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Wealth and Abundance with Julie Ann Cairns

Wealth and Abundance with Jane Atkinson and Julie Ann Cairns
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Quote:We CAN NOT bring forth something that is contrary to our subconscious beliefs. What is it that I should believe differently?” Julie Ann Cairns

We have taken on a lot of mindset work in the last few years, and I truly believe that it is the foundation for creating the speaking business of your dreams. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome Julie Ann Cairns to share some of the ideas from her best-selling book, The Abundance Code and help us get to that abundance mindset.

Julie Ann originally trained in Economics and has also gained an MBA, across her 30+ year career. She has run 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses. She has overseen the marketing for over $100 million in product sales.  Her greatest passion is in helping people to see how vital a positive mindset and supportive belief system are to achieving success and fulfillment in all areas of life. 


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Jane Atkinson: Hey, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast.

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Jane Atkinson: Today we're gonna talk about one of my favorite subjects Abundance Julianne, Julie and Karen is Here she's the author of best selling Hay House Book, the Abundance Code Out of Bust the 7 Money myths for rich life. Welcome, Julianne!

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Julie Ann Cairns: Hi! How are you nice to be here, Jane.

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Jane Atkinson: I'm great, and i'm so happy that you're here, and we're talking about this. We're going to break down your book and some of the money myths. But first tell everybody kind of what your current business model looks like. What! What is your day to day? How do you make money in your work.

00:00:45.730 --> 00:00:51.959
Julie Ann Cairns: Well, up until a few years ago I had a business that taught people how to trade the stock market.

00:00:52.120 --> 00:01:00.330
Julie Ann Cairns: and that was an 8 figure business, which I had run with my business partner. We started that in 2,001,

00:01:00.720 --> 00:01:09.029
Julie Ann Cairns: so we ran that through till we moved to a stro to from Australia to New Zealand in 2,018.

00:01:09.770 --> 00:01:21.669
Julie Ann Cairns: So I wound that business down that was based in Australia, and kind of send me retired and set up an Airbnb business here in Queenstown, New Zealand, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world

00:01:22.060 --> 00:01:23.480
Julie Ann Cairns: that

00:01:23.860 --> 00:01:25.960
Julie Ann Cairns: Oh, yeah.

00:01:27.280 --> 00:01:43.199
Julie Ann Cairns: So i'm in Queens Town right now. And yeah. So we have a bunch of Airbnb properties here in Queens Town. That was my 7 year retirement business, and I thought I was pretty much done with the rest of the business world.

00:01:43.210 --> 00:01:52.869
Julie Ann Cairns: But one of my previous colleagues contacted me and said, hey? Would you be interested in doing some business coaching? So now i'm also doing business coaching.

00:01:53.210 --> 00:01:55.820
and and I do mindsite coaching

00:01:55.940 --> 00:01:57.119
Julie Ann Cairns: as well.

00:01:57.290 --> 00:02:05.100
Jane Atkinson: But you know that's our favorite subject over here at the wealthy Speaker school, because without the mindset piece

00:02:05.490 --> 00:02:10.230
Jane Atkinson: I can teach them all the how to that you want.

00:02:10.259 --> 00:02:27.109
Jane Atkinson: But if there's something blocking things mindset wise, then we're not gonna really get the job done. And so I I am so happy to be talking to you about this today. I did not know that you lived in Queens Town, and

00:02:27.500 --> 00:02:31.340
Jane Atkinson: it's really cool. Here I am saying to you, Where? Where from? Originally

00:02:31.590 --> 00:02:33.269
Julie Ann Cairns: I grew up in Canada.

00:02:33.430 --> 00:02:50.300
Julie Ann Cairns: and then went to Australia at the age of 16, and did high school and university in Australia, and then I've been kind of bopping around. I spent 5 years in Japan, lived in Singapore for a while. yeah, but mainly Australia. And now New Zealand.

00:02:50.830 --> 00:03:09.529
Jane Atkinson: Well travel. Well, I did my tour of a year when I was 25 years old, and I have my birthday in Australia, sitting in in Kuji Beach, overlooking this Rugby field, and thinking, you know. If this is it for me? If this is the end of my life I will have.

00:03:09.560 --> 00:03:10.890
I will be not

00:03:11.170 --> 00:03:13.770
Julie Ann Cairns: 25.

00:03:14.000 --> 00:03:15.300
Julie Ann Cairns: You're living

00:03:15.410 --> 00:03:16.749
Julie Ann Cairns: ever since. Yeah.

00:03:18.160 --> 00:03:37.369
Jane Atkinson: Rugby players and their giant thick thighs across the street for me play, you know this is it? This is all I need. Anyway, I tore around for a year and and that's why I knew that the pronunciation of cans can sometimes go different ways because of

00:03:37.540 --> 00:03:43.639
Jane Atkinson: okay. So let's talk about what it means

00:03:43.680 --> 00:03:49.209
Jane Atkinson: to have an but an abundant mindset. Tell us what what your thoughts are on that.

00:03:49.440 --> 00:03:57.330
Julie Ann Cairns: Yeah, Well, let me just give you the quick backstory on how I got to considering mindset as a vital component.

00:03:57.730 --> 00:04:02.349
Julie Ann Cairns: So, as I said, I had a stock market business. And

00:04:02.860 --> 00:04:07.779
Julie Ann Cairns: teaching people how to trade the stock market, and in 2,008

00:04:07.900 --> 00:04:11.810
Julie Ann Cairns: nearly went bankrupt. The global financial crisis

00:04:12.220 --> 00:04:21.439
Julie Ann Cairns: and it was a real wake up call for me, and at that that at that time, like I was absolutely terrified, absolutely terrified.

00:04:21.550 --> 00:04:24.349
Julie Ann Cairns: being on the verge of bankruptcy had had

00:04:24.810 --> 00:04:33.459
Julie Ann Cairns: about 3 million dollars in debt. That was due like immediately, and no bank would re finance us because of the global

00:04:33.560 --> 00:04:36.070
Julie Ann Cairns: financial crisis. So this was business debt.

00:04:36.280 --> 00:04:45.220
Julie Ann Cairns: anyhow. yeah, didn't really know what to do, and I recognize this feeling of terror in my stomach

00:04:46.650 --> 00:04:50.310
Julie Ann Cairns: related to a feeling I had had when I was 11 years old.

00:04:50.660 --> 00:05:02.450
Julie Ann Cairns: and my parents had broken up, and so i'd growing up in Canada in a very prosperous family, and like wealthy, wealthy family. We had our own airplanes, that kind of well

00:05:02.540 --> 00:05:03.800
Julie Ann Cairns: and

00:05:03.870 --> 00:05:08.760
Julie Ann Cairns: and when I was 11 my parents broke up, and then by the time I was 13

00:05:08.910 --> 00:05:19.990
Julie Ann Cairns: mit ctl, and my mother, my dad had gone back to Australia. My mother had declared bankruptcy, and so i'd gone from this incredibly prosperous, wealthy life to us, being assisted by welfare 150,

00:05:20.330 --> 00:05:23.110
Julie Ann Cairns: and it was completely shoe on the other foot.

00:05:23.470 --> 00:05:28.190
Julie Ann Cairns: And when I had this experience in 2,008. I recognized.

00:05:28.250 --> 00:05:36.050
Julie Ann Cairns: Wow! The feeling I have right now in 2,008 is the same as when I was a kid in my entire world fell apart.

00:05:36.720 --> 00:05:40.729
Julie Ann Cairns: and and I had just had this light bulb moment, and it was Wow!

00:05:40.920 --> 00:05:41.780
Julie Ann Cairns: Hmm!

00:05:42.520 --> 00:05:50.110
Julie Ann Cairns: Actually, I've had a couple of gains and lost cycles in my life of like radical game and loss, you know, up

00:05:50.270 --> 00:05:54.390
Julie Ann Cairns: 1 million or so dollars down millions or so dollars.

00:05:54.750 --> 00:05:56.280
Julie Ann Cairns: I wonder if this

00:05:56.430 --> 00:05:58.470
Julie Ann Cairns: crazy gain and lost thing

00:05:58.520 --> 00:06:04.890
Julie Ann Cairns: is my normal because of my childhood. I wonder if that's what I expect and believe

00:06:04.930 --> 00:06:06.859
Julie Ann Cairns: is the way that the world goes

00:06:07.110 --> 00:06:08.770
Julie Ann Cairns: and so that

00:06:08.980 --> 00:06:11.669
Julie Ann Cairns: aha moment, and we go -oh!

00:06:11.730 --> 00:06:15.140
Julie Ann Cairns: I do not want to be on this roller coaster for the rest of my life.

00:06:15.910 --> 00:06:26.150
Julie Ann Cairns: even if I get out of this situation, I certainly don't want to be hitting another just another, you know. Massive up and down roller coaster ride in the future. So I have to figure out

00:06:26.420 --> 00:06:31.129
Julie Ann Cairns: what is driving this. What beliefs have I got on board? And how can I change them?

00:06:31.920 --> 00:06:42.299
Julie Ann Cairns: And so that drove me into figuring out you know, really diving into the subconscious how the subconscious works. How do you reprogram beliefs?

00:06:42.490 --> 00:07:01.430
Julie Ann Cairns: And you know I didn't have much time because I was the president of bankruptcy. So it was rather urgent. So I kind of worked on this stuff really fast. I'm like I need a fast method. I can't, You know I don't have 20 years to spend in therapy here. Okay, I need a fast method to sort this out

00:07:01.440 --> 00:07:02.840
Julie Ann Cairns: as soon as possible.

00:07:03.320 --> 00:07:06.079
Julie Ann Cairns: And so yeah, I I

00:07:06.240 --> 00:07:14.470
Julie Ann Cairns: was given a book called the Power of your Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy, which was written in 1,963,

00:07:14.710 --> 00:07:22.050
Julie Ann Cairns: and I pretty much followed that as a recipe book and a bunch of other books that I then found

00:07:22.080 --> 00:07:22.960
Julie Ann Cairns: and

00:07:23.030 --> 00:07:27.850
Julie Ann Cairns: within I was able to turn the business around with my business partner

00:07:28.130 --> 00:07:30.199
Julie Ann Cairns: and not go bankrupt.

00:07:30.320 --> 00:07:33.550
Julie Ann Cairns: and we went from being 3 million dollars in debt

00:07:33.650 --> 00:07:36.309
Julie Ann Cairns: in 2,008 to

00:07:36.890 --> 00:07:41.080
Julie Ann Cairns: the debt fully paid off, and 3 million dollars in cash in the bank

00:07:41.170 --> 00:07:51.309
Julie Ann Cairns: by 2,012. So within 4 years, in an economy that was, you know, essentially a recession post, the global financial crisis

00:07:51.510 --> 00:07:56.200
Julie Ann Cairns: so that was a massive turnaround and taught me the power of the subconscious.

00:07:56.800 --> 00:08:07.410
Jane Atkinson: it is so powerful, it is so powerful. I saw time and time again in my own life and in clients life during Covid.

00:08:07.580 --> 00:08:14.579
Jane Atkinson: How, if you can stop and recognize that you have gone into a fear spiral

00:08:14.780 --> 00:08:26.109
Jane Atkinson: that you can start to make the ship. But I, if you don't identify it. Then what happens? Do you just keep going? I mean exactly. You have hit on the number. One thing

00:08:26.950 --> 00:08:31.329
Julie Ann Cairns: I mean, really there's 3 steps to believe change. The first is identify.

00:08:31.620 --> 00:08:35.029
Julie Ann Cairns: the second is weekend.

00:08:35.530 --> 00:08:41.989
Julie Ann Cairns: whatever the the limiting belief is weak in it, and the third is, replace it with a more helpful belief.

00:08:42.049 --> 00:08:44.820
Julie Ann Cairns: but the hardest step is identify.

00:08:44.980 --> 00:08:50.600
Julie Ann Cairns: and you know you can spend your whole life not identifying what it is that's holding you back.

00:08:50.950 --> 00:09:08.290
Julie Ann Cairns: and so this is where Why, I, after coming through that experience, and you know, getting back on my P, getting back to prosperity and abundance, dealing with the codes, the subconscious codes that had been holding me back and creating this crazy gain and lost cycle my entire life.

00:09:09.640 --> 00:09:17.060
Julie Ann Cairns: I wanted to share what I what I had discovered with the world. And one of the things I realized in my reading was that

00:09:17.480 --> 00:09:21.000
Julie Ann Cairns: there was a lot of a lot of discussion about. Well, what

00:09:21.450 --> 00:09:32.940
Julie Ann Cairns: how do you? How do you reprogram a belief according to those essentially everything I read Boil down to those 3 steps I just described. It's identify, we can and replace.

00:09:33.590 --> 00:09:41.589
Julie Ann Cairns: But what are they? How do you identify them? What are the beliefs? So I wanted to, contribute

00:09:41.820 --> 00:09:47.610
Julie Ann Cairns: to that sort of field by identifying the top 7 limiting beliefs about money.

00:09:49.090 --> 00:10:01.459
Julie Ann Cairns: because that identification step would help people a lot. And I had a wonderful lab because my business was teaching people how to trade the stock market, and they were dealing with their money beliefs every single day.

00:10:01.650 --> 00:10:13.130
Julie Ann Cairns: You know, trading them financial markets is a way to push on your limiting beliefs over and over again. It is like 95% mindset.

00:10:13.150 --> 00:10:14.470
Jane Atkinson: my brother. Actually.

00:10:14.570 --> 00:10:20.629
Jane Atkinson: he said, that you really have to decide ahead of time. You know where your limits are going to be

00:10:20.690 --> 00:10:43.069
Jane Atkinson: to them, because if you get involved in your emotionally and your trades, you're done for. So I think that's so, You know I have like a very light light version of what you talked about. When I was growing up we lived on the street with all the doctors and lawyers. My dad was an engineer, but he got laid off from his job at age 55,

00:10:43.180 --> 00:10:44.240
Jane Atkinson: and

00:10:44.490 --> 00:11:03.180
Jane Atkinson: to see him go into like a T about a 10 year depression as a result of that, and I do have to wonder I wouldn't say we went through major hardship so definitely not the same situation as yours. But I have to wonder what kind of things that lodged into my brain

00:11:03.350 --> 00:11:04.990
Julie Ann Cairns: about

00:11:05.160 --> 00:11:08.489
Julie Ann Cairns: and about safety and financial security.

00:11:08.850 --> 00:11:22.859
Jane Atkinson: Exactly exactly how much makes sure. okay. So we've got our 3 things identify, awakened, and replacing. You just mentioned this weekend. We can not awaken.

00:11:23.260 --> 00:11:25.810
Julie Ann Cairns: identify, we can

00:11:25.960 --> 00:11:27.240
Julie Ann Cairns: and replace.

00:11:27.490 --> 00:11:30.530
Jane Atkinson: Okay, Got it? Got it? Yeah, that's important.

00:11:30.690 --> 00:11:32.969
Jane Atkinson: That's good.

00:11:33.630 --> 00:11:45.789
Jane Atkinson: Now, before I think we can maybe have time to dive into 3 of the 7. But let's just talk about how big a role does opportunity play in a person's ability to access abundance.

00:11:46.720 --> 00:12:02.430
Julie Ann Cairns: Yeah, it can play a big role. So you know, this is. This is one of the criticisms that you will hear about. You know abundance, mindset, and manifestation, and all that sort of stuff is, you know, not. Everyone has the same opportunities.

00:12:02.800 --> 00:12:05.589
Julie Ann Cairns: and that is that is absolutely true.

00:12:05.840 --> 00:12:11.289
Julie Ann Cairns: and not Don't want to debate that right like it's just like the way that

00:12:11.330 --> 00:12:17.099
Julie Ann Cairns: you know. Men and women face different opportunities in the workplace.

00:12:17.510 --> 00:12:24.330
Julie Ann Cairns: Right, you know. Women still do not have equal opportunity in the workplace. So I would call that

00:12:24.890 --> 00:12:28.880
Julie Ann Cairns: environment that you're working in the collective abundance.

00:12:29.940 --> 00:12:40.820
Julie Ann Cairns: So you know, people of color have a different collective abundance. you know environment than white people of privilege to

00:12:42.340 --> 00:12:46.250
Julie Ann Cairns: that's absolutely true. And at the same time

00:12:46.270 --> 00:12:54.959
Julie Ann Cairns: we can improve our access to abundance by working on our own internal stories and beliefs.

00:12:55.170 --> 00:12:57.180
Julie Ann Cairns: Yeah.

00:12:57.420 --> 00:13:13.949
Jane Atkinson: we're not talking about generation or generational wealth or anything like that. Lot of people are really starting from, you know the ground level and trying to work their way up. They've identified that they think they can have a better life for themselves.

00:13:13.960 --> 00:13:26.210
Jane Atkinson: But maybe Don't have, you know, a lot of people around them to give the a leg up, and I love that. So Step Number One is really to start doing that internal work

00:13:26.310 --> 00:13:27.879
Julie Ann Cairns: do an inventory.

00:13:27.970 --> 00:13:30.589
Julie Ann Cairns: basically is step number one

00:13:30.670 --> 00:13:50.220
Julie Ann Cairns: pretty much, you know. and this is something that I take people through in my book. It's a very practical book. Chapter By chapter we go over what are the top? 7 limiting beliefs about money, and at the end of each chapter is like a bunch of questions, reflection, questions that help you get to the root of

00:13:50.290 --> 00:13:53.100
Julie Ann Cairns: how that belief might have shown up in your life.

00:13:53.550 --> 00:14:01.270
Julie Ann Cairns: Well whether it's shown up in your life. I most people find that actually they have some version of all 7 money

00:14:01.400 --> 00:14:14.269
Julie Ann Cairns: going on in in their you know source code in their subconscious code. And that's really why I called it the Abundance Code, because we are rewiring our subconscious code, which is like

00:14:14.380 --> 00:14:27.649
Julie Ann Cairns: Mit Ctl. And it's like a software update. It really is. It's like we're going through the code that we inherited from our parents that they inherited from their parents, and let's be clear. This is calm down the generations 150.

00:14:27.790 --> 00:14:33.369
Julie Ann Cairns: Some of these beliefs have come from times of extreme scarcity, like the great depression.

00:14:34.790 --> 00:14:42.249
Julie Ann Cairns: you know, and then compound on that many of our own experiences of, say, the 2,008 recession. And

00:14:42.260 --> 00:14:55.229
Julie Ann Cairns: you know, Covid and all of the problems and issues in the world that we're facing now, so those can just trigger these beliefs that are already in there because they were coded from our grandparents and

00:14:55.400 --> 00:14:57.590
Julie Ann Cairns: and great grandparents, and so on.

00:14:58.450 --> 00:15:02.230
Julie Ann Cairns: So it is really important to get in there and go. What

00:15:02.270 --> 00:15:05.610
Julie Ann Cairns: What is my source code on, you know.

00:15:05.640 --> 00:15:08.839
Julie Ann Cairns: in terms of money and abundance.

00:15:09.150 --> 00:15:13.779
Julie Ann Cairns: And how can I change that source code? Because we cannot.

00:15:14.020 --> 00:15:15.290
Julie Ann Cairns: cannot

00:15:15.320 --> 00:15:18.950
Julie Ann Cairns: bring forth something that is contrary to our

00:15:19.010 --> 00:15:20.710
Julie Ann Cairns: subconscious beliefs.

00:15:21.830 --> 00:15:26.629
Jane Atkinson: we cannot bring forward something that is contrary

00:15:26.770 --> 00:15:29.050
Jane Atkinson: to our subconscious beliefs.

00:15:29.140 --> 00:15:30.310
Julie Ann Cairns: Yeah. So

00:15:30.540 --> 00:15:40.349
Jane Atkinson: if you want something in your life, you're saying, bring it forward. You want it. You're putting it out there. What I want, You dreamboard it!

00:15:40.490 --> 00:15:42.260
Julie Ann Cairns: You do all the things.

00:15:42.460 --> 00:15:47.180
Jane Atkinson: And still, if it's still not showing up, that is telling you.

00:15:47.270 --> 00:15:51.789
Julie Ann Cairns: There is a belief on board that is blocking you or sabotaging you

00:15:52.400 --> 00:16:04.399
Jane Atkinson: the leaf on board. I I I do not want that. well, maybe I do want that bumper sticker if I can make it positive belief on board, you know, like the baby on board one.

00:16:04.790 --> 00:16:08.059
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so these first of all.

00:16:08.070 --> 00:16:25.770
Jane Atkinson: tell people where they need to go. Get this book, because I think that the abundance code, how to bus the 7 money, miss, for a rich life now is absolute. Must have reading for all of our listeners. Where's the best place for them to buy it?

00:16:26.120 --> 00:16:35.510
Julie Ann Cairns: Amazon. I guess it's just you you can visit. I have a site for the book called the Abundance Code Bookcom

00:16:35.940 --> 00:16:46.619
Julie Ann Cairns: and that gives you links of where you can buy it. And also, you know, you can sign up for free video series if you want to know more about where what these beliefs are and where they came from.

00:16:46.760 --> 00:16:53.389
Jane Atkinson: I love it all right, so we have time to go through 3 of your favorite

00:16:53.490 --> 00:16:58.279
Jane Atkinson: myths that you wanna but bus, tell me what

00:17:03.320 --> 00:17:06.519
Julie Ann Cairns: mythbusters okay, what's number? Okay?

00:17:06.829 --> 00:17:09.950
Julie Ann Cairns: Well, number one is really the the myth.

00:17:09.970 --> 00:17:11.649
Julie Ann Cairns: That is,

00:17:12.060 --> 00:17:14.920
Julie Ann Cairns: this, the origin myth of

00:17:14.940 --> 00:17:18.740
Julie Ann Cairns: you know, these 7 money. Myths are kind of a system of beliefs.

00:17:18.770 --> 00:17:23.170
Julie Ann Cairns: but it all starts with this first belief that we take on.

00:17:23.410 --> 00:17:26.740
Julie Ann Cairns: and it is the belief that there is not enough.

00:17:27.650 --> 00:17:31.890
Julie Ann Cairns: It is the belief in scarcity. There is not enough to go around.

00:17:32.090 --> 00:17:38.770
Julie Ann Cairns: There is not enough for me. There is not enough for everyone. If I have more, someone has to have less

00:17:39.060 --> 00:17:39.810
Julie Ann Cairns: right.

00:17:39.830 --> 00:17:49.330
Julie Ann Cairns: not we can all have more. No, if I have more, someone has to have less. This is a limited system, and there is essentially not enough.

00:17:49.890 --> 00:17:54.540
Julie Ann Cairns: And so what that causes is, if I if I want more, and you know

00:17:54.820 --> 00:18:01.319
Julie Ann Cairns: I want things right. I want things in my life. If I want more to have more than my neighbor.

00:18:01.770 --> 00:18:06.399
Julie Ann Cairns: then, if I believe in scarcity, what that tells me is okay.

00:18:06.890 --> 00:18:10.410
Julie Ann Cairns: i'm in competition. Here we are in competition.

00:18:10.630 --> 00:18:16.000
Julie Ann Cairns: If I get a bigger piece of the pie, you're gonna have less. It's probably gonna make you annoyed.

00:18:16.020 --> 00:18:26.599
Julie Ann Cairns: you're not gonna like it, and I have to be defensive. I have to be competitive. It kicks up all kinds of emotions like envy, jealousy, comparisonitis.

00:18:26.640 --> 00:18:27.690
Julie Ann Cairns: You know

00:18:28.070 --> 00:18:32.330
Julie Ann Cairns: all of that. All of that stuff springs out of there is not enough.

00:18:32.600 --> 00:18:36.869
Julie Ann Cairns: whereas if I have a belief, a fundamental belief.

00:18:37.350 --> 00:18:41.159
Julie Ann Cairns: there is enough. There will always be enough.

00:18:41.800 --> 00:18:47.780
Julie Ann Cairns: There's enough for me. There's enough for you, then that allows a space

00:18:48.180 --> 00:18:49.810
Julie Ann Cairns: for collaboration

00:18:50.980 --> 00:18:52.619
Julie Ann Cairns: as opposed to competition

00:18:52.810 --> 00:18:54.669
Julie Ann Cairns: for creativity.

00:18:54.960 --> 00:18:55.980
Julie Ann Cairns: For

00:18:56.000 --> 00:18:56.939
Julie Ann Cairns: you know.

00:18:56.970 --> 00:18:59.170
Julie Ann Cairns: thinking outside the box.

00:18:59.490 --> 00:19:05.240
Julie Ann Cairns: instead of getting stuck in this. There's only one path to success, and you know I have to, you know.

00:19:05.510 --> 00:19:13.889
Julie Ann Cairns: work hard at school and go to college, and da da da da, whereas a bun is thinking allows us to open up and go Well, maybe there's some other ways.

00:19:14.530 --> 00:19:15.710
Julie Ann Cairns: If there's

00:19:15.740 --> 00:19:19.630
Julie Ann Cairns: plenty to go around them, there's plenty for me and my way

00:19:20.060 --> 00:19:21.669
Julie Ann Cairns: which might not be your way.

00:19:23.000 --> 00:19:37.890
Jane Atkinson: Maybe there's some other way I love that. So the myth is that kind of ingrained belief that a lot of us don't even know that is in there. But of course you know for me personally, I would say, is in there somewhere for sure.

00:19:37.900 --> 00:19:51.109
Jane Atkinson: because i'm not financially exactly where I would like to be. So there's gotta be something at the root of that a belief in scarcity that I have not flipped the switch on yet for sure.

00:19:51.550 --> 00:19:58.580
Jane Atkinson: So the scarcity is Number One Number 2 is one of my favorites Go ahead and talk about that

00:19:59.270 --> 00:20:02.349
Julie Ann Cairns: Number 2 is the belief that time is money.

00:20:02.580 --> 00:20:08.299
Julie Ann Cairns: and so if I want more money, the only way to get more money is to exchange more time.

00:20:08.770 --> 00:20:09.620
Julie Ann Cairns: you know.

00:20:09.870 --> 00:20:20.669
Julie Ann Cairns: and that is limited inherently, because there is, there is only 24 h in in a day. So that's not a belief. That is a fact. There's 24 h in a day.

00:20:20.820 --> 00:20:21.640
Julie Ann Cairns: Right

00:20:21.740 --> 00:20:23.250
Julie Ann Cairns: we have

00:20:23.330 --> 00:20:28.229
Julie Ann Cairns: our lifespan. We don't even know how long it is so we have. We do have

00:20:28.620 --> 00:20:31.250
Julie Ann Cairns: our limited time on this birth.

00:20:32.240 --> 00:20:38.160
Julie Ann Cairns: And so, if I believe that time is money, then there is inherently a limit to how much

00:20:38.300 --> 00:20:49.139
Julie Ann Cairns: money I can get, because I only have so much time. So cracking the back of that belief says, Well, actually, there are ways to get money that don't require my time. And what are they?

00:20:50.150 --> 00:20:52.869
Julie Ann Cairns: What are the ways, you know? If I invest.

00:20:52.920 --> 00:20:59.189
Julie Ann Cairns: for example, you know my current business is investment properties that I rent out on Airbnb.

00:20:59.220 --> 00:21:02.729
Julie Ann Cairns: So last night I was safely tucked up in my bed.

00:21:02.770 --> 00:21:04.630
Julie Ann Cairns: and I had a bunch of money

00:21:05.110 --> 00:21:07.070
Julie Ann Cairns: coming into my bank account.

00:21:07.200 --> 00:21:09.730
Julie Ann Cairns: because all my houses were full

00:21:10.500 --> 00:21:18.190
Julie Ann Cairns: right. So that's that's an example of I'm making money in my sleep. It is not. It is not a time for money equation.

00:21:19.110 --> 00:21:29.499
Jane Atkinson: I love that so much, and I I really was grateful. Having heard Dan Sullivan, who was been one of my mentors over time.

00:21:29.800 --> 00:21:34.109
Jane Atkinson: Talk about stop trading your time as speakers

00:21:34.460 --> 00:21:47.800
Jane Atkinson: stop trading your time for money. You can only do so many speeches in a year. Let's figure out how we're going to create wealth outside of trading time for money.

00:21:47.810 --> 00:22:17.019
Jane Atkinson: So maybe there's books. Maybe there's, you know, projects that you could be doing that are bigger than and not requiring just you and your time. Maybe there are membership sites and courses, and you know there's a lot of ideas for us. Maybe there are investments that we can make outside of the industry that will allow us to stop trading our time for money. I think the time is money. One

00:22:17.070 --> 00:22:22.089
Jane Atkinson: is something that people may have locked down, and they don't even recognize that they have that.

00:22:22.180 --> 00:22:23.310
Julie Ann Cairns: Let me

00:22:23.330 --> 00:22:36.370
Jane Atkinson: that and start thinking about. You know we really have grown our business through our school and our mastermind, and things like that, and books product sales has been huge for us.

00:22:36.380 --> 00:22:46.100
Jane Atkinson: and will continue to be huge for us as we launch another book next year. So I love that time is money. let's talk about Number 3.

00:22:47.190 --> 00:22:55.620
Julie Ann Cairns: So number 3 is actually not number 3 in the book, but it is one of my favorite ones, because it is linked

00:22:55.920 --> 00:22:57.809
Julie Ann Cairns: to this Time is money

00:22:57.880 --> 00:22:58.950
Julie Ann Cairns: concept.

00:22:58.990 --> 00:23:01.729
Julie Ann Cairns: and it's the idea that money.

00:23:02.470 --> 00:23:04.400
Julie Ann Cairns: more money, more problems.

00:23:04.500 --> 00:23:08.090
Julie Ann Cairns: Essentially. money is easy. Come, easy.

00:23:08.300 --> 00:23:10.409
easy Go is another belief

00:23:10.820 --> 00:23:14.550
Julie Ann Cairns: that people have. Okay, and that's in between, you know.

00:23:14.970 --> 00:23:21.059
Julie Ann Cairns: This time is money, and this next belief. The next belief i'm talking about is

00:23:21.100 --> 00:23:26.179
Julie Ann Cairns: money won't make me happy. It's going to bring me drama. It's going to be made problems.

00:23:26.510 --> 00:23:36.450
Julie Ann Cairns: And so it. You will probably have this if you think that time is money, because if you want to have more money. Then you have to exchange more time, and you lose the balance in your life.

00:23:36.730 --> 00:23:40.090
Julie Ann Cairns: And so then it is more money, more problems, right.

00:23:40.490 --> 00:23:45.279
Julie Ann Cairns: and money doesn't make me happy. That is something that you trigger when you don't

00:23:45.680 --> 00:23:48.600
Julie Ann Cairns: deal with the time as money believe first.

00:23:49.550 --> 00:23:57.990
Jane Atkinson: So more money, more problems. I I've built it right into my 2,023 motto.

00:23:58.190 --> 00:24:06.969
Jane Atkinson: which is business in life profitable and easy on my terms. I've got profitable in there.

00:24:07.040 --> 00:24:18.389
Jane Atkinson: and I've got easy in there because I I wanna say, people who are just starting out in the business, please be aware of when you are over complicating your life.

00:24:18.440 --> 00:24:34.280
Jane Atkinson: because then that more pro, more money, more problems, actually does become true. But I believe that there's a way, and you clearly have found the way to earn a lot of money without a lot of problems.

00:24:34.290 --> 00:24:41.700
Jane Atkinson: What say say more about that? And I love this Airbnb idea. I think that's so good.

00:24:43.250 --> 00:24:54.690
Julie Ann Cairns: Well, I think the the key to it First, as you know, this is this is my mantra. Deal with your subconscious beliefs first, because often people will ask.

00:24:54.760 --> 00:24:57.779
Julie Ann Cairns: What is it that I should be doing differently?

00:24:58.200 --> 00:25:00.639
Julie Ann Cairns: And that is the wrong question.

00:25:00.750 --> 00:25:04.729
Julie Ann Cairns: The right question is, what is it that I should believe differently.

00:25:05.120 --> 00:25:08.370
Jane Atkinson: What is it that I should believe differently?

00:25:09.610 --> 00:25:10.620
Jane Atkinson: I love it

00:25:11.860 --> 00:25:17.720
Julie Ann Cairns: so. Instead of what should I do differently? What should I believe differently? Because I can tell you the how

00:25:17.770 --> 00:25:19.890
Julie Ann Cairns: you know. I can tell you my how

00:25:20.250 --> 00:25:29.379
Julie Ann Cairns: you know which is a lot to do with investment. not just in the property, but also the stock market. And

00:25:29.720 --> 00:25:32.230
Julie Ann Cairns: the greatest investment I ever made

00:25:32.330 --> 00:25:34.370
Julie Ann Cairns: was the investment in my mindset.

00:25:34.700 --> 00:25:37.570
Julie Ann Cairns: and I would still be on.

00:25:37.700 --> 00:25:41.229
Julie Ann Cairns: I knew how to make money. That was never my problem.

00:25:41.420 --> 00:25:50.450
Julie Ann Cairns: Actually, it was never my problem. I was on a roller coaster of gain and loss, and i'm talking millions of dollars at a time, gain and lost 200

00:25:50.700 --> 00:25:54.009
Julie Ann Cairns: until I fixed my subconscious code.

00:25:55.420 --> 00:26:06.599
Jane Atkinson: So good, and I remember another one of my mentors, saying, You know, learning how to keep money is important. And that was a big opener

00:26:06.720 --> 00:26:22.890
Jane Atkinson: 3 years ago, actually, at the beginning of Covid. that was my goal was to have this comfort funds set aside so that I could ease that scarcity mindset that, you know, just came naturally to me.

00:26:23.360 --> 00:26:24.290
Julie Ann Cairns: Yes.

00:26:24.340 --> 00:26:31.149
Julie Ann Cairns: and I mean, here's another belief that plays into all that money is hard to make.

00:26:31.530 --> 00:26:36.429
Julie Ann Cairns: which is really this. This similar to to there is not enough.

00:26:36.820 --> 00:26:39.690
Julie Ann Cairns: you know you have to work hard for your money.

00:26:40.130 --> 00:26:53.589
Julie Ann Cairns: So this this all ties in the time is money. Money is hard to make. You have to work hard for your money, and even you know, if you get money that you didn't work hard for do you really deserve it?

00:26:54.140 --> 00:26:56.409
Julie Ann Cairns: That's another little hidden

00:26:56.610 --> 00:27:05.769
Julie Ann Cairns: belief in there about my inherent deserving this as well. So there's a lot to unpack when you start on packet. There is a lot to unpack.

00:27:05.800 --> 00:27:11.040
Julie Ann Cairns: and that is part of the reason I wanted to write the book to just help people unpack it.

00:27:11.180 --> 00:27:13.659
Julie Ann Cairns: because there are layers to this.

00:27:14.420 --> 00:27:34.370
Jane Atkinson: It's it's so important. I wrote a story I'm just in the middle of getting ready to launch my my sixth book. It's called the Wealthy Speaker, 3 Point, 0, and I shared a story about imploding a job where I was making too much money, and didn't think that I deserved it. You know there was a

00:27:34.380 --> 00:27:40.790
Jane Atkinson: people in this company, and I was often the last one to leave at night, and I worked. My

00:27:40.930 --> 00:27:44.190
Jane Atkinson: good I what

00:27:44.350 --> 00:28:01.109
Jane Atkinson: It came so quickly. I went from, you know I just didn't think I deserved it. And so what did I do? I blew it up, and I started out again that kind of pro and had to build my way back up. It really interesting to go backwards and

00:28:01.120 --> 00:28:07.930
Jane Atkinson: notice what had happened. When I didn't think I was deserving. There's gotta be something in your

00:28:08.200 --> 00:28:09.990

00:28:10.180 --> 00:28:17.950
Jane Atkinson: the level of deserveability people. We? Why do we inherently start by thinking we deserve nothing.

00:28:18.220 --> 00:28:26.450
Julie Ann Cairns: Yeah. Well, this is the generational programming. And you know, I think that that's something to understand is that,

00:28:26.880 --> 00:28:28.240
Julie Ann Cairns: essentially.

00:28:28.380 --> 00:28:37.920
Julie Ann Cairns: most of the people that you will meet have come from the working classes, I mean, the middle class is a new thing, right? The middle class is a new thing.

00:28:37.940 --> 00:28:40.879
Julie Ann Cairns: Generationally we came from

00:28:40.920 --> 00:28:43.559
Julie Ann Cairns: most of us from working class roots

00:28:43.590 --> 00:28:49.699
Julie Ann Cairns: and those working-class roots. If you weren't part of the aristocracy and the landed gentry.

00:28:49.790 --> 00:28:53.859
Julie Ann Cairns: right, they have a whole different set of beliefs. Their beliefs

00:28:54.020 --> 00:29:01.930
Julie Ann Cairns: whole other story right. If you weren't part of that, then you inherited beliefs that were designed to

00:29:02.410 --> 00:29:03.850
Julie Ann Cairns: keep you down

00:29:04.210 --> 00:29:08.279
Julie Ann Cairns: that were designed to have you accept your lot in life

00:29:08.380 --> 00:29:12.519
Julie Ann Cairns: that we're designed to have you not question and rebel

00:29:12.720 --> 00:29:17.499
Julie Ann Cairns: against the power structures that were in place to keep people poor.

00:29:17.860 --> 00:29:18.640
Julie Ann Cairns: right?

00:29:18.690 --> 00:29:25.260
Julie Ann Cairns: And so, you know, we've had this wonderful Renaissance, I guess of. You know the middle class.

00:29:26.550 --> 00:29:30.170
Julie Ann Cairns: and you could. You could definitely argue that, you know, on a

00:29:30.230 --> 00:29:40.660
Julie Ann Cairns: societal level. We're kind of going backwards and regressing back a little bit, maybe to that, you know. Great wealth divide that existed in an aristocratic times.

00:29:41.370 --> 00:29:44.810
Julie Ann Cairns: so it's more important than ever

00:29:45.040 --> 00:29:53.899
Julie Ann Cairns: that we revise our beliefs and not get caught again in that belief system that holds us down and holds us back.

00:29:54.420 --> 00:29:59.610
Jane Atkinson: What do you say to people who say? Well, it's easy for you.

00:30:00.200 --> 00:30:06.199
Jane Atkinson: It's easy for you, You, you know, had this or

00:30:06.400 --> 00:30:15.550
Jane Atkinson: this for a job, or you know you've built this thing, whatever it might be. What? What? What do, what's the answer to it's easy for you?

00:30:16.730 --> 00:30:19.929
Julie Ann Cairns: The answer to? It's easy for you is, everyone

00:30:19.970 --> 00:30:24.389
Julie Ann Cairns: comes in with their own set of starting conditions.

00:30:24.830 --> 00:30:25.689
Julie Ann Cairns: you know.

00:30:26.050 --> 00:30:32.360
Julie Ann Cairns: and not not. Everyone starts in the same place. That is absolutely true.

00:30:32.490 --> 00:30:33.330
Julie Ann Cairns: Okay.

00:30:33.580 --> 00:30:38.320
Julie Ann Cairns: not. Everyone starts with the same opportunities. However, everyone.

00:30:38.690 --> 00:30:44.040
Julie Ann Cairns: This is the great leveler. Everyone can do their subconscious reprogramming work.

00:30:44.470 --> 00:30:46.250
Julie Ann Cairns: Everyone can do that.

00:30:46.380 --> 00:30:47.930
Julie Ann Cairns: and you can.

00:30:48.020 --> 00:30:51.559
Julie Ann Cairns: If you do that, you can leapfrog

00:30:52.010 --> 00:30:57.140
Julie Ann Cairns: quite rapidly over people who had better starting conditions than you.

00:30:57.210 --> 00:31:00.210
Julie Ann Cairns: But didn't do their subconscious reprogramming work.

00:31:00.740 --> 00:31:20.119
Jane Atkinson: So good. Okay. So let's go back to the 3 again. First, we need to identify that, hey? We got something that's just not serving us very well. There's a thought. There's a mindset that needs to be busted. Then we need to weaken it. What? What

00:31:20.130 --> 00:31:24.740
Jane Atkinson: for? Weakening Something negative that you might have as a belief.

00:31:24.820 --> 00:31:25.620
Julie Ann Cairns: Yeah.

00:31:26.060 --> 00:31:30.790
Julie Ann Cairns: Well, this is actually a process. I run in the book, and I i'm not.

00:31:31.240 --> 00:31:38.629
Julie Ann Cairns: I'm. I'm not over to about it in the book. But i'm running a so subconscious reprogramming process while you read the book.

00:31:38.770 --> 00:31:48.329
Julie Ann Cairns: So i'm, I'm: basically taking you through these 3 steps, I help you identify what are the top? 7 limiting beliefs? And then in each chapter

00:31:48.390 --> 00:32:07.299
Julie Ann Cairns: I do the weakening for you. So when i'm one of my strengths is, I have a background as an economic researcher. That was my my training, You know. I spent 9 years at university, and i'm very well trained as a researcher. So I use my research skills in my

00:32:07.310 --> 00:32:14.629
Julie Ann Cairns: you know skills in constructing an argument to argue the counter case against the belief.

00:32:15.190 --> 00:32:34.630
Julie Ann Cairns: So we take each belief. You know the belief. Let's look at the belief that there is not not enough to go around and I go Well, Really, is that true? Here's this evidence. And here's that evidence. And here's some more evidence that there is enough to go around that we live in an abundant world, that we have more access to a bonus than ever before.

00:32:34.890 --> 00:32:40.379
Julie Ann Cairns: so that's how we weaken is we? What the simplest way is. Argue the counter case

00:32:40.470 --> 00:32:46.169
Julie Ann Cairns: so that you all you have to do is just crack the back of the belief, the

00:32:46.300 --> 00:32:50.449
Julie Ann Cairns: in which you hold the belief in your mind. We just crack the back of it.

00:32:50.630 --> 00:32:52.670
Julie Ann Cairns: That crack lets the light in.

00:32:52.860 --> 00:32:55.080
Julie Ann Cairns: and then the light does the rest.

00:32:55.300 --> 00:32:57.510
Julie Ann Cairns: So then.

00:32:57.860 --> 00:33:01.560
Julie Ann Cairns: we we put on top of that correct belief

00:33:01.660 --> 00:33:03.070
Julie Ann Cairns: a new belief

00:33:03.580 --> 00:33:20.460
Julie Ann Cairns: that is positive that supports our goals that supports what we want. That is well constructed, and I go through how to how to do a well formed belief in the book, because that's also important. You want to don't want to put a new limitation in place. You want your new belief to be unlimited.

00:33:20.840 --> 00:33:23.090
Julie Ann Cairns: and and truly abundant.

00:33:23.190 --> 00:33:28.029
Julie Ann Cairns: So then you you put that new belief on top, and you just work it in.

00:33:28.190 --> 00:33:29.020
Julie Ann Cairns: and it

00:33:29.090 --> 00:33:29.700
Julie Ann Cairns: it

00:33:29.810 --> 00:33:31.650
Julie Ann Cairns: then, with the crack

00:33:31.710 --> 00:33:34.400
Julie Ann Cairns: in the prior belief it can take

00:33:34.440 --> 00:33:43.810
Julie Ann Cairns: now. So this is a really interesting point, because this is something people say, Well, I've I've tried vision boards, and I've tried affirmations, and I've tried all that stuff.

00:33:44.030 --> 00:33:46.230
Julie Ann Cairns: and it has not stuck.

00:33:46.800 --> 00:33:52.020
Julie Ann Cairns: And the reason it has not stuck is because the prior belief was not correct

00:33:53.500 --> 00:33:59.880
Julie Ann Cairns: before you've stuck the new stuff on top, so it's kind of like. The analogy I give is like, okay.

00:34:00.020 --> 00:34:03.059
Julie Ann Cairns: if you have a room and it has a moldy wall.

00:34:03.760 --> 00:34:14.329
Julie Ann Cairns: You can make that moldy wall look better by just whacking some wallpaper on top of it right. But if you did not clean the mold off before you did that it will grow through.

00:34:14.920 --> 00:34:17.919
Julie Ann Cairns: and soon enough your wall will be moldy again.

00:34:18.420 --> 00:34:23.699
Julie Ann Cairns: But if you clean the wall before you put the wall paper on You're good.

00:34:24.409 --> 00:34:25.709
Julie Ann Cairns: So it's like that.

00:34:26.050 --> 00:34:39.810
Jane Atkinson: A little Tsp. We'll do the trick, and this is what it is required in terms of. We need some Tsp. For the mind also, in order to layer on some good positive beliefs.

00:34:39.969 --> 00:34:48.619
Jane Atkinson: Oh, well, I wanna say, shout out to Victoria Leban, I think that's who introduced this wasn't it? She is amazing. I love Victoria.

00:34:48.810 --> 00:34:49.600
Jane Atkinson: Yes.

00:34:49.610 --> 00:35:10.699
Jane Atkinson: and i'm so glad that we met Julianne. And okay, I don't know about y'all who are listening. But I am not walking, but I am running to get this book. I need to do some homework. I need to do it right now. I'm going to load it up on my ipad, and i'm going to do all the exercises in there. I'm super excited about this.

00:35:10.710 --> 00:35:18.139
Jane Atkinson: Thank you for being with us here today. If people want to know more about the work that you're doing, let's go ahead and get that website again.

00:35:18.490 --> 00:35:21.669
Julie Ann Cairns: So the abundance code bookcom.

00:35:21.850 --> 00:35:28.329
Jane Atkinson: Okay, thank you so much. What's your favorite social media for people to connect with you on?

00:35:28.740 --> 00:35:40.790
Julie Ann Cairns: I'm not a huge social media person. I'm actually much more of a fly under the radar. but you can connect with me on Instagram. I don't post very often. I'm really not a huge social media

00:35:40.900 --> 00:35:43.590
Julie Ann Cairns: person. I should do more about that, really. But

00:35:43.720 --> 00:35:45.430
Julie Ann Cairns: wow.

00:35:45.590 --> 00:35:48.520
Julie Ann Cairns: I don't. I don't have to. I don't have to.

00:35:50.260 --> 00:35:56.689
Jane Atkinson: Okay, I is it under Julianne Karen at on Instagram

00:35:56.790 --> 00:36:12.979
Jane Atkinson: Karen's is C. A. I. R. And S. Everybody, Julie and with no e All right. Well, thank you so much for being here. I am just thrilled that we had this conversation about.

00:36:13.520 --> 00:36:25.329
Jane Atkinson: I'm getting more abundance in your life. I thank you for your time today, and for those of you listening, we'll see you soon. Well be speakers by, for now everyone, this is super fun. Thank you.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

Julie Ann is also the Director of the docuseries of the same name – The Abundance Code – streaming on Her mission is to provide practical tips and powerful mindset enhancements so that you can live a mind-blowingly abundant life full of freedom, choice and joyful celebration.

If you could use some help shifting your mindset to allow more abundance in your business and your life, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll listen and learn.


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