ones did you remember?  “Solid” wasn’t enough to get talked about the next day.

There was Madonna who offered “sizzle” but doesn’t really have the pipes.

And then there was Annie Lennox who has the pipes but not a lot of sizzle.

But, the lesson I wanted to bring forward though was around the Green Gremlin.  The Green Gremlin is the ugly little man (or woman) who sits on your shoulder and spews venom. The Gremlin is great at berating you, but also loves to feed ENVY!

Sometimes in our business, the Green Gremlin rears his ugly head.  It’s usually the Gremlin speaking when you are thinking the following:

  • I should be up there on that stage, why am I not up there?
  • I could do a better job.
  • I can’t believe he just said that.
  • What the heck is she wearing?
  • Why are they getting that award?  Ugh, I work so hard!

Or in the case of Kanye West….”someone else deserved that award, not you”.  (Now, he might be some sort of musical phenom, but doesn’t that guy need a good kick in the ass?)

But here’s the point.  Rather than allowing the Green Gremlin to drive your internal conversations when watching other speakers, catch what they are doing right and learn from what they are doing wrong.

That’s it. Class dismissed. And Kanye, don’t come back til you grow up.

Want to share a Gremlin story?

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!

PS: The best way to reduce the Gremlins is to work on your craft.

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PPS: Intended to mention a terrific book Taming Your Gremlin @tamingyourgremlin Sorry it got edited out of today’s post. Pick it up today!

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