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The Mental Side of Wealthy: 2 Exercises To Help Turn Your Goals Into Achievements

turn goals into achievements

Although I am pragmatic most of the time, I love to delve into the Power of Attraction and the idea behind manifesting everything your heart desires.

Many of you know my book and posts to be quite practical. However, I truly believe that there is no reason why you cannot have every single thing that you want in your life and career.

Mike Dooley says “go for big bold end results” and don’t worry about how you are going to get there. He advises, “don’t try to micromanage every single detail.”

I am really for strategy in combination with attraction.

What are a couple of things that you can do right now to start moving in the direction of creating everything that you want in your life? Here are a couple of exercises to help you get started.

Exercise #1

When talking about setting goals, Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach recommends that “you want what you want just because you want it.” You do not have to justify it to anyone or even yourself, just want it.

Do you find some freedom in that?

Write down all of the things that you truly want (no doubt many of you have done this exercise before, but this time, write it down with the idea “I want what I want because I want it”).

When Dan shared this idea during his 20-year anniversary speech, I leaned over to my friend Justine and said, “I want my husband to retire.” Justine, who is much younger than me, replied, “I just want my husband to get a freaking job!”  What a difference 20 years makes, we had a great laugh over that!

Exercise #2

Think about all of the times in the past that you have wanted something and you have achieved the goal. You scored your dream job. You booked a fabulous speaking engagement. A limo arrived to pick you up at the airport. You met the person of your dreams. You own a fabulous home. Your family takes a trip together.

Every time you have gone for something and achieved it, that goes into your confidence bank for when you set this big bold goal.

Make a list of all of the things that you have achieved in your life.

For instance, each year I spend a month in Florida with my Mom and husband. Ten years ago, when I was first starting my business, this seemed like a pretty big pipe dream. However, now it is a reality that I have achieved.

My addition to that dream is to secure (buy or rent or partner with someone) a retreat center somewhere in the south so that I can run my group retreats while staying toasty warm and avoiding the Canadian winters. Do I know how this is going to happen? Nope… not even a little bit. At this point,  I am not attached to it happening any particular way; I am just putting it out there and setting it as a goal.

I will go back to my list of things I have achieved to build the confidence that I can make this happen, and then I am going to detach and try not to micromanage how, or when, it unfolds.

If all of this talk of manifesting makes you uncomfortable, put it into terms that feel good to you. Maybe you need to pray, meditate or tap into another method that allows you to focus. However, you get there, my point is that you know that the world is right there for the taking.

I hope that these exercises will allow you to amp up your goals to the next level.

Because you never know what’s possible Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson





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