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What Are You Telling Yourself? with Jane Atkinson

What Are You Telling Yourself? Let's change your thoughts with Jane Atkinson
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Quote: “You need to silence the “little green monster”. The thought has to be…I have value; I have what they need.” Jane Atkinson

I’m back again for what we’ve been referring to as a “quickie podcast.” We’re going to sprinkle these in to create a library of easy-to-digest and listen-to-over-again podcasts that will help you build the speaking business of your dreams.

Are you being kind to yourself? Do you treat yourself the way you treat others? Would you say things to your clients that you say to yourself? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I am sharing a little bit about mindset (whether negative or positive) and how it can impact you and your business.


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Jane Atkinson: hey welcome to the wealthy speaker podcast I wanted to talk to you today in this a quickie episode about how you are talking to yourself about your business okay.

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Jane Atkinson: Sometimes, our negative self talk can get the best of us just on a day to day basis right.

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Jane Atkinson: You look in the mirror and you say something to yourself that you wouldn't never ever say to another person, you would certainly want never want another person to say something like that to you.

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Jane Atkinson: And it just becomes habitual we've all done it since we were young likely those who have positive self talk good anya because this is not an easy thing to do so, the the mindset work that i've been doing for the past couple of years now that I really see it in action.

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Jane Atkinson: Now that I really see our students turning these massive corners in their businesses, it is super super exciting, and so I wanted to just spend a little time with you today.

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Jane Atkinson: Talking about how you think about what's going on in your business and what you are telling yourself on the regular so in this of course comes up.

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Jane Atkinson: Based on my own moments of stress and failure and speaking negatively to myself how many times have you ever said in your business this isn't working.

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Jane Atkinson: And when we work that through a thought model this isn't working turns into a feeling and the feeling can often be despair sorrow frustration, you know name any feeling that you feel when things aren't working.

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Jane Atkinson: And what happens is is we're coming at our activities from that negative place Okay, so you kind of heard me talking about this a little bit before on the podcast.

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Jane Atkinson: And I have to tell you it's kind of my favorite new topic, because I feel as though, if people can get the mindset part in check, they truly become unstoppable so that's why I eat dog in a matter, so I wanted to share with you.

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Jane Atkinson: Every month we do kind of some pop up mindset work with our students and we just had our masters class last week and we were talking about.

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Jane Atkinson: How do you get off the mark, how do you start taking action immediately, we talked through some things like maybe sometimes you're just having a bad day some people suffer from.

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Jane Atkinson: Different types of mental illness there's a lot of kind of things at work, but when you are going to take your actions in your business let's say you decide that you're going to send out 20 emails a week.

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Jane Atkinson: it's got to be coming from a place of confidence, and if you have a big goal we even need to add in that feeling of determination in order to get us across that finish line if we have a big goal I don't know that.

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Jane Atkinson: The idea of the feelings of you know well i'm hopeful I don't know if hopefully going to get you there to a big financial goal, but I do know that determined.

00:04:03.120 --> 00:04:17.640
Jane Atkinson: will get you there, or you know kick back confidence or something like that, so my own business, the term this isn't working was coming to me just a few weeks ago.

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Jane Atkinson: And it's interesting because I said to my team I kind of surrendered into it and I said to my team I just kind of take.

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Jane Atkinson: My foot my foot has been on the gas pedal for so very long and I don't feel like we're getting exactly the movement that I would like to see happening, do we have a really good income.

00:04:41.280 --> 00:05:02.970
Jane Atkinson: Probably we have an income that you know, a small percentage of female business owners have but you know, of course, I have all so I was feeling, probably the biggest feeling was frustrated and I sent to the team that's it.

00:05:04.080 --> 00:05:28.380
Jane Atkinson: I surrender, I am taking my foot off the gas pedal for the summertime and I want to just like stop, and I want to move I had felt like I was chasing for a period of time, and I want to go back into attraction mode because i've been there before and I know that feels better.

00:05:30.000 --> 00:05:44.610
Jane Atkinson: And so it's funny what will happen the universe, has a really funny way the minute I said that out loud to someone on my team.

00:05:46.260 --> 00:05:54.750
Jane Atkinson: It was almost like these few puzzle pieces, just like fell into place the minute I stopped pushing it was like.

00:05:55.770 --> 00:06:15.150
Jane Atkinson: The everything kind of fell into place we figure it out and i've been heading in this direction for a long time, but we just kind of decided and went towards a new offering in the wealthy speaker school that you know we've been looking for something that you one might call.

00:06:16.770 --> 00:06:26.280
Jane Atkinson: irresistible and we landed on it was so happy, so it was like that piece of the puzzle kind of fell into place and.

00:06:27.450 --> 00:06:39.810
Jane Atkinson: I created a new mantra for myself a new thoughts, so I switched it up from this isn't working that came along with a feeling of safe frustration or doubt.

00:06:40.680 --> 00:06:56.850
Jane Atkinson: And I changed my thought to this is easy, thank you Darrell stinson he's one of our associate coaches inside the school and we did our masters class together on this topic, and he was absolutely brilliant.

00:06:57.900 --> 00:07:13.620
Jane Atkinson: His term is this is easy, and I added on to this is easy, we have exactly what they need for those of you who are watching on YouTube i'm going to hold up my little pink index card.

00:07:14.460 --> 00:07:28.410
Jane Atkinson: That I have on my computer monitor this is easy, we have exactly what they need, so the question becomes what feeling does that give me.

00:07:29.520 --> 00:07:45.570
Jane Atkinson: And it's kind of like a combination of excited and determined because it's almost like I can't wait for everybody to find out about this, so this happens for many of you.

00:07:46.590 --> 00:07:54.270
Jane Atkinson: When you go to work on the content of a speech or you develop something new in your business.

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Jane Atkinson: And if you are in a position where you feel like I just want to stand on the mountain and shout it to the world.

00:08:02.190 --> 00:08:22.170
Jane Atkinson: That is absolutely exactly the position that you want to be, and because then, when you get on the phone with your prospective buyers, you are coming from a feeling of like excitement and confidence, rather than.

00:08:23.430 --> 00:08:32.040
Jane Atkinson: If it would have been the old feeling in your business if this isn't working and it's some sort of feeling of deflated or.

00:08:32.940 --> 00:08:46.710
Jane Atkinson: frustrated if you get on a phone with or a zoom call with a prospective client coming at it from anything less than confidence you're going to be in trouble.

00:08:47.400 --> 00:09:05.340
Jane Atkinson: They can sense it even if you're not saying the words, people can sense it or if you hop on a zoom call with you know that little green monster talking in your ear saying oh they're never going to pay that much.

00:09:06.690 --> 00:09:23.760
Jane Atkinson: it's it's not a strong position to be in the thought has to be you need to silence the green monster and say wait a second, I have the value, I have what they need I have what they need.

00:09:24.990 --> 00:09:40.320
Jane Atkinson: I hope you have been enjoying enjoying these little vignettes these little quickies that i've been doing on the podcast will sprinkle them around so it's not always just me but.

00:09:41.310 --> 00:09:52.530
Jane Atkinson: I, I think that sometimes I just feel like I need a little shot in the arm a little, something that will that I can, maybe even go back to.

00:09:52.980 --> 00:10:03.210
Jane Atkinson: Again and again, oh yeah remind myself, I listened to, of course, one of my mentor says Burke Castillo, I listened to her podcast all the time and.

00:10:03.720 --> 00:10:12.030
Jane Atkinson: When I need an idea or something to bring me up out of I think i'm going to choose just one podcast that becomes kind of like my go to.

00:10:12.510 --> 00:10:25.170
Jane Atkinson: motivational shot in the arm podcast because you know what even though you all are the motivational speakers, you still need help you still need.

00:10:25.830 --> 00:10:39.300
Jane Atkinson: Assistance from other people who motivates the motivators right, so we need to seek it sometimes from outside of ourselves if it's not coming to us, naturally.

00:10:40.890 --> 00:10:49.740
Jane Atkinson: This is just this is just human it's so human to talk negatively to yourself it's so human and.

00:10:50.790 --> 00:11:05.040
Jane Atkinson: All we need to do is really identify what thought is pressing on our brain right now and i'm telling you right now the thought this isn't working, it did not work for me.

00:11:05.700 --> 00:11:22.650
Jane Atkinson: And I suspect it will not work for you, because it leads to a feeling and then you're taking actions from the wrong place all right that's it for me if you're enjoying these little quickies let me know i'll see you soon, while the speakers bye for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Be kind to yourself. [00:30]
  • Thoughts turn into feelings. [2:00]
  • Determination is key. [4:00]
  • Change your thoughts to create ease. [6:00]
  • Excitement and confidence equal sales. [8:00]

If you could use an attitude switch to help you establish a better outlook and put a stop to all of that negative self-talk, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode.

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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