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The Secret Tool for Booking More Speaking Gigs

The Secret Tool for Booking More Speaking Gigs Featured Image

One of the most important aspects of building a successful speaking business is remembering that our success is built on the relationships we build. How we approach new prospects and nurture the relationship will determine if we will ever get a ‘Yes’ from them. Your ability to build strong relationships will be the secret formula for securing more speaking gigs and growing your speaking business!

Building Relationships that Secure More Speaking Gigs

When we reach out to prospects who do not know us, our goal during the first communication should never be to “book a date”. The goal should be to gain forward movement, start building a relationship and rapport. Introduce yourself and discover what they are looking for. What pain points do they have that you can possibly provide a solution for?

Once you begin to develop a relationship, the goal can shift to pitching your services and hoping that the recipient will write back with a “yes” so that you can continue to the next step.

Not really sure how to work through this process? Let me help!

I have a little secret tool that I call the ‘quick and dirty query email.’ It’s a short and sweet email you can send to prospects and is written with the goal of getting a ‘yes’ and securing business. Now, remember, this is not the first email you send along to the prospect. This email is only sent once you’ve done your homework and have developed a relationship with the prospect. 

The email consists of 4 elements:

  • Why specifically you are writing
  • Proof you’ve done your homework
  • What you offer
  • The ask

4 elements of quick and dirty query email infographics

Here is what that the quick and dirty query email might look like:

Subject Line: (use the name of their conference)

Hi Glenn,

I am reaching out about your November meeting in Las Vegas.

I noticed that you typically have a luncheon speaker on day two. I saw Deb Smith was your speaker last year, no doubt she nailed it.

My presentation, entitled Bounce Forward, is designed to help people move through change with less stress.

Based on the changing scope of your industry, would this topic be of interest to you and your audience?

I look forward to chatting.

See how it works?

BONUS TIP: use the name of their conference in the subject line. 

While you may not hear back from them right away, don’t take it personally – people are busy! You can keep trying in different ways to get to yes and find the connection with the contact that works. 

The key to building solid relationships that will get you more speaking gigs is to keep it simple. Make your introductions, begin to build the various relationships and then work towards finding the ‘Yes.’ When you break it down to just this one thing – getting to yes – doesn’t that take some of the burdens off?

I would love to hear some of the ways you are getting to the ‘Yes.’ Please share in the comments below!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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