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The Modern Seller in the Speaking Business with Amy Franko

We welcome Amy Franko, on this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, to talk about sales and how to accelerate new business wins and expand growth in existing clients.

Amy is the founder and president of Impact Instruction Group. As a ​sales ​leader, ​Amy Franko ​built a successful and lucrative B2B sales career with global tech giants IBM and Lenovo. She then took a 180° pivot into entrepreneurship in 2007, launching a training company, Impact Instruction Group. She knows what it’s like to build a book of business and a Fortune 1000 client base from the bottom up. She has successfully navigated that steep curve, consistently selling 5-to-7 figure engagements with repeat business and loyal clients.

Known for her dynamic style and practical experience, Amy has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. She is one of a few ​female keynote speakers ​specializing in ​sales training​ and ​leadership development ​programs that blend current research, fresh insights, and real-world examples. Her new book, The Modern Seller, launched in September.

Listen the podcast below:

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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • The Modern Seller content.  [7:55]
  • Looking in the rear view mirror for business opportunities.  [15:50]
  • How to stand out amongst the sameness.  [21:40]
  • Closing.  [28:45]
  • The confidence factor.  [35:00]

If you are looking to improve your sales and want fresh ideas on how to close the deal, you can’t afford to miss this episode.

Podcast Resources:

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