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What Are You Devoted To?

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Devotion can come in different forms. When it comes to business, where do you devote your time and energy?

And is that devotion paying off?

These past few months, I’ve been devoted to putting together a program for speakers like nothing else available in the speaking world.

It’s designed to help people just like you move towards, and achieve, your dream speaking business.

Have you got a clear vision of what that business looks like?

Maybe you’re like Sarah who is speaking 5 times a month at $7,500 per engagement and you are traveling to amazing destinations and bringing your family. Or maybe you’re more like Jacob whose desire is 3 engagements per month at $10,000 to augment his current job. Your dream is your dream and I would love the opportunity to help you achieve it!

To make your dream a reality, I present to you the object of my devotion, The Wealthy Speaker School. The goal of this online learning platform and community is to help you catapult your speaking business.

This summer, my team and I are working with feverish devotion to get The Wealthy Speaker School ready for you, and I cannot wait to unveil the details.

What I can tell you right now is this:

  • We have more than 40 learning modules with lessons, quizzes, exercises and homework under development.
  • Our community will include a calendar of live monthly Zoom calls for speakers at all levels on a variety of topics.
  • Upgrades into our Sales Sprinters and Inner Circle Masterminds will now include full course materials.
  • We have a stellar line up of guest experts ready to deliver Master Classes to you with a wide range of expertise.
  • Our topics will run from soup to nuts – everything from “How do I pick a lane?” to “Who’s going to book me?” to “What systems do I need to get to a million?”

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I’m so excited! I feel as though everything I have learned over 30 years in the speaking industry, and in my own business for the past 15 years, has led me to this moment. 

You’ll want to get on our waitlist for The Wealthy Speaker School so you can have all the details as we unveil our powerful program.

Click here to add your name and I’ll….

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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