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Why You Should Aim to Be a ‘Tall Poppy’ of Public Speaking

Have you ever heard the term ‘tall poppy’? It’s an Australian term defined as:

tall poppy syndrome definition

In Australia, the culture used to say that if you were too successful, too wealthy, too anything, you were a ‘tall poppy’ and needed to be cut back and put in your place. I hope that is changing. I certainly know my share of rock star Aussies.

So, are you a tall poppy of public speaking? I sure hope so!  

Being a tall poppy means that you stand out from the sea of professional speakers that exist. It means that you are plucked out of a crowded market and declared to be special.

Do you remember when you were little on the playground and someone would say: “ohhhhh, you think you’re so special?” That was an insult, often thrown by a pre-teen. But today, in the speaking world, it should be considered a compliment.

Today, the goal in speaking is to stand out. And you have to identify and fix any thoughts that may sabotage your success. “Will my family still love me if I’m successful?” “Will I lose friends if I’m rich?” “Will the haters come out in droves?”

Playing small just to make other people feel better about themselves is just another form of self-sabotage. It’s an excuse and you don’t need it in your life.

How about this: How about instead of being a ‘tall poppy’, you be the ‘lighthouse’? I heard this term from Rob Dial on The Mindset Mentor Podcast.  

The lighthouse is perfect for speakers. Shine your light, educate others, be an example of what’s possible in the world.  

It’s okay to think you are special. You are special. Stand up and claim your place, high on the hill, like a lighthouse, and shine! 

Shine your light baby!

I’ll see you soon, Wealthy Speaker!

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