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Rate the “Urgency” Level in Your Business

Last week I interviewed Michael Port, who has built his following to over 100,000 people.  Basically, where Michael goes, people follow (and they buy).

I took one really helpful tool from this interview.  Michael’s technique is to create URGENCY around all of his ideas and initiatives.  His example was that when he had an idea for an event, within two weeks all of the pieces had been pulled together and the event was launched.

I would give that about a 10 on the urgency scale.

If you have dilly dallied and it’s taken a year to get your new website up – then you might rate that a 2 on the urgency scale.

I think most of my work comes in at about a 7 (it gets done but not super quickly) and I’d like to see it move closer to an 8.5 on the urgency scale.

Let’s look at things that might delay your ability to move from idea to launch.

1.  You don’t have the right team in place to deliver on your ideas. Here’s a tip:  make hiring an “urgent priority”.

2.  You have good intentions, but life gets in the way. I think something could always get in the way – if you have a 9 urgency, then you’ll likely plow right through most interruptions.  And when the big ones occur (like family health issues), you give yourself a break and lower your urgency level.

3.  You can’t find time in your business to implement your ideas. Your goal is to “clear the land for your empire” <click to tweet> – if nothing changes, nothing changes.  You might need to raise your fee, and accept less engagements.

4.  You are a perfectionist. You keep going around and around trying to get a product, service or idea just right before launching. Stop that! Get it to 80% right and no one will ever notice the difference.

What’s your urgency rating?  Please share here on our blog – feel free to brag about getting something launched quickly.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!



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