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Using Systems to Scale Your Business with Kent Julian

Using Systems to Scale Your Business with Jane Atkinson and Kent Julian
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Quote: “A decent CRM that you use regularly is better than the best CRM you never use. You’ve got to be consistent.” Kent Julian

 Are you happy with how your business is running or do you find yourself stressed out thinking about how everything will get done as well as filling your calendar? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re happy to welcome my friend and former client Kent Julian to share some helpful tips on creating systems that will help take your business to the next level.

 Kent is a lot of things… family man, champion swim coach, CSP* professional speaker, fish taco lover, and proud bald guy. Kent started out as an at-risk child with severe learning challenges and SAT scores so low that he had to take Development Studies just to get into college—on probation. From these humble beginnings, Kent went on to become the Executive Director of a national youth association in order to help teenagers just like him. Then, after 20 years in non-profit work, he did something crazy… he launched two successful businesses.


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Jane Atkinson: hey welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast today we are talking about how to scale your business using systems, my friend and former client Kent Julian us here welcome Kent.

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Kent Julian: yeah it's great to see you it's always good to see you.

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Jane Atkinson: i'm so excited to kind of just catch up for my own personal knowledge in terms of what's going on with you lately.

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Jane Atkinson: But talk to everybody kind of give me a broad stroke of what your business looks like today, and then I kind of want to go back to a little bit in history, just to find out about your beginnings.

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Kent Julian: yeah so my business has multiple streams of revenue I, but the primary One the one that I focus on the most is is speaking I probably do about 35 events, a year that some that's kind of my sweet spot.

00:00:54.450 --> 00:01:00.180
Kent Julian: give or take five, and when I say events I look at it, as.

00:01:01.650 --> 00:01:12.930
Kent Julian: You know, going one place and working with one client is an event, so I might speak to three times, it might be a three day deal might be a keynote but that's kind of how I categorize it.

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Jane Atkinson: And are you focused on serving the client beyond one speech like if they start by talking to you about one day and one keynote are you able to transition that over to something that's a little bit more deep.

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Kent Julian: yeah I have been able to do that i've been primarily a keynote or that does.

00:01:36.330 --> 00:01:45.420
Kent Julian: Like breakouts or different things like that, on the back end, however cove it actually opened up a lot of those things, for me, so I actually.

00:01:45.900 --> 00:01:56.730
Kent Julian: During coven did some things that are evergreen and I continue to sell now and so i'm able to sell those and another thing that's really unique about me is.

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Kent Julian: i'm actually in I I look at it, as three different industries or three different markets, I started out I started out as a youth speaker.

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Kent Julian: And I keep thinking i'm going to age out of that and I never do.

00:02:12.540 --> 00:02:19.230
Kent Julian: I I just I connect so well and there they don't pay as well, but I just love them I did one.

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Kent Julian: Two weeks ago and it, you know, a small youth event is 1500 2000 I do statewide events so it's it's just great energy and things like that, so I do that and that's probably about 40% of what I do and I don't have to market that hard at all.

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Kent Julian: And then I do educators, but then I also do just I would call them service oriented associations.

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Kent Julian: So i'm working with a lot of government organizations service or organizations those kind of those kind of associations who I focus on.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay what's your third so you said you.

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Kent Julian: Youth educators and then, and then I just call it service oriented associations.

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Jane Atkinson: love it love it, and so, since you, you know you probably were not thinking when you were a kid hey i'm gonna grow up to become a motivational speaker.

00:03:25.800 --> 00:03:32.160
Jane Atkinson: speaker what was going on in your world that even how did you even get started.

00:03:32.910 --> 00:03:37.110
Kent Julian: So my my former career was I was a youth pastor.

00:03:37.320 --> 00:03:43.110
Kent Julian: And I did that for about 20 years and it was a very interesting I started out in a very small.

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Kent Julian: very, very small church and environment and then by the time I was 26 I was in one of the largest churches at the time in the United States, so I made a pretty big jump and I was speaking to.

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Kent Julian: You know it depended on the week, but you know you're you're speaking to 200 to 500 students, a week so and and you're coming up with new stuff all the time.

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Kent Julian: And then I became the national youth director of a couple thousand churches and so that really so that's right before you and I met that's what I was doing professionally.

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Kent Julian: And that i'm telling you Jane that was such a front row seat to to what I do today, and how I market because, as an executive director i'm an association that's what it was.

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Kent Julian: I was booking speakers and I was booking musicians all the time and I found out, this is the way, like once I started doing it, I go I I don't want to do it like 90% of the people I had to work with so.

00:04:47.160 --> 00:04:49.950
Kent Julian: I really got a front row seat of.

00:04:50.550 --> 00:05:01.080
Kent Julian: And that's why, today, I focus on associations, because I did that for seven years, so I really get the decision makers and the event planning side of it yeah.

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Jane Atkinson: i'm i'm happy to refresh on what you were doing, did you or did you not as a young person yourself have like a learning disorder.

00:05:11.790 --> 00:05:13.830
Kent Julian: yeah good memory.

00:05:14.130 --> 00:05:15.300
Jane Atkinson: A little bit about that.

00:05:15.600 --> 00:05:18.990
Kent Julian: yeah good memory, I call the learning challenge.

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Kent Julian: And, and I still have it today so.

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Kent Julian: I you know my teacher sat down with my parents, when I was in third grade and said how in the world has your son gotten in third grade he can't read.

00:05:32.790 --> 00:05:43.860
Kent Julian: When I graduated high school my essay T scores were so low I couldn't get into college, so I just had all those kinds of challenges and I had two people in particular.

00:05:44.430 --> 00:05:57.630
Kent Julian: A basketball coach and then also a English teacher that really impacted me, and let me figure out that hey these things shouldn't hold you back and you just learn a little bit differently and so.

00:05:58.800 --> 00:06:12.960
Kent Julian: I overcame that went to I ended up getting into College on probation and I graduated with honors and I graduated my master's degree, at the very top of my class I I like to say, there were only two people my class, but I was at the top.

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Jane Atkinson: I love that but you know that makes me think that that's why you hang on to the youth.

00:06:20.130 --> 00:06:21.480
Kent Julian: yeah absolutely.

00:06:21.660 --> 00:06:23.850
Jane Atkinson: People in your life made such a.

00:06:23.850 --> 00:06:25.620
Kent Julian: Difference huge huge.

00:06:25.740 --> 00:06:37.620
Jane Atkinson: And there's so many people out there who have challenges and learning my grandson he's getting ready to turn 15 he definitely has so he doesn't think like everybody else and.

00:06:37.680 --> 00:06:50.850
Jane Atkinson: Right that's I think that's nice for other people to hear whether it be them or their children or grandchildren, that there is a way forward, and you can graduate at the top of yeah.

00:06:50.880 --> 00:06:59.070
Kent Julian: Absolutely and it's it's really i'll just say it's really interesting I again I don't age out and what has happened over the years.

00:06:59.370 --> 00:07:16.020
Kent Julian: Is I had to go from being kind of the cool hip speaker which i'm definitely not anymore to to more of almost like a caring father figure and what's interesting is, I still share a real little bit about my story.

00:07:17.850 --> 00:07:30.930
Kent Julian: When I speak to youth, but, but it really takes a backseat and now, one of my daughters has had to overcome some of the things and it with the not not learning challenges, but more of a physical challenge.

00:07:31.410 --> 00:07:40.230
Kent Julian: And so, she ends up becoming really the hero of my keynote to students so it's a really neat really, really neat thing.

00:07:40.410 --> 00:07:42.060
Jane Atkinson: And it's very unique to you.

00:07:42.270 --> 00:07:44.730
Kent Julian: Yes, yeah no yeah nobody can steal that.

00:07:45.360 --> 00:07:46.350
Jane Atkinson: story, then.

00:07:46.440 --> 00:07:58.290
Jane Atkinson: Think about who else could it be what topic, would you say is that the over arching of your umbrella of topics amongst your markets.

00:07:58.650 --> 00:08:11.220
Kent Julian: So when it comes to youth, it is definitely it's definitely primarily motivation that's what they're bringing me in, for I do some leadership training so in the youth market.

00:08:12.300 --> 00:08:28.830
Kent Julian: That you do a lot of a lot of the speakers do general motivation and then they're working with leadership level students and so you do a little bit of that when it comes to both educators and the associations, I work with it's all leadership and employee engagement.

00:08:29.970 --> 00:08:41.370
Kent Julian: what's really interesting is some of the core things that I do the concepts I teach they're the same across the board, but with with youth it's more doing this personally with.

00:08:42.480 --> 00:08:53.070
Kent Julian: With educators and with associations it's more it's it's also this personal development, but it's more about how do you get your team's buying into these concepts.

00:08:53.160 --> 00:09:06.360
Jane Atkinson: Now you when we were together working together, you came up with this tagline and it was something about either something and wine or show up and shine what was the first part of that.

00:09:06.870 --> 00:09:09.030
Kent Julian: check out on wine or show up and shine.

00:09:09.180 --> 00:09:18.360
Jane Atkinson: yeah cow and line or show up and shine so it's kind of like an attitudinal thing, and you can take that through to any group can.

00:09:18.360 --> 00:09:32.460
Kent Julian: Say totally and and my keynote for the all the educators, but especially these associations, I work with when it comes to employee engagement is totally about show up and shine, how do you.

00:09:33.300 --> 00:09:39.270
Kent Julian: bring your, how do you bring your best to the job and how do you pull the best out of your people yeah.

00:09:40.260 --> 00:09:43.470
Jane Atkinson: want to make a statement here on the wealthy speaker podcast.

00:09:43.950 --> 00:10:02.190
Jane Atkinson: That motivational speaking is back in style like there might have been a period of time, where you probably didn't name yourself a motivational speaker, but I would like to say, and feel free to tell me otherwise, but I believe that motivational speaking is cool again.

00:10:02.550 --> 00:10:14.070
Kent Julian: It is, and especially if so here's what's really interesting I love that you just said that if if your motivation actually has really good content.

00:10:14.100 --> 00:10:14.460
Jane Atkinson: yeah.

00:10:14.520 --> 00:10:18.360
Kent Julian: You know that's the key and what what's really interesting is.

00:10:18.720 --> 00:10:20.670
Kent Julian: it's not just stories anymore.

00:10:21.210 --> 00:10:33.840
Kent Julian: it's got to have good content, but if you overwhelm people with content they don't have enough to take home with them, and so I just know for me that I there's two or three or four things that set me apart.

00:10:34.200 --> 00:10:43.320
Kent Julian: I always hear boy, the word I use they never use this word, but you are so playful with the audience you make it fun you make it enjoyable.

00:10:44.040 --> 00:10:54.510
Kent Julian: I don't just tell stories i've encoded really helped me with this i've really learned how to do some interactive stuff with slides and things that just.

00:10:55.620 --> 00:11:02.340
Kent Julian: They it's it's almost like you're playing a game and all the Games i'm doing with them set them up for.

00:11:02.820 --> 00:11:16.740
Kent Julian: Making them think about the main thing i'm going to talk about and that's when I get in my content and then my content is really, really solid it's it's not just make you feel good it's like I can take this home and use it immediately.

00:11:16.740 --> 00:11:30.390
Jane Atkinson: Oh good application is key, so I think the reason why motivational speakers went out of style for a period of time was because there was.

00:11:31.620 --> 00:11:34.410
Jane Atkinson: A notion that it was only fluff.

00:11:34.860 --> 00:11:35.940
Kent Julian: Right right.

00:11:36.060 --> 00:11:51.630
Jane Atkinson: And what I think has happened is now we're layering motivation with application and that marriage is beautiful and it's okay to kind of combine those both and become a call yourself a motivational speaker.

00:11:51.690 --> 00:11:53.400
Kent Julian: I totally agree.

00:11:53.550 --> 00:11:54.990
Kent Julian: I totally agree.

00:11:55.170 --> 00:12:07.470
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so we've got three key ideas for you today on the show because we're talking about how to scale your business using systems and qantas been kind enough.

00:12:07.860 --> 00:12:14.760
Jane Atkinson: To come into our school and offer us a deep dive on CRM and i'm super excited about that I cannot wake as.

00:12:15.240 --> 00:12:30.360
Jane Atkinson: Our students are always challenged with CRM so let's start we've got CRM we're going to talk a little bit about va and team and then we're also going to talk about kind of marketing systems and video so let's start with CRM.

00:12:32.250 --> 00:12:40.080
Jane Atkinson: Tell us a what CRM do you use and how do you use it, I always say that the CRM is only as good as its user.

00:12:40.560 --> 00:12:42.120
Kent Julian: While that's spot on.

00:12:42.180 --> 00:12:53.700
Jane Atkinson: It sounds like you're really like using it, you don't even say here a team you use it and i'll just kind of know it's there you're actually in there every single day yourself.

00:12:54.060 --> 00:12:58.800
Kent Julian: Correct so CRM so i've had i've gone through three.

00:12:59.070 --> 00:13:00.570
Kent Julian: So I went with.

00:13:02.130 --> 00:13:09.510
Kent Julian: I went I can't remember it was like in it started with an eye, but I went with one for a while.

00:13:10.740 --> 00:13:13.020
Kent Julian: No, no, no, no, not confusion soft.

00:13:15.120 --> 00:13:20.460
Kent Julian: It was like in in insightly is what it was called I think they're still around.

00:13:20.550 --> 00:13:21.510
Jane Atkinson: Yes, there are yeah.

00:13:21.870 --> 00:13:32.610
Kent Julian: But back in the day when I went with them, they you know they had some I use them and the longer I use them, the more I had flaws and I totally agree with you, I a.

00:13:33.990 --> 00:13:39.750
Kent Julian: Decent CRM that you use regularly is better than the best CRM that you never use.

00:13:40.350 --> 00:13:50.250
Kent Julian: So after after using it, and using it, it just wasn't working for me I can't even remember the reasons why, and then I went to contextually and we loved.

00:13:50.280 --> 00:13:54.780
Kent Julian: contractually and about three years ago they sold it.

00:13:55.890 --> 00:14:01.920
Kent Julian: And, and I could tell once they sold it because I i'm in there, so much I could tell.

00:14:03.240 --> 00:14:19.230
Kent Julian: This thing's going down Hill and they sold it I don't know if they to kill it or to try to incorporate into the rest and so contextually is out of business, now, and so I just switched to streak, which is a gmail specific.

00:14:19.530 --> 00:14:33.120
Jane Atkinson: email civic and then that's really important like knowing how your email system is going to work with and and so i'm loving that you're saying gmail specific and I will say, by the way.

00:14:33.630 --> 00:14:44.400
Jane Atkinson: At the wealthy speaker school can we don't have a system that we endorse, right now, because we used to endorse Karma CRM for speakers.

00:14:44.730 --> 00:14:54.750
Jane Atkinson: And I have told them that we can no longer endorse you because your back end the support was not there people my people were getting so frustrated with it and so.

00:14:55.620 --> 00:15:04.290
Jane Atkinson: I hope nobody comes after me for saying that, but that was I you know I explained that we could no longer endorse that so we don't have one that we're endorsing right now.

00:15:04.680 --> 00:15:11.640
Jane Atkinson: And so you're on streak and see that makes me think about my other APP that I really love is, which is called win streak.

00:15:12.180 --> 00:15:13.050
Kent Julian: which never heard of that.

00:15:13.290 --> 00:15:19.410
Jane Atkinson: Like a daily affirmation APP that where you record what your wins are it's just a little APP on your phone and you get.

00:15:19.440 --> 00:15:32.280
Jane Atkinson: cool day at six o'clock what went right today what were your wins, and so it kind of reminds me of that Okay, so you use streak and streak works plays Nice in the sandbox with gmail.

00:15:32.580 --> 00:15:38.040
Kent Julian: It not only plays Nice in the sandbox with gmail you can't use it unless you're using g.

00:15:38.670 --> 00:15:41.130
Kent Julian: Fair now it is, it is totally.

00:15:41.310 --> 00:15:46.740
Kent Julian: that's one of the reasons I went with them because i've been using gmail for so long that it's in totally.

00:15:47.820 --> 00:15:53.790
Kent Julian: it's connected with gmail and and I will tell you this their their support is phenomenal.

00:15:54.180 --> 00:15:54.780
Jane Atkinson: that's good.

00:15:55.170 --> 00:16:06.720
Kent Julian: And then, on top of that all the things that you want so, for instance I use bom bom while I it, you know you can totally use that with gmail you're never going outside of gmail with streak it is in there.

00:16:07.860 --> 00:16:11.730
Kent Julian: There is a learning curve to it but it's for me it's so worth it.

00:16:11.760 --> 00:16:27.480
Jane Atkinson: that's something I wanted to ask you if I had a low tech emerging speaker someone who's fairly new to the whole game of entrepreneurship, would you recommend it for them, or do you feel like it needs to be maybe more of an intermediate somebody who's been around the block.

00:16:27.780 --> 00:16:32.730
Kent Julian: If you're using gmail the learning curve is worth it, that that's how I would say.

00:16:33.150 --> 00:16:34.290
Kent Julian: Very worth it that way.

00:16:34.470 --> 00:16:35.220
Jane Atkinson: that's good.

00:16:35.370 --> 00:16:44.580
Kent Julian: And, and let me say one thing to that, no matter what i'm telling you i've been doing this long enough and i've worked with people who want to get into speaking.

00:16:45.120 --> 00:16:59.250
Kent Julian: That if if you don't for me if you're not using a CRM and you're not consistently i'm that's a key it's and I always say this isn't a grind this is gradual you've got to be consistent.

00:16:59.430 --> 00:17:07.440
Kent Julian: Right not consistently using a CRM where you can scale scale scale mail where you're sending out.

00:17:08.190 --> 00:17:17.670
Kent Julian: Lots of emails but not over burning people you'll never get booked yeah this is, I do multiple things to get book, but the foundation of what I do.

00:17:18.090 --> 00:17:32.610
Kent Julian: is about every six weeks or so every yeah about every six weeks, sometimes every eight weeks, the decision makers that i'm reaching out to get an email from me and it's not even asking to to get booked to speak it's.

00:17:32.610 --> 00:17:33.630
Kent Julian: Serving them.

00:17:33.840 --> 00:17:44.940
Kent Julian: yeah adding value, and so I just keep top of mine and you can't do that without a CRM, so this is like the Foundation backbone of marketing and speaking.

00:17:45.030 --> 00:17:59.580
Jane Atkinson: I think you're gonna like my idea these days that there's only two things that you need in the speaking business to be successful number one is 100% belief in yourself and the value that you're bringing to the table.

00:17:59.790 --> 00:18:02.340
Jane Atkinson: agree to is consistent action.

00:18:03.930 --> 00:18:07.770
Jane Atkinson: and consistent action that's all it's going to take well, let me just share.

00:18:08.820 --> 00:18:16.560
Jane Atkinson: Before we move on to another idea and I want to talk to you about every six weeks you're kind of sending out value, so we do.

00:18:16.980 --> 00:18:28.830
Jane Atkinson: weekly we send out every Tuesday we send some sort of value email, something that is going to allow us to a stay top of mind, but be provide some value to our.

00:18:29.340 --> 00:18:36.510
Jane Atkinson: Followers and then every Thursday we publish a podcast, and so we announced that on an email as well, now we use.

00:18:36.930 --> 00:18:51.450
Jane Atkinson: active campaign, I would also recommend, so I used to use infusionsoft I moved over to active campaign, I have our ever heard that keep, which is the smaller version of infusionsoft not as not as confusing.

00:18:52.410 --> 00:19:03.540
Jane Atkinson: is doing well, so some people said they like that, but active campaign is for an intermediate to season person somebody who kind of needs a little bit more robust system.

00:19:04.020 --> 00:19:21.210
Jane Atkinson: And so you send out things every six weeks we send them weekly and you're going to find out what system works perfectly for you, based on a how much content can you bump out and be what's perfect for your audience, so I think that's up to everybody so you're.

00:19:22.110 --> 00:19:22.590
Jane Atkinson: About I.

00:19:23.250 --> 00:19:32.340
Kent Julian: Should I make your comment on that Okay, so what you're doing I told that's what I do on my B2C side business to customers.

00:19:32.670 --> 00:19:38.250
Kent Julian: Okay, so that's somebody who said, has raised their hand and says, please email me.

00:19:38.430 --> 00:19:40.110
Kent Julian: I want your stuff.

00:19:40.260 --> 00:20:01.110
Kent Julian: yeah be my be to be so me as a speaker, yes, absolutely so I use kajaki for my B to C and that's a whole nother side of my business we're not even talking about Okay, but for my speaking to associations and remember i'm i'm that former Executive Director.

00:20:01.350 --> 00:20:11.700
Kent Julian: Right I, if you would have emailed me as an association executive director weekly I would have I would never book you.

00:20:12.000 --> 00:20:18.240
Kent Julian: yeah but if every six to eight weeks you're given me something of value that I can share with my team.

00:20:19.110 --> 00:20:27.870
Kent Julian: Of or or I can pass on to my association members Oh, this is a great leadership article Oh, this is a great employee engagement article.

00:20:28.350 --> 00:20:36.030
Kent Julian: So I on purpose don't get in front of them I basically want to be within three weeks of them.

00:20:36.840 --> 00:20:43.290
Kent Julian: Three or four weeks of them, making a decision about their speakers, I just want to kind of just stay in front of them.

00:22:21.990 --> 00:22:42.780
Jane Atkinson: So back to i'm sending out that the idea behind the consistency is that you are out there seed planting sometimes three to 4000 people at a time, people who are in your market correct.

00:22:43.380 --> 00:22:52.110
Kent Julian: yeah I when you say Okay, so when you say three to 4000 at a time, I would say this is across all the different markets.

00:22:52.920 --> 00:23:00.990
Kent Julian: And there might be, it might be, if so, if it's an association that has two or three people that i'm reaching out to.

00:23:01.500 --> 00:23:09.330
Kent Julian: Those are the people, so I would say, out of all the different associations i'm reaching out to but, like in the youth market, it might be.

00:23:09.690 --> 00:23:22.470
Kent Julian: A total of I don't know there's like 12 or 13 national organizations that all have statewide chapters that i'm reaching out to so that would be 1000 people I might be reaching out to.

00:23:22.920 --> 00:23:28.560
Kent Julian: The Youth market alone and that's a good example of the different markets, I reach out to.

00:23:28.680 --> 00:23:33.480
Jane Atkinson: I know the marketing's God and be different for youth than it might be for your so it.

00:23:33.480 --> 00:23:35.310
Kent Julian: Is yeah it is yeah.

00:23:35.790 --> 00:23:49.860
Jane Atkinson: And so I think making that adjustment is important okay so CRM is one important tool The other thing about the CRM is that when you get to the point where you're booking.

00:23:50.400 --> 00:23:59.160
Jane Atkinson: You should be able to go to all of the fields that you have developed inside your CRM and merge them together with an agreement.

00:23:59.430 --> 00:24:06.750
Jane Atkinson: Because you've taken down all of the information as you're walking through it with the client okay where's it going to be held.

00:24:07.110 --> 00:24:18.360
Jane Atkinson: That goes in a field and your CRM how many people are going to be there that's a that's a field in your CRM and then you're able to merge things together with a contract very, very easily.

00:24:18.720 --> 00:24:22.530
Kent Julian: yeah you can do that, or you can again this is how.

00:24:24.000 --> 00:24:38.760
Kent Julian: Working with gmail works is you have Google drive and so they can add all those things so it's just if you know that system that's how I work it very well, they have these things, called pipelines you put them in pipelines, etc, etc.

00:24:38.970 --> 00:24:47.100
Jane Atkinson: Nice Okay, the important thing, I think, is that you're out there planting seeds on a consistent basis.

00:24:47.100 --> 00:24:48.060
Kent Julian: regular basis.

00:24:48.090 --> 00:24:59.550
Jane Atkinson: And that you have value and later, you know, over time, the harvest is going to come, and this is how you've kept your pipeline full now for over a decade.

00:24:59.910 --> 00:25:05.430
Jane Atkinson: Right talk about team who do you have on your team and how do you use them.

00:25:06.300 --> 00:25:19.170
Kent Julian: So I on purpose, am I, you know I know there's some speakers out there that want to build big teams different things like that I really focus on getting vas to do specific things.

00:25:19.590 --> 00:25:31.680
Kent Julian: So, again, I have two sides of my business it's it's very different I use more the a's on my B2C side of business in the B2B side of business.

00:25:32.130 --> 00:25:36.720
Kent Julian: And I use vas, for instance for i've got a bookkeeper.

00:25:37.050 --> 00:25:40.710
Kent Julian: i've got somebody who helps me with the podcast that I do.

00:25:41.970 --> 00:25:57.780
Kent Julian: i've got vas who are helping me find I really use my va is to help me find event planners like i've got them out there, finding event planners to where i'm not doing that i'm not doing that kind of technical research.

00:25:58.260 --> 00:26:12.180
Kent Julian: So those are some that i've got a va who does all my social media stuff for me that's not me posting personal stuff I do post personal stuff when i'm out there, speaking things like that, but just.

00:26:13.530 --> 00:26:25.860
Kent Julian: Articles i've got a va now i've created enough content over the years that i've got a va that goes into old old articles that I wrote years ago updates them.

00:26:26.610 --> 00:26:33.630
Kent Julian: yeah repurpose them all and so i've got those are how i'm using my va but, most of them are literally.

00:26:33.690 --> 00:26:49.320
Kent Julian: A few hours a week, if I would go and count we've probably am using six different people to do all those different things, and they they specialize and then they do that what's interesting is i've been able to connect with somebody that.

00:26:50.340 --> 00:26:59.130
Kent Julian: In fact that's where I get most of my va is and I go hey if I use them for this there's multiple people I can connect you with that you that will use them for the exact same thing.

00:26:59.460 --> 00:27:03.570
Kent Julian: So one of my late the individual that I use.

00:27:03.870 --> 00:27:09.720
Kent Julian: For social media she's doing that for probably six or seven other people, and it becomes a full time job for.

00:27:09.960 --> 00:27:28.560
Jane Atkinson: US nice I love that I love that Okay, so when we come to marketing systems okay so we've covered CRM we've talked about team let's talk about marketing systems and, specifically, video and how you use so bomb bomb is Bo em bb amp D is that right.

00:27:28.710 --> 00:27:33.090
Kent Julian: yeah terrible name yeah that up will years ago but.

00:27:34.290 --> 00:27:35.850
Jane Atkinson: i've never forgotten it.

00:27:35.910 --> 00:27:36.960
Kent Julian: yeah yeah.

00:27:37.920 --> 00:27:39.510
Jane Atkinson: there's something to be said for that.

00:27:39.540 --> 00:27:42.600
Jane Atkinson: Right yeah I should say terrible name it just.

00:27:42.750 --> 00:27:50.310
Kent Julian: You know, after all this stuff you go that happen, I think they created themselves before some of the different stuff that happened so.

00:27:51.150 --> 00:27:52.560
Jane Atkinson: It feels violent in some.

00:27:52.560 --> 00:27:52.710

00:27:54.210 --> 00:28:08.940
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so let's talk about how you warm up a sale using video tell me just your process you've sent email number one that says hey i'm Kent Julian and you know this is what I bring to the table is that right.

00:28:09.750 --> 00:28:19.110
Kent Julian: yeah so often what i'll do so that's an interesting thing and i've tried it two different ways I always send out my first email and says.

00:28:19.440 --> 00:28:27.210
Kent Julian: It basically says, whether you ever hire me or not, so this is what I do i'm a speaker, this is what I speak on, but whether you ever hire me or not, I want to.

00:28:27.540 --> 00:28:47.760
Kent Julian: add value to you and attached is an art and it's the one article I always send it's called seven surprising questions great leaders asked this is just an example, what I do sometimes I send that out without a video and sometimes I send that out with a literally like a one minute video.

00:28:48.060 --> 00:28:50.130
Kent Julian: That just as introducing myself.

00:28:50.520 --> 00:28:51.150
Kent Julian: To them.

00:28:53.430 --> 00:28:58.080
Jane Atkinson: Your question is it a link to the article or is an attachment a PDF.

00:28:58.440 --> 00:29:00.540
Kent Julian: I again I do it differently.

00:29:02.760 --> 00:29:11.010
Jane Atkinson: would be important if you wanted them to open a PDF which I probably would recommend a link anyway, because you want to drive people to your.

00:29:11.010 --> 00:29:12.390
Kent Julian: website right.

00:29:12.540 --> 00:29:21.390
Jane Atkinson: So, but i'm thinking, the video, at least, would allow people to feel confident that the link you're sending isn't going to take them somewhere untoward.

00:29:22.230 --> 00:29:23.190
Kent Julian: yeah correct.

00:29:23.400 --> 00:29:31.740
Kent Julian: And so um so sometimes I do it link but usually on the first one it's always a PDF just so that they.

00:29:32.010 --> 00:29:43.680
Kent Julian: it's you know i'm not even asking them, they can go on if they're interested down at the bottom is of my email signature there's a link to my website so they want to find out that's where they'll go.

00:29:44.640 --> 00:29:52.740
Kent Julian: But then the other two ways that I use videos is I actually have a strategy that I call seed planting and I will take like a month.

00:29:53.130 --> 00:30:06.600
Kent Julian: Where I go okay i'm going to send you know these are warmer leads I know because of my CRM I know they've been opening my stuff I know they're clicking on my stuff so I literally send an email.

00:30:07.980 --> 00:30:17.820
Kent Julian: That will have a one minute personal video and i'll do something like this, where I say hi Jane and i'll hold it up and.

00:30:17.940 --> 00:30:19.500
Jane Atkinson: i'll say oh it's like.

00:30:19.530 --> 00:30:27.870
Kent Julian: Just for them just for them and i'll just reach out and i'll have a resource that i'm giving them hey I hope this will use, you know.

00:30:28.380 --> 00:30:36.930
Kent Julian: will be a good resource for your team that you can pass on to your association members, by the way, if you look and i'll usually spend a month when I know.

00:30:37.320 --> 00:30:46.650
Kent Julian: Because i've been in an industry long enough, I know hey we're about five to six months away from them booking I mean from their events.

00:30:46.770 --> 00:30:53.010
Kent Julian: Right so i'll say it to where I know within the next month they're going to have conversations about who they're booking.

00:30:53.520 --> 00:30:56.040
Kent Julian: So I do that that's The second way I use it, the.

00:30:56.040 --> 00:31:09.090
Kent Julian: Third Way I use it, and this is real, this has been this makes bom bom worth it to me as far as what I paid for it when somebody reaches out and fills out a request form to have me come in and speak.

00:31:10.770 --> 00:31:20.100
Kent Julian: You know, a va will follow up a farm on the road, but if i'm not on the road, so I probably 75% of the time I can follow up.

00:31:20.670 --> 00:31:34.950
Kent Julian: Within 24 hours and usually within 12 hours i've got a little for me mail that I respond, but in that form, email is me again with a note card saying man Thank you so much for.

00:31:36.060 --> 00:31:49.770
Kent Julian: asking me to speak, considering me to speak would be delighted for you and I just 3030 seconds to 60 seconds ask them if they want to set up a phone call what's really interesting is.

00:31:50.130 --> 00:31:57.060
Kent Julian: I bet you half the time they don't even want us up phone call they were just like hey we're ready to book you, you know what what are your fees.

00:31:57.270 --> 00:32:04.950
Jane Atkinson: I love that and so just for the people who are listening audio only it can be a post it note, you could have a little baby whiteboard.

00:32:05.310 --> 00:32:13.560
Jane Atkinson: One of my small has a cute little white or she's always like I Jane and when we're when we're getting ready to talk so it feels personal for people.

00:32:13.620 --> 00:32:14.370
Kent Julian: very much.

00:32:14.400 --> 00:32:36.510
Jane Atkinson: know that this isn't a mass thing that's going out I love the idea of following up when you get a warm lead with a video immediately, and so they they feel like they already know, like and trust you as soon as that's done you're saying that that's leading to closing deals faster.

00:32:36.870 --> 00:32:51.030
Kent Julian: yeah and here's what's interesting, even if you pick up the phone and call them I i'm sure you've had other speakers so you've got to do that I get so frustrated because then it will be a week worth of trying to set up a phone call.

00:32:51.210 --> 00:32:56.670
Kent Julian: Like i'll call them immediately and they're not answering because they're in a meeting or they don't know my phone.

00:32:56.910 --> 00:33:04.710
Kent Julian: And so, this way they see me and they hear me and they see my smile, you know within within 12 hours.

00:33:04.800 --> 00:33:09.360
Jane Atkinson: And you're saying i'm in to whatever it is that exactly.

00:33:09.540 --> 00:33:15.600
Jane Atkinson: They know you're in they have a verbal yeah i'm in this sounds like a really good fit for me.

00:33:15.930 --> 00:33:23.850
Jane Atkinson: You know, and then you could get to the discovery call and make sure that you're going to do all the things that they want you to do when you show up so.

00:33:24.390 --> 00:33:45.270
Jane Atkinson: You have a system of in place, you know you either send an audio and one of three different situation or a video in three different situations, this is your system and so you've worked out and you've tested what you're telling me is you've done a B split testing all over the place.

00:33:45.270 --> 00:33:46.200
Kent Julian: Yes, yes.

00:33:46.410 --> 00:33:51.990
Jane Atkinson: Yes, this to get that result, and now you know that that's the one that you're going to stick with.

00:33:52.500 --> 00:34:09.000
Kent Julian: Well, and not only that, so what here's another thing that's really great about CRM and why I look at a CRM as having a full time va like my CRM for me, I like to stay involved in in staying connected to the people who want to hire me.

00:34:09.270 --> 00:34:17.460
Kent Julian: Right, and so one of the great things about having a CRM is you have all of these emails already.

00:34:17.850 --> 00:34:27.030
Kent Julian: You know, when you know that they're asking this of you boom you got your email, you can just send it out all you have to do is put their name in there when it's.

00:34:27.270 --> 00:34:34.650
Kent Julian: They want you to send the speaking agreement you know, once we get yes we're doing this speaking agreement goes out and then a.

00:34:35.760 --> 00:34:50.310
Kent Julian: An intake form, and I think our intake Those are all in there now, I have a va that does that this individual named mackenzie but if she's not there if she can't handle that for me or she's you know I send it out for it because.

00:34:50.550 --> 00:34:51.900
Kent Julian: know already done that.

00:34:52.140 --> 00:34:53.850
Jane Atkinson: system is there and.

00:34:54.090 --> 00:35:04.530
Jane Atkinson: There somebody leaves your business, the idea is that you or someone else can step into the system without a hiccup.

00:35:04.770 --> 00:35:12.810
Jane Atkinson: The only way to scale when you everything depends on you and your business, you are not in business.

00:35:12.840 --> 00:35:13.590
Kent Julian: No, no.

00:35:13.950 --> 00:35:19.680
Jane Atkinson: Yes, you have given us so much gold here so three things to think about.

00:35:20.370 --> 00:35:35.280
Jane Atkinson: Make sure that you have your CRM and then it's working for you in that you're in there every day make sure that you know who your team is what all the players are going to do for you and can't it sounds like you get specialists in each category.

00:35:35.280 --> 00:35:40.950
Jane Atkinson: yeah really good at social media that will be all that they do for you, I really liked that.

00:35:41.340 --> 00:35:54.450
Jane Atkinson: Number three let's have some marketing systems like using video or bom bom in order to touch people on a regular basis in a way that's just a little bit more meaningful.

00:35:54.750 --> 00:36:06.750
Jane Atkinson: than the whole you know back and forth over email or exchanging phone calls type situation, especially when you have a warm lead I think these are really good takeaways for people don't you.

00:36:06.960 --> 00:36:14.850
Kent Julian: yeah I do and and that thing about going to the specialist I learned that from trying to hire one person.

00:36:15.930 --> 00:36:18.060
Kent Julian: yeah from multiple times I tried it to earth.

00:36:18.240 --> 00:36:27.210
Kent Julian: I know for sure two maybe even three times and it just wasn't they would do one thing well but they wouldn't or two things well but they wouldn't do the other things well.

00:36:27.450 --> 00:36:35.460
Jane Atkinson: And we've had the team meeting where we've said okay everybody, you need to tell me what things are your sweet spot.

00:36:35.730 --> 00:36:50.520
Jane Atkinson: And what things are you going to avoid at any cost and we're going to move them from your list over to somebody else who's really good at that and I love that we have all of our players playing in their areas of genius.

00:36:50.550 --> 00:36:51.870
Kent Julian: yeah exactly I.

00:36:51.930 --> 00:37:00.480
Jane Atkinson: Think trying to hire at all for one thing is very difficult can't if people want to get to know a little bit more about you.

00:37:01.230 --> 00:37:10.650
Jane Atkinson: Tell me a little bit about more about your B2C operation, what are you doing over there, what are you offering to people and what's the what's the URL for people to maybe check you out there.

00:37:10.800 --> 00:37:22.830
Kent Julian: yeah so the best place, they can find out, I talked a lot about being a speaker so I have a podcast called paid to speak podcast so if they'll Google paid to speak podcast COM.

00:37:23.100 --> 00:37:34.230
Kent Julian: it's a really small scale thing it's something I just do on the side I it's kind of my little side hustle thing so it's called paid to speak podcast calm and if they want.

00:37:35.250 --> 00:37:47.370
Kent Julian: One of our what I would call our primary resources called paid speak podcast COM slash nine ways I wrote a little article about nine different ways, you can get paid to speak because a lot of people.

00:37:47.820 --> 00:37:56.310
Kent Julian: Think about you know you got to do what I do, which is a keynote or trainer and there's so many different ways, and when I say get paid to speak it's not.

00:37:57.780 --> 00:38:08.010
Kent Julian: Do this and just back to the room sales it's like somebody actually giving you a check and so, if they want that that's paid to speak slash nine ways.

00:38:08.100 --> 00:38:12.360
Jane Atkinson: beautiful and i'm just gonna raise my hand here, maybe I could be on your podcast sometimes.

00:38:12.630 --> 00:38:16.800
Kent Julian: Well, I you know what I need to do that I never do guest right now.

00:38:17.250 --> 00:38:21.600
Kent Julian: As i'm literally it's literally oh i've got an idea and I.

00:38:21.630 --> 00:38:22.290
Kent Julian: talked about.

00:38:22.530 --> 00:38:24.600
Jane Atkinson: 10 minutes okay well.

00:38:24.630 --> 00:38:26.160
Kent Julian: But I do need to get get.

00:38:26.700 --> 00:38:28.320
Jane Atkinson: The seed i'm planting this.

00:38:28.320 --> 00:38:29.670
Kent Julian: I hear you I hear.

00:38:30.090 --> 00:38:38.250
Jane Atkinson: The paid to speak podcast well listen Thank you can't so much for your time today i've absolutely loved catching up with you.

00:38:38.400 --> 00:38:59.520
Jane Atkinson: yeah excited for you to offer up some content to our school and for those of you listening in Thank you so much for tuning in and continuing to tune in with us, week after week after week, we really appreciate you and with that will say see you soon wealthy speakers bye for now everyone.

00:38:59.640 --> 00:39:00.330
Kent Julian: Take care.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Working with service-oriented associations. [3:30]
  • Don’t let a challenge hold you back. [5:30]
  • Check out and whine or show up and shine. [8:00]
  • CRMs, consistency is key. [12:30]
  • Planting seeds and merging fields. [22:30]
  • Building a team for success. [25:30]
  • Video marketing can be personal. [28:00]
  • Let your CRM do the work. [33:30]

Along the way, Kent realized that the successes he experienced were never “his successes.” Each accomplishment came about because of the teams he was privileged to lead. Whether working with millennial students, coaching championship swim teams or leading his own businesses, success was the result of committed, engaged teams. Now, with his expertise in leadership and employee engagement, he is privileged to speak, write, and consult leaders and teams all over the country on what it takes to create what he calls “DREAM-to-DO” culture.

If you could use some innovative ideas about putting processes in place that are sure to enhance your production, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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