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Where’s the Pain?? Serving Your Perfect Customer

I’m going thru an amazing course right now that has me really identifying my perfect customer.  Trying to be all things to all people – even in a tight niche like mine (speakers) – can be a challenge.

So imagine you’re a speaker who says “my message is great for anyone”.  I think you’ll find that at some point being too broad will keep you in struggle mode.

My client Greg Schinkel is a perfect example.  When we first started working together 9 years ago, Greg was building a training company.  They did sales, customer service, leadership, etc.  He was burned out from working his butt off and frustrated that his revenues weren’t higher.

Greg decided to choose a lane, which was leadership. And he told me after a few months of this focus, it was surprising how many of his client conversations were able to lead back to lack of mastery in leadership.  Today, Greg has narrowed even further and specializes in front-line managers in manufacturing. He is the “Go To” guy in this niche. His bottom line is much healthier and he’s enjoying more time off at his vacation home.

For Greg, the pain of his customer is much clearer (and easier to solve) because he knows his market inside and out.  Trying to serve all levels of leaders, and knowing the pain of each position was difficult.

Where’s the pain for your customer?  And how do you solve it?

When you get crystal clear on these two things, the business will come more easily.

In the spirit of “finding the pain” – I have a 2 QUESTION survey and would love it if you would take 60 SECONDS to help me out!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!



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