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Two Simple Steps to Taking Action

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Are you an action taker?

I’m sitting in my workshop at Strategic Coach; it’s my ninth year of learning with the same organization. If you’ve read any of Dan Sullivan’s books, you know he’s got a lot to share, and year after year, I continue to grow.  

(*note: if you haven’t checked out Dan’s latest book, Who Not How it is fabulous!)

During our meeting, ideas crop up. And being a person who doesn’t like to leave things in limbo, I’m sending emails about those ideas during the breaks.  

I’m taking action.

Others, who shall remain nameless, might have a different scenario. They join a meeting or an event, get some ideas, place them on a master list, and put that list into a drawer, never to be seen again. 

The ideas run cold; nothing changes.

When you lack the “action taking” gene, nothing ever changes.

Two Simple Steps to Taking Action

Two Simple Steps to Taking Action small steps

If you need help exercising this gene, start with something small.  

Step 1. Make a decision about something in your business.  Perhaps a collaboration you’ve been thinking about pursuing.

Step 2.  Reach out to that person.  Send an email, pick up the phone, send a carrier pigeon, it doesn’t matter – take action!

That’s it.  Two steps. Decide. Take action.

What are the things on your “list” that have been bugging you?

Two Simple Steps to Taking Action Question Image

I have one waiting for me when I get home today. I’ve had a pile of clothes that I have wanted to donate for two months!  Whenever I go by the room where they are piled (my yoga/walk-in closet/pile-up clothes room), I cringe. Damn, I’ve got to get to those.

And when I let another week go by without taking the clothes, what happens?  

I start believing a false report that I don’t keep promises to myself. And then the shame spirals, and other unhelpful thoughts begin.

What’s on your list? What’s something that’s been plaguing you, like my pile of clothes?

We have declared the month of November “get off the pot” month (you know what that means) over here at Speaker Launcher.  And so, I would encourage you to figure out what promises you haven’t kept and do those things.

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