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The Happy Speaker with Tom Guetzke

The Happy Speaker with Jane Atkinson and Tom Guetzke
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Quote: “I truly believe that happiness is an inside job, and it’s up to each of us to be intentional about happiness. We can create happiness in our life, but you have to be intentional.” Tom Guetzke

The pursuit of happiness…a term that we have all heard, but what exactly does that mean, and how do we acquire happiness? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re HAPPY to welcome happiness expert Tom Guetzke to talk about how he leads his clients to find their own happiness and how you can too!

Successfully growing businesses in the U.S. and 65 countries around the globe, Tom has taken companies from zero to $32 million in just 2 years. Leaving the corporate world, Tom pursued his heart as the founder of Live Happy. His insightful experience has been built working with diverse companies such as KitchenAid, PŪR Water Filters, Whirlpool Home Appliances, the U.S. Olympic Team, Williams-Sonoma and Disney. Tom has been featured in U.S. News & World Report and serves on the Small Business Advisory Board for Fortune and USA Today.    


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Jane Atkinson: Well welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast Today we're gonna talk about happiness. Maybe wealthy, happy. Go together a little bit, hand in hand. How do you define happiness in your life? Think about that. What's your baseline for deciding?

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Jane Atkinson: You know where you're going to sit in terms of happiness

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Jane Atkinson: today. Tom Getsky, a happiness expert and geologist, if you will, is here to share with us some success that he said in speaking, and some details about the happiness factor. Welcome to the podcast, Tom.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Thanks, James Great to be here. I'm happy

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Jane Atkinson: everything I know, and that's why I wanted to have you on every time you've ever come on to any of our masterminds, or if we're doing one on one coaching, it's always been an absolute joy to see your face on the zoom screen. And I just want to say thank you for just showing up the way that you show up, because

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Jane Atkinson: it's a beautiful thing, and you you walk your talk, Tom

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Jane Atkinson: I'm. I mean you have fun orange glasses on, and and there's a there's some happiness behind you, and but it really does show on your face. How do you do that? Every single day

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: I start happy. The big thing is is how you start your day, and so many people, you know. I used to grab my phone. you know. Well, you know you think of it as I, as I learned more and did more of the research. You realized that

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: you, you can be, you know, sound asleep in this Alpha State, just resting in this and that, and you you grab your phone right away. You grab that phone and it's yeah, it's. Oh, I got this appointment. I got to get the kids a soccer. I've got to remember to do this, and it changes your blood chemistry

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: because adrenaline and these these negative hormones pump into your system. And the amazing thing is is, research has shown us that just 3 min

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: of that negative behavior in the morning, and it could be turning on one of those happy morning shows which

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: teach you about all what's going on in the world, and you have that same impact.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and it it impacts your your body, your blood, chemistry. You double your chances of having a bad day, and it lasts for up to 8 h, which is amazing, because those it's not a light switch. You know our hormones are not a light switch there that just go on and off. So once you start them

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: they keep going so. But the good news is, you can flip that, because that's what I do. I I that I just not do those things in the morning. So I take some me time, You know, some meditation, you know.

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Jane Atkinson: Oh, well, I want to get into kind of some happiness habits here shortly. So let me first ask you a little bit about your kind of career in business what we were doing before you got into speaking

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: before I get into speaking. I had started speaking quite a few years ago, but it was with corporation in in a involved in a corporation. I work for Whirlpool Corporation and and well traveled. The world. About 65 countries lived in was President of Europe, and and

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: I, you know, just did a lot of that kind of traveling, and and but most of my speaking was at that point. I kind of had a little

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: teaser that I enjoyed speaking, but it was with teleprompters and stuff which, as we know, is very different speaking. But then I it was something I wanted to pursue and and get more involved in. And and so when I made the decision to to get out of corporate America and pursue my own life.

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Jane Atkinson: That's when I really kind of got involved with the speaking. I did not know. President of World Pool. Was it Europe?

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Yeah. Kitchen 8. It was kitchen aid Europe at the time. We just acquired whirlpool. So it was lived over there in Brussels for 3 years, so

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Jane Atkinson: learn something new about you every time we talk, and that is absolutely fascinating that you have that background. I mean, talk about my stakes.

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Jane Atkinson: So when you first started out in speaking 20 years ago.

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Jane Atkinson: What topic were you thinking about speaking about?

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Well, when I first started it was it was a toastmaster. So it was going through the toast masters books, and got my distinguished toast, Master and I became toast, master of the year. But though that was all kinds of topics, but what I really enjoy I at that point I was speaking more about marketing. My background was in marketing

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: the psychology of marketing. You know what colors? Why do people buy what they buy? So it wasn't clinical psychology, but more marketing psychology that I was involved with. So

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Jane Atkinson: my presentations and speaking. We're on that for years. Okay? And you went down the road and thought, okay, and you would even kept on the side some cmo positions kind of as consulting gigs. Right? Right? Correct. Yeah. So I've maintained.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: You know, I I several clients that I act as the chief marketing officer for their organization, so as a fractional position. Oftentimes they're companies that

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: can't afford to bring in a full time position. And so i'm able to work on that which I love because they're all different industries. I've got everything from a a company that designs to fun businesses that make a shave ice equipment and flavors, and so kind of all over, which is really fun for me.

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Jane Atkinson: a smart guy like yourself. But at some point you decided that you wanted to go down the happiness path. What caused a a change in link?

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Well, I've been doing a lot of, you know, speaking on the corporate environment and everything like that. And at that point I was taking care of my Yup parents. My dad was at that time like in his late or middle nineties, and so I had several years there

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: where I really got to spend time with him, and it was fast when he was on Omaha Beach and battle the bulge and liberation of Paris, you know I freed the

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: concentration Cam. So here there's just a great story that I really got to spend a lot of time with him, and it made me think about is did I want to continue to

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: speak on marketing, you know, and and I, I said, now, there's there's always been involved in the speed, you know the happiness or psychology. And so I really went back and did some advanced studies in positive psychology at Penn University, and then studied more on happiness at Yale and Uc. Berkeley so really got into that, because

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: to me this is just a passion of mine, and I see the difference it makes when I speak to people, and they discover that they're responsible for their own happiness. It's like you see them light up. And so that really made my change, and that was probably in

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: t 4 or 5 years ago. You know that I really did that.

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Jane Atkinson: you know, and i'm assume. Ha! Your parents are both past now.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Yeah, he passed it 97. So

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Jane Atkinson: a son or daughter who re-evaluated their life after seeing someone through end of life.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: right? Yeah, it does kinda make you reflect and think about what's my, what do I want my legacy, or what do I want going forward? And and at the time I I, my my kids, were growing up and off to college, and I was like.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: so I felt like I had a new, clean chapter starting, you know, just a blank page, and I could put whatever I wanted on that page. But so it was a lot of that thinking and saying, what is my next

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: several years going to look like? They can look just like the last 5 years, or are they going to be different?

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Jane Atkinson: I

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Jane Atkinson: it's interesting. My mom's 93, and her caregiving has been so consuming, and wonder if i'll find myself feeling like, what do I do with my time? You know, afterwards. So that's a that was a very unique thing, because you are kind of always on call, and you're always that. And I realized after they had passed, and they had no regrets. Both my mom and dad and no regrets. They were

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: ready to go, and and so it was well was very easy, but from that standpoint but yeah, you all of a sudden I found myself going. It was like this: Just giant burden was lifted off. So it was a you know, a a bit of a gift that you don't realize, because when you're in the middle of it, it's just what you do.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and for those of you who are trying to

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Jane Atkinson: run a business, run a family of your own and care take for parents. I bow to you. We, the kids in the house. So we have 6 grandkids, and they're all out being taken care of by others. So I feel like we are. We have a bit more of an ability. But for people who are in the Sandwich generation I really feel for them.

00:09:30.790 --> 00:09:33.400
Jane Atkinson: and that that's a lot. It's a lot.

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Jane Atkinson: So okay. So you transition into happiness

00:09:38.090 --> 00:09:39.600

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Jane Atkinson: in and with a corporate application, because that makes perfect sense that you are able to talk about some of the statistics

00:09:50.170 --> 00:09:58.120
that you offer your clients that that speaks to how happiness affects their bottom line.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Yeah, I think that's the one thing is, you know, kind of when I started. This was, you know, obviously pre pandemic and everything else, and at that time people thought of happiness as it's kind of a luxury, or it's like somebody group, hug, stuff and and everything. But

00:10:14.790 --> 00:10:21.550
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: I think all the research and everything that has come out is as really impacted. And I think, especially now, post

00:10:21.560 --> 00:10:30.720
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: pandemic people have seen the impact in their workers, and and research tells us about. You know the impact of happiness. So

00:10:30.780 --> 00:10:47.260
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: companies that focus on happiness when in their organization, and look at the whole person. It's not, you know. I always laugh at work. Life balance because it's like, Well, what? When you get to work, it's not your life. No, it's all your life whether you're at work or at home. You all have one life, and so.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: having people happy. I mean, there's you know, 125% less burnout there's less turnover 50% less turnover, 66% less sick. Leave.

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Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: you know. So all of that higher retention which is huge now. But you know an innovation 300%, and I mean even productivity and sales is, you know, happy companies see a 31% higher

00:11:11.050 --> 00:11:17.860
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: productivity and sales. So it's good for business. It's not just a a to do thing.

00:11:17.930 --> 00:11:31.390
Jane Atkinson: So for our listeners. If you're kind of in the early stages, or maybe transitioning your laying. and you have a corporate application to that link. Really, look at some of the research

00:11:31.410 --> 00:11:34.260
Jane Atkinson: to allow you to show them

00:11:34.570 --> 00:11:52.030
Jane Atkinson: how your help can really impact their bottom line. And I think you got into the happiness equation kind of before. It was really cool, and so it was a bit of an uphill battle. It was a bit of a sell, so it was really smart for you to get this research

00:11:52.030 --> 00:12:00.060
Jane Atkinson: and be able to share with people. Hey, this is really gonna impact your bottom line, and i'm kind of excited about

00:12:00.280 --> 00:12:07.740
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: when we get to work together, kind of one on one we get to talk more about what that looks like in your own marketing.

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Jane Atkinson: So

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Jane Atkinson: you've had this beautiful journey when you transitioned.

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Jane Atkinson: Was that an easy transition? You went from being a marketing person over to happiness? Talk a little bit about, maybe the mock in in the middle of it all, because it's not always easy to make a transition. It's kind of scary, sometimes too isn't it.

00:12:29.880 --> 00:12:40.750
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, it's it's difficult. And you know, when I was speaking on marketing was more, you know, through companies and market i'd be asked to speak, and that kind of stuff. So it really wasn't the business of speaking.

00:12:40.760 --> 00:12:54.820
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: And it was really after I moved here, I said, No, this is the business of speaking now, and so I was involved with Nsa. In Minnesota. I went through the Nsa. Has a. They have a great program in Minnesota on the apprentice program.

00:12:54.860 --> 00:13:05.810
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: You're working with some of the top speakers, you know, in the country there's several past Presidents from Nsa. And you know a lot of hall of famers that are here.

00:13:05.810 --> 00:13:25.060
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and so working with them, really gave me that business side and see the application, or see that tie of how do you market? I knew how to market, but not necessarily speaking. So now. It kind of bridge, that gap that I could understand marketing, and how a how to market speaking and work with that. So

00:13:25.060 --> 00:13:37.670
Jane Atkinson: okay, so tell us about your business today because I've watched you just in the last couple of years, just to evolve and grow and doubling your business and tripling. Your business is like.

00:13:37.760 --> 00:13:45.210
Jane Atkinson: you know. It's been beautiful to watch, Tom. What does your business model look like?

00:13:45.970 --> 00:13:58.140
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: My business model. It's. It's very interesting. It's, and it's it's unique. I've learned that you know it's very different from the same part of you know. I have applications that apply to the individual.

00:13:58.220 --> 00:14:17.680
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: you know. So it's like, you know, live happy, and it's about their lives. Then there's the culture, a company's culture where I work with companies, maybe over a year or more, you know, helping them to to create that happy culture. And then with that culture comes the happy leader. So that's really one of the focuses I've been focusing on now is the happy leader.

00:14:17.680 --> 00:14:20.490
Jane Atkinson: and and helping those leaders

00:14:20.500 --> 00:14:31.170
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: learn how to create a happiness, help their people to grow, and some of them, you know by leadership we learn the old models of. We find what's wrong with our people

00:14:31.170 --> 00:14:51.290
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and trying to change them to fit what we need versus someone's got a talent or a superpower. Let's let's drive that, and build a complement over here to their weakness, you know, and build a team that's made of people that really work well together that way.

00:14:51.290 --> 00:15:01.360
Jane Atkinson: Wouldn't you say that the whole mental health conversation is only going to get bigger in our industry.

00:15:01.420 --> 00:15:11.660
Jane Atkinson: and that especially Post Covid, that people are much more aware of how people are feeling.

00:15:11.840 --> 00:15:18.440
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Yeah, yeah, I definitely see that in some of the companies, and you know, obviously people companies that are

00:15:18.460 --> 00:15:36.930
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: identify that as a need, you know. And those are companies I'll speak, speak for put together programs on going, you know wellness or mental health programs to help them. But yeah, I think more and more coming up, realizing that. And and individuals are. They're aware of their own mental health and the importance of that.

00:15:36.930 --> 00:15:46.660
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Because if you're going to work and you're miserable, you you're not going to come home and be happy, you know. And so it's. It's important that you, you know you know, live your best life

00:15:46.690 --> 00:15:54.020
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: rounded, fully rounded, and and finding happiness in the work, environment at home, or wherever it is that combination.

00:15:54.480 --> 00:16:00.270
Jane Atkinson: So what are the kind of companies that are putting a focus on this? Do you want to do some name dropping here?

00:16:00.400 --> 00:16:04.340
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Sure, I just I it. It's great. I just did one

00:16:04.470 --> 00:16:10.300
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: last week with because it was women's Health week. So I worked with Hilty. Hilton is a large

00:16:10.430 --> 00:16:24.740
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: multinational corporation, and it was Women's week. So it was just the women's group, although it's a problem. There's several men in that in that group, too, but because they're spread out all over. It was virtual which I haven't done virtual for a little while.

00:16:24.830 --> 00:16:37.450
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Stuff has been live which I like. But this was great. It was great to meet so many people from all over the world and interact. And I worked. I just did the national sales me for General Mills.

00:16:37.450 --> 00:16:49.830
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and that's a company that you know, really is focused on that, and making sure their employees. And it it's a challenge. What? Especially when you have employees spread out all over, and you're not having that come into the office.

00:16:49.840 --> 00:17:04.540
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: So there's a there's a. I think a lot of companies have that challenge they're facing with. How do you manage that? It was easy when everyone was in the same office, and and together all the time. Now they're not so it it creates. You have to work even harder

00:17:04.569 --> 00:17:06.319
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: to create that.

00:17:06.359 --> 00:17:18.270
Jane Atkinson: Pull people in and make help them feel engaged. And so it it's probably not even a one. Stop, you know you. Yes, you can to come in and do the parachute keynote.

00:17:18.270 --> 00:17:31.570
Jane Atkinson: But is it not something that opens up opportunities for you for insulting and long term year long programs where you're building a culture versus you know, just

00:17:32.000 --> 00:17:34.500
Jane Atkinson: saying, hey? Happiness is important.

00:17:34.510 --> 00:17:42.710
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Yeah, for me. That's an easy conversation to have when them when I get that a we want you to come in and keynote, you know, at our national meeting, or whatever, and it's like

00:17:42.730 --> 00:18:01.580
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: great, and you know, as we dig into it, why, you know, while we really need to work on. You know our people. We want them to be happy. We want to. It's like, Well, okay, keynotes, you know. 60 min deal or a 90 min deal that's not gonna change the needle. Really, you know, people are gonna feel great walking out of there and energize. But

00:18:01.580 --> 00:18:04.020
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: how you have to reinforce that because

00:18:04.080 --> 00:18:17.700
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: change happens over time, it's not a light switch. Same thing, you know. And so, being able to work with them, we create a monthly program where maybe I do a short little video, and then we have some some information that gets out to everyone.

00:18:17.710 --> 00:18:36.940
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: And I've done that with some really interesting companies that you know have 24 h operations, so it has to be available to them. You know, via online or accessible that's. Beautiful, a great question to ask, Well, how long would you like it to last?

00:18:36.970 --> 00:18:52.390
Jane Atkinson: Well, as long as humanly possible? Okay? Well, let's talk about how long do you want your people to be happy.

00:18:53.110 --> 00:18:55.870
Jane Atkinson: I I I just really want to

00:18:56.140 --> 00:19:11.350
Jane Atkinson: iterate that it's been an absolute joy to kind of watch you doing this business and grow it and involve it. And I think you know you're showing up happy to the party has been such a huge part of that.

00:19:11.350 --> 00:19:23.550
Jane Atkinson: What are? Let's just share some of those happiness habits that we talked about at the beginning of the call. Number One is let's leave our phone in place for how long?

00:19:23.670 --> 00:19:45.100
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Well, that's yeah. Start your day, start your day happy. So that's not grabbing your phone right away, taking some time for yourself, making sure that you you take a little. You me time in the morning, meaning, you know, whether it's just sitting out having coffee relaxing in the morning, but meditating. Some people read some people journal it. Whatever

00:19:45.270 --> 00:20:04.570
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: you know, is is taking time for yourself, because the good news is just like the negative last, for up to 8 h the positive does, too. So if you release these positive hormones in your system, it's it's very powerful in terms of the impact it has on your day, and sometimes we don't realize it. I know I have

00:20:04.570 --> 00:20:19.320
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: a woman who contacted me. She goes. Gosh! That that 3 min thing bugged me, and she said, You know what. I realized that in the morning, when i'm running around and barking at my kids and i'm parking in my head, trying to get out the door, and I

00:20:19.780 --> 00:20:25.590
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: she goes. I realize that for my husband and 2 kids I am there 3 min of negative.

00:20:26.680 --> 00:20:44.940
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: And so, she decided. I don't want to be that I want to be there 3 min of positive, and the same is true. I want I want them going out that door. The world is tough enough out there, so I want to give them their 3 min of positive. So now she's, said i'm positive in the morning I I you know. Lift them up.

00:20:45.000 --> 00:21:02.020
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: give them confidence, you know, hugs, whatever it is, so that when they go out in the world they're going out with a smile on their face. So what an amazing realization! So for you parents who are scrambling to get kids out the door, get kids out the door. Is there anything else.

00:21:02.260 --> 00:21:08.770
Jane Atkinson: you know. My grandson is 15, and the minute we say, okay, we're getting ready to leave

00:21:08.900 --> 00:21:23.430
Jane Atkinson: it it's distracted. It goes. Does something else like dude we're leaving. I just told you early made Go and put on your shoes, for goodness sakes, you know he drives me a little bit crazy sometimes, so.

00:21:23.430 --> 00:21:29.530
Jane Atkinson: So I think that what you're saying is so so important.

00:21:30.100 --> 00:21:49.170
Jane Atkinson: because in my mind i'm not going to a happy place. Let him, you know, go up. Obviously so. I think that's really important. If people take care of themselves first and get into a state where they're thinking something positive

00:21:49.220 --> 00:22:02.030
Jane Atkinson: that is so incredible the news these days, and I've talked about it in, You know, video podcasts and things like that. The news these days can really start to weigh you down.

00:22:02.220 --> 00:22:20.090
Jane Atkinson: If you are an avid watcher of the news, really try a cleanse a news, cleanse and see how it makes you feel in the mornings, especially if you're watching it first thing in the morning, you know. Maybe it differently in the day, and that would accommodate the same thing.

00:22:20.200 --> 00:22:34.180
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: You know I truly believe that happiness is an inside job, and it's it's up to each of us, you know, to to intend to be intentional about happiness. We can create happiness in our life. But you have to be intentional.

00:22:34.180 --> 00:22:43.660
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: How you look at it, and everything else will determine that outcome. So if you you're occupying your brain with negative thoughts, and those negative self tapes, and all those things going on

00:22:43.690 --> 00:22:55.050
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: that becomes your reality. And the same is true with the happiness. If you, if you're focused on things that make you happy, and finding the positive in your world that will become your life.

00:22:55.670 --> 00:23:09.080
Jane Atkinson: So I think, in terms of some homework for people. First of all really evaluate how you're starting your day, and whether or not you can put some of the happiness habits

00:23:09.080 --> 00:23:24.670
Jane Atkinson: into your morning routine, whether it be meditation, or maybe it's just taking some quiet time for you. Sitting with your coffee. You get up 3 to 5 min early, so that you can have that zen moment alone before the chaos. And so

00:23:24.880 --> 00:23:33.500
Jane Atkinson: also, I think the reason in this whole coaching thing that I've taught you in the school, and

00:23:33.690 --> 00:23:41.060
Jane Atkinson: I've been talking about for a long time. We have a circumstance, and then we have a thought, and then we have a feeling.

00:23:41.280 --> 00:23:52.340
Jane Atkinson: and we keep the new circumstance neutral. If you even think just about Covid. Everybody reacted to and thought about Covid differently.

00:23:52.410 --> 00:24:01.810
Jane Atkinson: So that's why we keep it neutral. So you might be saying to yourself, how can I possibly be happy under this circumstance?

00:24:01.940 --> 00:24:10.650
Jane Atkinson: It is a it is a conscious, intentional. You have to be really really dedicated to

00:24:10.680 --> 00:24:17.040
Jane Atkinson: choosing happiness, you know. Maybe you're in the middle of an aging parent and decline.

00:24:17.280 --> 00:24:29.300
Jane Atkinson: That's gonna be a really difficult time to choose happiness. How did you manage through that, Tom? I know you were kind of just at the beginning of the Happiness research, probably how that happened.

00:24:29.630 --> 00:24:42.460
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: One of the one of the biggest things I think is that I folks are yeah. And this actually came a lot from my dad, too, is focusing on can and can't control. And it turned out, I ended up working with the Us. Olympic team

00:24:42.540 --> 00:25:00.760
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: on exactly that. So top athletes you would think they'd focus on all winning and and and that kind of stuff, and it's like they they don't control that. Otherwise they'd win every game wouldn't they. and so it's in the same as true as speakers. I mean, you focus on why, getting that gig, or getting this or getting it? It's like we don't control. What other people do

00:25:00.860 --> 00:25:09.420
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: whether that person is gonna say Yes, where that committee is going to say Yes, we don't control that we don't control other people's, opinions, other people's, actions.

00:25:09.490 --> 00:25:12.420
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: What we do control is our own attitude.

00:25:12.810 --> 00:25:24.280
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: our own effort? Are we Are we positive? Are we easy to work with? You know our our effort, our do we work on our stagecraft? We work, it being the best we can be.

00:25:24.310 --> 00:25:38.560
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Our behavior and our actions. Are they consistent, our marketing consistent, you know, that pays dividends, those seeds that are being planted in our reactions when things don't go like we, you know we control that.

00:25:38.730 --> 00:25:46.540
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: And so those are the important things is focusing on what we can control in our lives. And when you let all those other things, it's amazing.

00:25:46.790 --> 00:26:00.430
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: It's like, because if you really, we think we spend most of our time on that which creates stress. But but the reality is, we don't control it. But the minute you go, all but and focus on what you do control. You actually are more successful.

00:26:00.720 --> 00:26:12.370
Jane Atkinson: and when you've done the best job you could at, say, you know you have a You're on the short list, and there's 3 other speakers, and you kind of show up and

00:26:12.420 --> 00:26:26.030
Jane Atkinson: and talk through to the client with in your best, most confident self. That's the part you can control. How you engage with them. The conversation that you have, the questions that you ask.

00:26:26.060 --> 00:26:43.490
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: what they do after that is completely out of your control. I really loved back when I was dating a book called he's just not that into you, me to be what he wanted

00:26:43.490 --> 00:26:48.970
Jane Atkinson: and just was like, okay, we're just not a match. It's just not. It's not a good fit.

00:26:49.110 --> 00:27:04.800
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: We try to force, you know, and you know, or we get stressed out. You know we get all stressed out trying to. Oh, we've got to make this happen. Well, now, you're not coming across as your true self. You know. Once you accept that they're going to make their decision. All I can do is be my best and be my best me.

00:27:04.980 --> 00:27:18.880
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and if this is right for them, then it's right. If it's not, it's not. If i'm the perfect fit for this event, then I will get it. I don't get it this year. Let me get it next year. That's perfect

00:27:18.880 --> 00:27:32.600
Jane Atkinson: way. When you've done all the work, then you just release it out into the world as one of the principles in that of manifesting from Wayne Dyer. By the way, it's just really from the outcome.

00:27:32.670 --> 00:27:48.880
Jane Atkinson: Let it go because you can't really control what people are thinking at the other end. Well, maybe I should send one more thing. Now just release. Let it go. Okay? Well, Tom, if people want to get in touch with you and connect with you, what should they do?

00:27:49.310 --> 00:27:54.000
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: Probably the easiest way is is, go to my website, live happy, dot me.

00:27:54.150 --> 00:28:07.670
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and connect through that. And if they do want a copy of the 5 happy habits they could use, we can put that in the notes. It's a talk a/C backslash happy.

00:28:07.750 --> 00:28:17.520
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and enter the code word Happy, and you'll you'll get a Pdf. Of that. I get that request that when I speak all the time that people want to put on their mirrors, they remind themselves every morning and stuff. So

00:28:17.520 --> 00:28:29.690
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: I have a a car that's kind of squeezed the day challenge instead of sees the day I call squeeze the day as much happiness out of it as you can. I love that it get the URL to get the freebie again.

00:28:29.710 --> 00:28:33.670
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: It's a talk T. A. Lk. Dot a/C

00:28:33.920 --> 00:28:35.350
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: backslash happy.

00:28:35.500 --> 00:28:40.280
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: and the code word is, of course, happy just under the

00:28:40.520 --> 00:28:44.120
Jane Atkinson: people, Tom. Thank you so much.

00:28:44.270 --> 00:29:04.020
Jane Atkinson: I mean it. When I say I I really look forward to seeing your face. I don't know how you do glasses. I think what's going on from within comes through, and I really appreciate you, and that about you and i'm looking forward to

00:29:04.020 --> 00:29:06.730
Jane Atkinson: getting together with you soon.

00:29:06.910 --> 00:29:23.650
Tom Guetzke ~ The Happologist: And, Jane, I appreciate so much working with you, and you've made as a mentor and as a coach. You've made such a difference in my life in my career, so I can't say enough about you and and congratulations on the new boy.

00:29:23.650 --> 00:29:36.230
Jane Atkinson: the wealthy speaker. 3.0 is available on Amazon. Well, thank you so much for listening today, and with that we'll say, See you soon. Lo, these speakers bye, for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Happy every day? [1:30]
  • From corporate marketing to happiness. [4:30]
  • Happiness affects the bottom line. [10:00]
  • Creating a happy culture. [14:00]
  • Get into a happiness habit. [19:30]
  • Choosing happiness in difficult times. [24:45]

An eternal optimist, Tom shares the life lessons he learned travelling around the globe on how each one of us can boost the happiness in our lives! Tom earned his Masters and continued advanced studies in Positive Psychology at Penn University and Yale. New research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and sociology combine to give us a new understanding of the science of happiness.
Happology™ provides us with a better understanding of the positive effects of happiness on our well-being and even the physical impact on our day-to-day lives.  Tom is passionate about sharing the techniques and tools that enable individuals and organizations to increase happiness and to thrive!

If you could use some great (and easy-to-implement) techniques on how to get more happiness in your life, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll listen and learn. 


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