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The Key to Adjusting Your Intention and Approach During Times of Uncertainty

The Key to Adjusting Your Intention and Approach During Times of Uncertainty 1200 x 1200

If you are sick of getting email after email from your bank and your car dealership telling you how they are dealing with COVID-19, you’re not alone.

I’m craving some normalcy right now.

And so I wonder, the people who are trying to carry on with their business, what are they craving?  

It’s very likely that companies and associations are having virtual team meetings talking about how they are going to get through this period in time.  For some it’s dire. How are they going to keep the business afloat? And if that’s the case they are likely not interested in keynotes or training.

But for those companies whose employees are working from home and are in an industry that may continue on post COVID-19, perhaps they are thinking about what is next.

Do you have something that can help? Let’s think about this. What are all of the things that could be on event planners or decision-makers’ minds right now? Here are some things they may want to know:

  • How to deliver effective meetings virtually
  • Dealing with times of change
  • Working through chaos
  • How to lead during turbulent times
  • Staying mentally healthy
  • Developing resilience
  • How to sell in a recession
  • Retaining your members by adding more value 

And the list goes on and on.  

Do you see any link in this to what you do?  

Most of my clients have something to offer that could benefit companies and associations. What you need to remember is to “set your intention” and “adjust the approach”.

Here’s what I mean.


If your intention comes from a place of service, then you are already on the right track. You need to take your focus off of “my business is hurting because I just lost ten engagements” and move it towards the client “hey, how are you doing, are you okay?” When your message becomes, “I’m here to serve” then you make it about them and not you. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel too.

People can get angry during uncertain times. One of our clients got angry with us for making an offer to the members of our school that was designed to save them money. I understand they see this as “opportunistic” but my intention was actually on serving my clients.  

It all comes down to intention.


If you are sending out the same emails that you would have sent two months ago, then your message may be missing the mark. 

You need to adjust your approach to chaos.  

What is your new approach? 

Sara Ross talks about Leadership Vitality. Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of her work. She can now pivot towards “How leaders thrive during times of chaos” and be more of service to her clients. Shoring up your Emotional Intelligence as a leader during these incredibly challenging times has never been more important. Sara’s already getting calls for virtual work, and when the calls start to come back for live events, Sara will be positioned perfectly.

What needs to change with your messaging?

Should you be selling right now? Well, with the right intention and the right approach (adjusted for the chaos), I would say it’s possible. And perhaps you can be of service to your clients in ways that you hadn’t even thought of before.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

PS:  Our Wealthy Speaker School has pivoted and our April classes are all about Giving Virtual Presentations. If you need to work on any of the areas of your business, from foundations to fire, check out this link and set up a call with Jen, our team leader to see if the school is good for you right now.

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