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The Super-Hero Struggle with Jamie Clarke

The Super-Hero Struggle with Jane Atkinson and Jamie Clarke
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Quote:When we get good at something, we often sort of sit in our mastery.”  Jamie Clarke

This podcast was supposed to be titled Elevate Your Speaking Business, but when we got to talking, it changed into a very real conversation about the struggle to know who you are when all of the big stages go away.  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we are so grateful to have Jamie Clarke join us and speak openly about the battle to work his way through to embrace speaking virtually and his new adventure.   

Jamie has climbed the Seven Summits including multiple ascents of Mt. Everest., he is a bestselling author, husband and father of two. He recently crossed Mongolia with his teenage son.  For hockey fans, Jamie worked with the Washington Capitals en route to the Stanley Cup, and with the Canadian Hockey team at the Olympics in Korea. 

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Jamie’s climb to success.  [1:00]
  • Living a life of adventure. [5:30]
  • Shifting to virtual.  [11:00]
  • The mental shift was just as hard.  [15:30]
  • Getting back on track.  [23:00]
  • Finding your inspiration.  [28:00]
  • Building connection with your clients.  [38:00]

Jamie has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies around the world before covid and continues to do so virtually. Jamie is a lifelong student of storytelling and public speaking and through trial and error, he knows a thing or two about virtual presentations and how best to engage an audience through a camera.

If you would like to hear an authentic conversation that lets you know the struggle is real and that it’s okay to not be okay, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode! 


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