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The Vibration of Selling vs. Serving

selling vs. serving

Recently I interviewed Joel Boggess, a well-known author, speaker and podcaster. Joel shared with me how his podcast grew and grew and ultimately translated into his speaking business. One of the things that Joel said was that he did everything in his business from a place of service. Cool, right? And apparently, it is effective! It forced me to think about the effects of selling vs. serving in a speaking business.

I am constantly thinking about the energy that I put out into the world. You may prefer to call it vibration or mojo, or feeling connected to a higher power. Whichever way, I believe it influences the outcomes that come our way. Remember Earl Nightingale’s adage, “you become what you think about most of the time?” Well, imagine if all you ever thought about was “I am broke, I need money! I need business!” What do you suppose happens?

Here’s a perfect example of what I mean. The same week I spoke to Joel, I had a coaching call with another client, Sarah, who was in the middle of a crisis. She had a big client overseas cancel their event, causing a domino effect with her calendar for a European tour

To offset this crisis, Sarah and I agreed that she should shift her focus off selling and move it to service. In doing that, maybe it meant doing a local freebie that she’d usually pass on or re-engaging in the power of her material or getting out to network and meet people. It forced her to circle back to doing some of the things she did at the beginning of her business but hadn’t been free to do in a while.

So, Sarah made the shift. Although she was tempted to call on clients, she forced herself to wait before picking up the phone to call a few past clients to reconnect until she did not feel desperate. Had Sarah called before feeling confident, the energy or vibration she would have put out may not have left the best impression.

When you focus on serving the client and an end game of helping people, the speaking engagements will follow.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson




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