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The Wealthy Speaker: Will you Have a Wealthy New Year?

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The word “wealthy” is so subjective – one person’s definition of wealthy might be quite different from another person’s.

For instance, you might determine that being “wealthy” means:

  • a large bank account (and/or investments)
  • paying the bills and living comfortably
  • traveling and having fun (freedom of time)
  • enough money to retire in comfort
  • not trading your time for money (lifestyle)
  • making a good living loving what you do and helping the world

For those of you who have struggled with getting ahead, some mental re-conditioning might be in order. (For more on this check out Chapter 1 in The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 or our new Wealthy Meditation Audio).

Here are a few ideas for moving into The Wealthy Speaker mode in 2015:

1. Focus. Many of my clients struggle because they are trying to work on too many projects and launches at once. Pick one or two initiatives at a time and follow them through from beginning to end.

2. Mentors. Look for a coach or mentor who has experience and specializes in the areas where you specifically need help. I’ve had a coach for 3 years, which has resulted in moving me much closer to my definition of “wealthy”.

3. Take the Right Actions. Have you ever taken action and it has NOT paid off? I know I have, and strategy combined with the actions that are going to get results are the keys!

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In 2015, we are offering 2 amazing programs at The Wealthy Speaker University to help move you towards your definition of “wealthy”.

The Bachelors Class – for Emerging Speakers – has 6 spots left – starts January 13th.

The Masters Platinum Class – for Seasoned Speakers – has 6 spots left – starts March 27th.

Both of these programs sell out quickly, so if you have questions or are interested, click here to contact us. Don’t delay!

What is your definition of wealthy?  Your comments are welcome.

Happy New Year, Wealthy Speakers!



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