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Will 2020 Be Your Best Speaking Year Ever?

Will 2020 Be Your Best Speaking Year Ever? 1200 x 1200

It’s a part of my DNA to always be striving for improvement. I just can’t help it! How about you? Are you always thinking about the next steps and how to improve? Are you wondering if 2020 will be your best speaking year ever?

This time of the year offers a great opportunity as we are taking some time off with the family to be thinking about what we want next in our business… and life. That doesn’t mean only thinking about what we think is possible. Now is the time to really think about what we want and are willing to go all out for.

So, I’ll ask again. Will 2020 be your best speaking year ever? What will you be striving for in the new year?

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but without a doubt, one of the key ingredients to getting everything that you want is a mindset. If we cannot get it in our mind that we are capable of achieving what we set out for, we’ll fail. But if your mindset is that you can achieve anything and everything you want, you’ll find great success.

5 Steps to Making 2020 Your Best Speaking Year Ever

To help you reach some big financial goals in 2020, I want to share with you my Money Mindset Worksheet. 

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There are five key components of this worksheet. Let me walk you through how it works.


The first step is to create our income goal. When you choose your goal, don’t wimp out. Go for what you want and, very importantly, give yourself a deadline to achieve this goal. For example: I want to achieve $450,000 by December 31, 2020.

The second piece to setting this goal is not to “set it and forget it.” We want to create a bit of a mantra that keeps our goal top of mind while we are working to achieve it. Here’s an idea of what this looks like:

Years ago, when I worked with Olympic Athlete Vince Poscente, he taught me the “yellow dot” method, which he used to get to the Olympics with the odds stacked against him. Vince’s goal was to become the fastest speed skier in Canada and the top 10 in the world. So he placed yellow dots all over his house, in his car, in his wallet and every time he saw a yellow dot, he repeated to himself, “I’m the fastest speed skier in Canada. I’m top 10 in the world.” And it worked!  With a lot of hard work and visualization, Vince achieved his dream of getting to the Olympics.


The next step in this process is to look at where you currently are. Let’s say your current income is $250,000. Now we know that you have to put an additional $200K on the books in order to reach your goal. 

Doing this allows your subconscious mind to get to work brewing on the path to getting there. Think about how this extra income will be created. Will you have to add more speeches per year? Raise your fee? Add consulting or coaching to the mix? Perhaps this is the year you create more passive income through products or an online course.


One of the paths to getting to the next level is weighing in on your decisions. What decisions do you need to start making in order to achieve your goal? 

An example might be that you’ll say “no” more often to low fee events in order to keep your schedule free for the full fee events. You’ll also want to look at what decisions you need to stop making. I’d definitely encourage you to reduce or eliminate the number of decisions that are steeped in fear.


Next, we want to make sure your confidence is at 100%! I’ve always said that “clarity equals confidence” and it could be that the path, your strategy, to getting to your goal will help bring that confidence. 

When you know what you’re doing, you can plow forward confidently. So take the time to fully map it out to keep that clarity front and center. You’ll also want to look at what you do well, and what you’ve already achieved to help build up your confidence.  Think of all of the things you have going for you and write those down.

You’ve got this!


Finally, think about how you will build your confidence and your momentum. We really like recognizing what’s going well to help keep things moving forward.

If you like using apps, check out Dan Sullivan’s Win Streak app. You can load it onto your phone or iPad and set a reminder each day to recognize what went well. Documenting your daily wins will help build momentum.

As we move into 2020, I’d like to encourage you to make 2020 the year that you play big. The year that you really go for it.  After all, what do you have to lose if you go for it and don’t make it all the way there?

Happy Holidays and I’ll see you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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