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Using Alexa Flash Briefings to Boost Your Speaking Business with Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith aka The Alexa Guy is with us to explain what Alexa Flash Briefings are and how to make them work for you and grow your speaking business.

Jeff Smith creates Alexa skills for companies, entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers to help them engage with their followers on a daily basis.  In December of 2017, Jeff began developing Alexa Flash Briefings for a few friends. They were so amazing at building and engaging a new audience that by January, it was his new full-time job instead of a side-gig.

Jeff’s career started in advertising, first as a copywriter, later as a creative director. That created opportunities in Hollywood, and he moved his family to Los Angeles, where they lived happily for 14 years. Jeff created trailers and promos for all the major studios and networks and produced three TV shows and wrote the screenplay for the movie “New World Disorder,” which starred Rutger Hauer.

While producing the TV show “Reel Planet” in 1996, Jeff needed a website and anyone who knew how to create websites at that time was really expensive. So, he bought Adobe Pagemill 1.0 and taught himself.  That began a 20-year career of combining marketing with tech. He’s created web applications, services, websites, mobile apps and more for clients big and small.

Listen the podcast below:

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Let’s talk about “voice”.  [3:25]
  • Amazon is taking the lead.  [8:30]
  • How to get started.  [11:00]
  • The Formula.  [12:55]
    • 1-briefing per day
    • 1-minute each
    • 1-great piece of content
    • 1-call to action
    • 1-5 star review each day
  • Promoting on Alexa.  [16:45]
  • Getting recordings in the can.  [20:30]
  • How to get started and a great offer!  [26:20]

If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology and ahead of the pack in new ways to get your message out, you can’t afford to miss this episode!

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