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The Results of the 2015 Best Website Contest Are In

The 2015 Best Website Contest this year brought in dozens of nominated sites, hundreds of votes and loads of learning.

Thank you, everybody, for participating! Not only do we appreciate you looking at the sites and voting, but those that threw their hat in the ring put themselves out there for “judgment”, and that is not always easy. Kudos to you.

So, in that regard, everyone who entered is a winner. However, unlike kids hockey where everyone gets a medal, we narrowed our winners down to the top three websites based on your votes. And the winners are…


Dave Lieber


Susan Stewart



Lindsay Pollak


Special mention goes to Mark Morin Ryan Estis. My favorite site did not win, and that is so okay with me. These things are so subjective. So let’s remember what we learned from this contest.  

Here are some website must have’s:

  1. A clear promise (that is about them and not you)
  2. A vibe that allows people to feel your essence and see who you are.
  3. Strong video of you in action.
  4. Clean, easy to use menu of options. Not too busy. Less is more.

We are going to be working on websites in our Accelerate Course, which starts again on November 2nd.  Need more information? Contact me for details and see if you are a candidate.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!





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