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What is ‘Be Awesome’ Marketing?

I’ve been talking about it for years – your presentation being your #1 form of marketing.

If every speech is leading to more business (there will be some exceptions), then the strategy of ‘be awesome’ marketing is at work.

If people are talking about how other conferences “must book you as their speaker”, then ‘be awesome’ marketing is at work.

Even speakers like Ryan Estis, who are turning down as many dates as they are taking, continue to work at “being awesome” from the platform. In today’s competitive climate, awesome is where the bar sits. Being “good” is no longer good enough.

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Here are two quick interviews I did this week that I know you’ll find helpful for developing your awesomeness.

The first interview, Stories: How to Make Them Epic, is with Dave Lieber, columnist for the Dallas Morning News. Check it out below:

The second interview, Best Practices to Delivering an Epic Keynote, is with presentations guru Lou Heckler.Check it out below:

What do you think? Did you find any tips on how to increase your awesome? Share your comments over on our blog!

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